Everything you see and use on a daily basis has been created, mass-produced and processed for quick, simple consumption. From the food you eat to the television you watch, all of it is filtered and normalized for mass-consumption. The world is spoiled rotten, having grown fat and comfortable on self-imposed limitations. You go through life suppressed by authority. You think what you are told to think. Read what you are told to read. Buy what you are told you should want.

We do not.

Welcome to The Circuit, the brainchild of Russian businessman and Interpol's Most-Wanted Tibor Petrov. Welcome to a world where there are no pulled punches. Where every drop of blood spilled was earned the hard way. Where sweat, integrity and determination are more essential than breathing.

Welcome to your new reality.

The Circuit is an underground, unsanctioned fighting promotion that travels the globe, putting on events for society's elite. A place where those who can afford the obscene price of admission can witness full-contact, anything goes vale tudo-style MMA. A place where success is measured in the amount of blood spilt, where bones are broken, and death is always a possibility.

Welcome to hell.
Writers of all skill levels and experience are welcome to join UNLEASHED. Characters must be original creations and not based upon any actual person, whether fictional or living. Players are allowed to choose a real person to serve as their character's picture base for graphical purposes. Please be sure to select someone who closely resembles your vision of your character. However, no two characters may use the same picture base, and please be sure the one you wish to use isn't already taken before you fill out an application.

Players are encouraged to write about anything they can imagine, so long as the story centers around their character. There are, however, some limits to this aspect:

1.) Your work should NEVER infringe upon another player's ability to write such as using another player's character without permission, or writing your character into someone else's storyline without permission. Please clear all use of Unleashed's NPCs with a staff member (either Sinn or Jackson) prior to use (this includes both Petrov and Yaponchik).

2.) This is a real world scenario, and as such real world consequences and rules apply. For example, if your character goes on a murdering spree with witnesses, expect to have legal consequences. Also, laws of the real world apply, such as gravity-- which means if your character jumps off the roof of a twenty-story building, odds are they're a greasy splatter on the road. This is not The Matrix, Twilight or Batman. If you choose to write fantasy, please have this grounded in some sort of logic so that you are not negatively impacting the other fighters. Edward Cullen's family won't be fighting in The Circuit, and neither will Peter Parker. Be reasonable, please?

When submitting stories to be judged for events they must be posted no later than 11:59 CENTRAL STANDARD TIME the night of the event. If an event is scheduled for Saturday night, then all written work must be posted in the appropriate forum, time stamped prior to midnight. In some cases, the deadline can be extended if both parties in the match and staff agree to this. This policy is strictly enforced unless permission is given by the staff.

Players are encouraged to write whenever they want and to post stories even when they aren't booked in order to further their own writing. However, when a character is booked for an event, there is a maximum role-play limit of two that will be enforced. If a player chooses, he or she can continue to write, but anything beyond those the player wishes counted must be placed within the General Writing forum.

Submitted writing is evaluated by one or more judges, who base their decisions on several criteria, including grammar, formatting and mechanics. Originality is also very important. Once decided, the judgments are tabulated.

* Innovation - Did you show something you haven't done before? Or did you do it better? Was it original?
* Continuity - What kind of consistency is there in your story? Are you building on past references to expand?
* Character Development - Are we seeing any progression/growth/build to the character as a whole?

* Enjoyment Factor- Rather self explanatory, but did your writing make the judges want to keep reading? Does this piece drag in spots? Is it needlessly long just to make it look bigger/better?
And most importantly: unleash your creativity and have fun!