Fighter Profile
Name Grimur Eirikson
Nickname Grim
Country Iceland
Fighting out of Reykjavik
DOB 07/12/1975
Height 6' 7" (201 cm)
Weight 275 (124.7 kg)
Strengths Strength and Boxing
Entrance Theme  

Grim is an amateur bodybuilder and boxer. He received a gold medal in the 1996 European Amateur Boxing Championships, which qualified him for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. However, he was caught attempting to cheat his post-fight drug test, and consequently disqualified and banned from future competition.

His strikes are well-timed, fluid, and powerful and his footwork is very good for a man his size. On the ground, he lacks jiu jitsu training, but will attempt to smother opponents with his weight and beat them with hammer fists. Any submissions he may attempt will be basic chokes.