Fighting out of
Durham, NC
Date of Birth
5' 9" (175 cm)
174 (79 kg)
wrestling, kickboxing, and a bit of Muay Thai
Entrance Theme
Fireflight "Unbreakable"
If one were to look up the term 'girl next door', it's entirely possible that a picture of Natalie would be right beside the entry. Blond hair in big, loose curls fall to about chest-length, framing pretty, youthful features that could've won her a homecoming crown back in high school. The most notable thing about her face, thoug h, are her blue eyes. Perpetually tanned, Natalie's build is muscular without being overblown, a combination of soft edges from girlhood that still have yet to completely fade and curves that are about average keeping her from looking too unladylike. Bereft of scars, she has one piercing in each earlobe - although she never wears earrings to the ring, of course - and a small tattoo of a pink heart on her left ankle. Her fighting attire is rather basic, spandex shorts and! a matching tank-top of some dark hue (easier to keep the, ahm... stains from being noticable, doncha know) with her feet taped and her hair pulled back in a tight braid.
A moderately successful professional wrestler, the call that brings Natalie to the Circuit is one of blood. Namely, her cousin Rachel Jackon (nee Ellsworth) has somehow convinced her goody two-shoes cousin into participating in the underground fights. There's rumors of other connections, of course, but nothing concrete. .. and considering how very little Natalie cares for gossip and tends to keep to herself, that's likely not going to change anytime soon.

It's a surprise, to be sure, since she's a rather polite and soft-spoken young woman... but Natalie is pretty much a straight-up unconventional striker. There's a lot of knees and feet, although she does have it in her to bodily pick up an opponent and slam them to the ground if she must. As for finishing off fights, she tends to go for knockouts or knocking her opponent out of the circle rather than submissions, although she does know a basic triangle choke if only to not be completely lacking in that area.