The Renegade
Fighting out of
Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Date of Birth
6' 3" (190 cm)
232 (105 kg)
Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Entrance Theme
Chimaira "Pure Hatred"
Tattoos cover most of Mark's body from the neck down, save for his back, hands and few spaces on each leg. If his hair isn't buzzed (which it often will be), it'll be dyed black and kept short. A right labret piercing and stretched ear lobes decorate his face along with green/hazel eyes and a deep chin dimple. He's not short of muscle, which does well with the ink to stray him away from the cute, pretty boy look the dimples give him when he smiles.

Attire: Black MMA style shorts with white waistband and "MAC" down the left leg and "Renegade" written across the back in white text outlined in a midnight blue. Black tape around wrists and ankles. Often straps up his right elbow heavily due to a nagging injury.

Growing up Mark was in and out of gyms and dojo's around the state, training in the arts of Judo, Tae Kwon Do and the Shukokai and Shotokan karate styles.

The death of his older sister - Erica - who took her own life when he was sixteen years of age sent him slightly off-track from his studies before he realized that she'd wanted nothing more than for him to succeed in the path he chose to follow and wouldn't want him to give up his dream and passion now she was no longer with him. He took up freestyle kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the age of eighteen and made it his goal to compete at a professional level in mixed martial arts.

He left the semi-professional scene with a record of 9-3 after suffering an almost career ending right elbow injury where the ulnar and radial collateral ligaments were damaged and the joint capsule torn.


Prefers legwork when standing and favors head kicks. 

Will look to go to ground and not stay in clinches for too long.

Proficient submission fighter and will use ground and pound tactics to weaken an opponent. If opponent is strong willed and refuses to submit, he'll try to finish it with chokes.

Will always look to protect his weakened right arm and prevent any submission attempt made that could re-aggravate it.

Notable moves: Flying scissor heel hook, armbar variations, guillotine choke, kimura, rear naked choke, triangle choke, kneebar, ankle lock, Achilles hold, heel hook.