Fighting out of
Washington DC
Date of Birth
5' 8" (172 cm)
140 (63.5 kg)
General MMA and wrestling
Entrance Theme
The Silent Comedy "Bartholomew"
Tall and generally thin, but deceivingly strong. She has hazel eyes, and brown hair which she keeps cut a very short length. She dressed in jeans, leather, and multiple layers of jackets which she often uses to conceal weapons --knives, guns, or whatever she can get access to.
Colleen Harmon lived a fairly normal happy life as child, living in Northwest Washington DC. That is, until she was 14. Trying to get in with a group of "cool" kids at her private high school, Colleen went with them to vandalize a wealthy man's house. The idea was to pay back the rich man for some offense a gainst the slightly less rich kids she was hanging out with. The operation was unsuccessful, and the police were called. Her friends all got away and left her to get arrested. The man whose home she vandalized was very influential, and got her the maximum sentence.

She was in juvie for several years, which hardened her. She earned her total freedom at seventeen, but by eighteen, she had already gotten caught in another crime. She had resorted to stealing again, since her family had disowned her after the first robbery. She went to jail for another two years before getting parole. She's managed to avoid the cops ever since, spending most of her life squatting in different spots around northeast and southeast DC.
Always comes out striking, building to submissions as the match continues. Will most often attempt to choke an opponent out after softening them with enough strikes early on.