зверь (The Beast)
Fighting out of
Novosibirsk, Siberia
Date of Birth
6' 4" (193 cm)
260 (118 kg)
Sambo, Kickboxing
Entrance Theme
Rob Zombie "Sawdust in the Blood"
Dragunov is a beast of a man at six feet four inches and over two hundred sixty pounds. His body is cut and molded from the harsh Siberian winters. He is built like a machine, one that runs on blood and violence. Much of his body is covered in tatoos. In the ring he wears a pair of black half-length trunks and braces on each knee. His fists and ankles are taped.
Dragunov was born in Siberia 35 years ago to two labour camp workers. Growing up on the streets of Novosibirsk, he was quickly attracted to a life of crime. He received his first prison sentence at the age of thirteen after him and his friends were caught beating a street vendor when he tried stopping them from stealing from his stand. Most of his adult life was spent in and out of Siberian prison camps. His last sentence was five years ago for the murder and rape of a fourteen-year-old girl. He was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. 

Over the next five years, Dragunov began taking part in prison fighting tournements orchestrated by the Russian Mafia. Dragunov earned a reputation as a beast inside the ring, viciously attacking and beating his opponents, permenantly injuring many, even killing a few. It was through these small prison leagues that Tibor Petrov came to know Dragunov. After speaking with him, the two struck a deal which ended with Dragunov being released from prison. He now comes to the Circuit to prove himself against the world's best fighters, personally sponsored by Petrov. 
Since his release from prison two years ago, Dragunov has been training nonstop in two specific martial arts: Sambo and kickboxing. Sambo gives Dragunov the ability to take his opponents down to the ground and smother them with his immense size and unnatural speed. Kickboxing has sharpened his prison-taught boxing, adding deadly kicks to his already formidable fists. Between the two of them, Dragunov prefers to ground and pound his opponents, holding them down and mercilessly beating them until the fight is over.