These are the questions that we are constantly, painfully asked, even though they are clearly written here on this page with easy to read, if not cynical, answers.

Is this an efed? Where are the promos? Why did my opponent win without trash talk?

We are not an efed, assuming that your definition of an efed is a role-playing game set in professional wrestling. Unleashed, as its name implies, is about removing the restraints that efeds impose on their players. We are not ewrestlers. We are writers. We are storytellers. We are here to write stories in a competitive atmosphere, without having to worry about what would look good on an imaginary television show.

What is The Circuit?

The Circuit is the defacto name of the underground fighting promotion that Unleashed is set in. Characters come from a myriad of backgrounds. Some are ultimate fighters, drifters and criminals, others are former athletes and professional wrestlers who have fallen on hard times. They fight in secret, hidden locations around the globe, where the winners take home the money and the losers are carried out on stretchers.

Wait a minute ... characters can die?

Well, aren't you smart. Yes, during matches characters can die. They can also be badly injured, horrifically mutilated, beaten to a pulp, violated in any number of ways ... you get the idea. All of this is up to the judges. You can either trust that we will not unfairly off your character, or you can go write elsewhere. Seriously, though. It's a game. Shit happens. We aren't going to kill your character for shits and giggles. (Unless we really don't like you. Then it will be hilarious.)

So what do I write about?

Whatever you want. So long as the central character to your story is your fighter. His or her life is up to you. You will be judged solely on the quality of your writing, not whether or not your character can cut a Hogan-esque promo in some back alley while fondling himself at the thought of his own greatness.

Anything off limits?

There are no limits to what you can write about. Though the standard "don't use someone else's characters or invade their stories without their permission" applies. Because that would just be rude. However, if someone is just being a dick and refusing to let you play along with them, let us know. We don't like antisocial people.

Can I have more than one character?

Since our shows are normally at least 10 days apart, and you won't always get booked every week, multiple characters are allowed, as long as you follow these rules:

1) Your stories can mix, but if for some reason you are fighting with both characters on the same card, each character will require separate role-plays. Oh Dear God, you mean I have to do MORE work? Yes. Get over it.

2) You can only have 2 active fighters at any given time and we would prefer if you have them in different divisions.