Buffy Summers 2-3-0
Colleen Harmon 6-0-0
Deirdre Calero 3-2-0
Hannah Galen 1-1-0
Kaitlynn McIntyre 12-5-0
Luis Castillo 6-2-0
Natalie Burrows 7-6-0
Rachel Jackson 8-7-0
Sinn 28-14-0
Alex Collins 9-6-0
Bruce McLeod 3-7-1
Cormack O'Cahan 9-10-0
Mikhail Kreuz 2-6-0
Natalya Demidov 2-2-0
Rex Cassidy 1-6-1
Riven 7-6-0
Robert Masters 1-2-0
Cameron Thomas 1-1-0
Grimur Eirikson 5-0-0
Jackson 23-10-2
Mark Chapman 16-7-0
Markus Reinhardt 4-3-0
Vladimir Dragunov 1-2-2
Tibor Petrov is a Russian criminal and notorious member of the Vory V Zakone (Thieves in Law), a high ranking member in the Russian criminal underworld who is believed to have connections with Russian state intelligence organizations and their organized crime partners. He operates in Russian and across Europe.

Little is known about Petrov's early life. His real name and date of birth are unknown. He is believed to have grown up near or in the Altai Krai region of Siberia and is ethnically Russian. He earned his first term in prison for the murder of a man during a bar fight, in which he claimed he was defending the honor of a woman. After his release, he began to move up in the criminal world, selling goods on the black market.

After a second, longer term in prison in connection to gun running, Petrov became involved in gang activity. His gang forged police documents and used them to enter houses and burglerize them. In 1986 the authorities finally caught up with him and he was arrested on firearms, forgery and drug-trafficking charges. It was during these years of imprisonment that he was initiated as a vor v zakone. Though he was sentenced to fourteen years he was released in 1991, reportedly thanks to the intervention of a powerful politician and a bribed judge of the Russian supreme court.

Over the next ten years, Petrov built a reputation out of gun-running, auto theft, and human trafficking. The money earned him influence in the Izmaylovskaya gang, which Petrov used to fund the Circuit. With the rise of legalized mixed martial arts across the world, Petrov saw the opportunity for a large scale, high-end fighting promotion that still followed the old ways. It would cater to the rich and powerful, those who grew bored with every day life, who had large amounts of money to waste on gambling, drugs, alcohol and prostitutes. Those who want to see men and women fight viciously in a ring without caution.
Viktor Ivanski is mysterious figure in the Russian criminal underworld. Under the alias The German, he is listed on several international Most Wanted lists with connections to drug and gun running, as well as human trafficking for sexual exploitation as well as blackmarket organ harvesting. He is head of the Izmaylovskaya Gang in Moscow, one of Russia's oldest and largest criminal organizations in Eurasia.

He directly oversees Tibor Petrov's operations, including the Circuit, and benefits from receiving a hefty portion of the profits it generates. He is a shadowy figure, one who will be very rarely seen. Players are not allowed to use this character in their stories without permission from the game masters.
Yaponchik, "Little Japanese" in Russian, is the only known name of this pettite woman who accompanies Tibor everywhere he goes. She is his lead bodyguard and has proven to be deadly with a variety of weapons as well as in hand-to-hand combat. Her name is derived from her half-Japanese, half-Siberian heritage. She is a quiet, reserved character but is quick to fire when needed. She speaks fluent Russian, English, Japanese and German. How she came to be associated with Tibor Petrov and the Russian mob is unknown.

Yaponchik can be used in players stories, but please clear her use with one of the game masters first.
Maxim Gorodetsky was born in 1952 in the Siberian city of Kurgan. His father was a gravedigger. His mother spent most of his childhood in and out of asylums. She was released for the last time when he was twelve. A week later he found her in a closet, hanging by an electric chord around her neck.

Upon reaching military age, Gorodetsky was drafted into the Soviet Border Troops, a KGB-controlled militarized border guard. He served in the Sino-Soviet border conflict, and for his actions was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union medal.

In 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afganistan. Captain Gorodetsky oversaw a prison camp outside of Kabul. His treatment of the Mujahideen grew increasingly worse over the occupation. His flair for torture did not escape Moscow. In 1982, he accepted a commission within the KGB. He was transferred to East Berlin.

Following the collapse of East Germany, Gorodetsky was recalled to Moscow. Having grown impatient angry with his superiors, he refused and went into hiding, disappearing into the chaos that lead up to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. He evaded capture for two years before being apprehended.

In prison, when it became known to the other inmates that Gorodetsky had been an agent of the KGB he was marked for death. In the absence of rules or police protection in the prison, Gorodetsky was on his own. According to legend, Gorodetsky sometimes took on as many as 12 hardened inmates a time, eventually earning the respect of his fellow prisoners. After five years, he escaped and disappeared into the criminal underworld.