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« Last post by Jackson on August 23, 2012, 07:08:16 AM »
Hey, so we're closed. Not sure why a couple applications have come in recently, but we closed back in April. So... yeah.
General Discussion / Re: HILARIOUS CONVOS!
« Last post by Jackson on May 07, 2012, 01:09:39 AM »

The Great says (10:29 PM):
Jax says (10:30 PM):
 heya buddy!
The Great says (10:30 PM):
 Avengers tomorrow.
 Waddya say, you down or WHAT?!
Jax says (10:30 PM):
 seeing it on wednesday
The Great says (10:30 PM):
 Get in the car and ride your ass down here.
Jax says (10:30 PM):
 i gots to work, dude
The Great says (10:30 PM):
 i'll call in for you.
 Don't worry.
The Great says (10:31 PM):
 I have a doctor-y voice.
 It's totally legit.
Jax says (10:34 PM):
The Great says (10:34 PM):
The Great says (10:35 PM):
 "This is Doctor...Pepper.  I'm treating Lisa for [something I'll look up for later].  She's being held for observation in a controlled environment so we can confirm incubation periods and just how contagious this virus is.  She should be alright in, say, 72 hours." 
 It's cool.
Jax says (10:35 PM):
 oh yeah
 very convincing
The Great says (10:36 PM):
 I know it looks bad in an IM box.
 I've got that Morgan Freeman voice. 
 Nobody questions it.
Jax says (10:38 PM):
 Morgan Freeman... dude could narrate anything and make it awesome
The Great says (10:39 PM):
 hell yeah!
 You're right.
 I got that kinda voice.
 Nobody questions it.  =)  IT's scary.
The Great says (10:40 PM):
 I could say 'titty sprinkles' and nobody would even say anything.
Jax says (10:41 PM):
 lmao... dude, i so wanna hear that now
The Great says (10:42 PM):
The Great says (10:43 PM):
 I'll see what I can do when I get home.
 ask mina, she'll tell you.
Jax says (10:45 PM):
 i think we talked on voice chat way back in the day
 like... 10 years ago or something
The Great says (10:48 PM):
 yeah we might have.
 like thirty years ago.
 It's been a minute.
 back in the dial up days.
 it's gotten MOAR AWESOME.
 oh yeah.
The Great says (10:49 PM):
 like a fine wine, baybeh, I just get BETTER WITH AAAAAAGE.


The Great says (12:19 AM):
 The only reason the Sahara is still a desert is because I haven't started talking to it yet.  When I do, it'll get wet, too. 
Jax says (12:22 AM):
 omfg.... i so need to steal that
The Great says (12:23 AM):
 I was worried I made you laugh yourself into a stroke or sometihng.
The Great says (12:24 AM):
 actually Lees I think that may be the single greatest thing I've ever said.
Jax says (12:30 AM):
 it's up there
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« Last post by Jackson on April 25, 2012, 06:07:04 PM »
Bangkok, Thailand


Opening Fight
Natalya Demidov vs Alex Collins

Collins lands a massive overhand left and shoots as soon as the fight begins. Demidov alertly rolls and sweeps to top position. Collins turns for an armbar, but Demidov pulls free. Collins kicks her away, and they reset on their feet. High kick for Demidov. She goes low twice, and Collins shakes off the shots to the groin, charging in again. As Demidov sidesteps a telegraphed punch, Collins whirls and hits her with a stunning backfist to the head. Demidov staggers and starts to fall back as Collins hits her with a knee to the face and rides her to the floor with a takedown, setting up on top in less than two minutes. Demidov rolls for a kimura from half-guard, but Collins keeps her arm tight before rolling out and spinning for an armbar of his own. It's tight, and Demidov must tap. Slick technical finish from Collins.

Collins defeats Demidov via submission at 2:46.

Headline Fight
Colleen Harmon vs Hannah Galen

The two clash quickly, and Harmon sends Galen to her back. Harmon attacks, but she's forced to pull back when Galen goes for the arm. On the feet, they flurry again, and Galen hits the deck courtesy of Harmon's right handed shot. She recovers and jumps right back into the fray as they continue to scrap at a high pace. Galen drives in for a takedown, but Harmon simply scrambles up and returns the favor. Great start just two minutes in. Harmon's in half-mount, looking to posture. Galen turns to her right for a desperate kimura, but Harmon pulls free and lands a few big punches from the top.Galen's trying to toe things up, but Harmon is landing a few nasty shots. Galen ends up stuck on her back, but Harmon back away, picking her spots. Galen fires shots once they're back on their feet and looks for a flying knee, but Harmon avoids and scores another takedown. Too close to the cage to do anything, the two break apart and get back to standing positions.

This time Galen switches it up and opens with a big left followed by a kick. Harmon backs away, and Galen shoots. She misses, and it's actually Harmon who comes back and nets a big slam. She doesn't maintain control, and they roll back to their feet. A big left hand sees Galen staggering back before she goes down hard. Harmon pounces, but Galen holds tight as she regains her wits. Harmon finds room to punch and drops a few deadly bombs that Galen has trouble defending. Galen turns to her knees. Harmon continues to punch and then fires in some knees to the body. She's controlling the neck, and she drops back for a guillotine. It misses, and Galen is now on top. Harmon scrambles back to her feet and then drives in but she can't find anything so she backs away. More big shots come from Harmon, who snaps Galen's head back. Galen shoots again, but Harmon stuffs it and jumps on the back. Hooks are in, the rear naked choke is tight, and Galen is forced to tap.

Harmon defeats Galen via submission at 7:11.


Jackson vs Natalie Burrows

Burrows come forward immediately and throws a few gutsy strikes, completely unfazed by Jackson as he sets up on the outside. The crowd is chanting for blood in the first few seconds. Jackson clips Burrows, and she hits the deck. Jackson pounces to finish, but Burrows survives by scrambling. Jackson punishes her again against the cage. Burrows hasn't fully recovered as she tries to counter only to miss by a fraction as Jackson's elbow smashes into her forehead, busting her open above the eye. Jackson seems at ease as he circles. He's not over committing, but he still needs to keep his hands up as Burrows answers back with a flurry of strikes. Jackson eats a few hard shots before he pulls away and counters. The frenzied crowd continues to chant, and it's one of the loudest ones in recent memory. Burrows looks better now, but she's having trouble with Jackson's reach. Blood's running down the nose of Burrows but she still finds success with a few low kicks as she keeps Jackson at bay with the distance footwork.

Burrows looks refreshed as she finally takes the risk and moves forward. Jackson grabs her and tosses her to the floor with an outside trip. Jackson stands over him for a few seconds before he shakes his head and backs away, letting her up. A wicked right hook staggers Burrows. Jackson works the body but backs away when Burrows counters with an elbow strike that catches him in the jaw. Jackson lands a few kicks, but they're sloppy at best. Jackson still seems to be relaxed and in control. Stalking through her defense, Jackson walks forward with uppercuts that score some damage. Burrows has lost a little zip, but she's still throwing speedy strikes that are doing plenty of damage when they connect; she just can't win the range fight. She does snap Jackson's head back with a stiff shot when he gets inside, bloodying his nose. She baits Jackson against the fence and he replies before pulling away. Burrows backs to the fence, trying to bring Jackson in, but he doesn't take the bait this time and stays just at range. A backfist connects for Jackson as Burrows goes for a kick and he sidesteps. She tries to answer but misses and Jackson pumps in a few jabs before the break.

Burrows walks forward again, but she'll need a knockout if she wants to put the big man down. Jackson is still very active, dancing at distance as he looks for openings. Jackson works inside. Burrows defends well, so he moves away. A big overhand right for Burrows lands partially, but Jackson shakes it off and charges in, eating a few more that gets the blood flowing down his upper lip. Jackson grabs a clinch and scores with a knee to the face as he grabs the back of Burrows' head. Her eye looks bad now and Jackson is circling like a vulture. Burrows trying to stalk, but Jackson keeps popping her from the outside. Burrows seems to be looking for a big strike to turn the tide as both fighters seem to be winding down. Jackson remains composed as he clinches and lands another knee inside before tossing Burrows to the floor. He dives in and smothers Burrows, spitting his own blood in her face and then dropping the bombs before she can turtle. Jackson lands two big lefts, and Burrows appears to pass out briefly before she grabs her face in pain and the referee calls the fight. Jackson backs off punching before the call comes, knowing the fight's already over. Good stoppage, impressive win.

Jackson defeats Burrows via technical knockout at 17:03.
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« Last post by Jackson on April 12, 2012, 03:43:39 AM »
Mexico City, Mexico


Opening Fight
Colleen Harmon vs Bruce McLeod

It's surprising to see Harmon substituted into the opening fight in place of Deirdre Calero and she looks angry as the two circle in the opening seconds. McLeod looks focused, as does Harmon. McLeod shoots, but Harmon stuffs it out. The fighters trade punches, and McLeod moves in with more while looking for the takedown. He pins Harmon against the cage, gets a body lock, but can't get the takedown. Harmon looks for a guillotine, but McLeod simply stands taller to break free and he continues to pin his opponent against the fence. With no improvement, the referee wants a restart. McLeod moves in again with punches and lands a hook, but Harmon clips and drops him with a right hand that connects to the side of the head. She quickly pounces and rains down a few hammerfists, and the bout is quickly waved off.

Harmon defeats McLeod via technical knockout at 4:11.

Second Fight
Natalya Demidov vs Hannah Galen

Both fighters swing, though nothing substantial lands. Demidov moves in, corrals Galen, and looks for the takedown with a front head lock, but she doesn't have the position and gives it up. Galen shoots and puts Demidov against the cage, and Demidov rains downward elbows as punishment. Galen still clinches with her against the cage, and the fighters battle for position before breaking and resetting. Demidov grabs a Muay Thai clinch but lets it go. The fighters swing from distance, but neither can connect. Galen shoots, but Demidov collapses on top of her, stalling the action and forcing a reset.

The fighters let the hands fly on the reset but nothing significant lands. Galen shoots, but Demidov initially stuffs it and tries to maintain her balance against the fence. The fighters remain tied up, and Demidov hops on one leg and avoids the takedown before they separate and reset. Galen lands a combo and finishes it with a nice shot to the body. Galen grabs a clinch and lands some nice elbows to the body. The fighters scramble and hit the mat, and Galen lands in top position after Demidov's failed armbar. Galen works for position and tries to grab an armbar of her own, but Demidov aptly defends. Galen remains in top position and return to north-south position, snatches an arm, and torques the kimura to force the tap-out from Demidov.

Galen defeats Demidov via submission at 8:17.

Headline Fight
Natalie Burrows vs Alex Collins

Burrows swings and misses with a right and Collins checks his high kick. The fighters trade low kicks and then collide on body kicks. Burrows comes in hard with a punch-punch-kick combo that Collins snuffs out. Burrows fakes a kick and goes high with a punch. Collins catches the next kick but fails to kick Burrows' leg out from under her. Both fighters are patient. Collins shoots but can't secure the legs, but he tags Burrows with a right to the side of the head. Collins tries to catch a kick again, but Burrows fires off a couple quick punches. Burrows then ducks under a punch, secures a body lock and forces the first takedown. Burrows frees up a leg and delivers a couple punches to the body. She follows with a half dozen more, and each connects hard. Collins rolls into Burrows in hopes of avoiding the blows, but Burrows drops elbows to the face and then punches to the ears. Collins maintains position and delivers more punches. Collins is defending well, but more than a few shots are getting through. Burrows wants to improve position and ultimately gives up the ground fight, and we return to standing.

Burrows misses with a high kick and Collins whiffs with an overhand right. The fighters clinch, and Burrows puts her opponent against the cage. She looks to pick and slam him, but Collins fends it off. Burrows, though, sticks tightly to him and presses him back into the fence. Burrows delivers a knee to the body, but Collins is avoiding anything substantial. Collins grab a guillotine as he finally gets the takedown, but Burrows lands in half guard and frees her head. Burrows straightens out an arm and locks for the keylock and then tries a kimura. Burrows keeps the arm secured and tries to roll Collins' body to create tension. Collins taps and the ref doesn't see it. Collins taps again, and after some initial confusion, the ref finally halts the bout to award Burrows the win.

Burrows defeats Collins via submission at 9:02.


Jackson vs Riven

Riven fakes a couple shots and then misses with a wild left. Riven lunges with a right that misses. Onlookers aren't pleased with the slow start as the fighters slowly circle some more. Riven continues faking a shot, and Jackson easily avoids it. Two minutes in, we've had little action. Riven keeps acting as though he's reaching for Jackson's lead leg and then misses with a lunging left. Riven comes up short with a lunging right. The ref warns the fighters to get busy. Riven again with telegraphed lunging shots. Three minutes in, and we still have little action. Riven partially connects on a lunging left. Jackson moves in with a flurry and slams an elbow into Riven's nose, shattering it but Riven scores the takedown. Jackson reverses the position and delivers some punches from the top. With a leg free, Jackson looks to pin one of Riven' arms. But when Riven rolls to his knees, Jackson looks for the rear-naked choke. Riven shakes it off and gets back to his feet, but Jackson clings to it. Riven drops straight back, but Jackson tightens a choke only to release it instead of going for the submission.

The two break apart standing and Jackson immediately lands a nice right-left combo and tries to wrestle Riven to the mat. Jackson takes top position and with Riven possibly a bit wobbly, takes his back and looks for the rear-naked choke. Jackson gets in his legs as hooks and tries to flatten out the kneeling Riven. Jackson can't get his forearm across the throat, and Riven tries to buck him off despite the blood flowing freely from his broken nose. He finally does and returns standing, actually rushing and pinning Jackson against the cage. Jackson reverses and delivers knees to the body, but Riven shoves him away. Jackson throws a right and Riven ducks under it, shooting out of desperation. He grabs a single leg, but Jackson's sprawl is strong. Riven pushes him against the fence, but Jackson is too strong for Riven to get him down. The action stalemates against the fence before Riven finally gets the strength to take the fight to the mat. Jackson's back up quickly, landing a body kick. Jackson goes high with a head kick and unloads a couple quick punches as Riven tries to grab the single leg again. He's stuck kneeling, and Jackson delivers punches from above while trying to improve his position, mashing a few right into Riven's face that sends the blood flying. Riven collapses and the fight's waved off as he stops defending or fighting back.

Jackson defeats Riven via technical knockout at 11:11.
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« Last post by Jackson on March 29, 2012, 02:51:21 AM »
Cairo, Egypt


Opening Fight
Natalya Demidov vs Bruce McLeod

McLeod circles left as Demidov approaches, keeping away from her. Demidov keeps walking McLeod down, but neither seems ready to unleash. It's almost a minute before McLeod throws, and he gets a huge crowd response when he does. Demidov presses in and clinches before pulling away. McLeod lands a right, but Demidov clips him with a response, and McLeod slips as he retreats. Doesn't stay there long and they reset. Big right hand from McLeod drops Demidov. McLeod flurries with hooks as Demidov covers on the cage. Demidov survives the storm and somehow answers back with his own flurry. Great back and forth, including a knee from Demidov. McLeod clinches and pulls away. They flurry again, and McLeod staggers a bit. Demidov follows to the floor and locks in a triangle choke that switches to an armbar. McLeod is trapped and can't pull free. He has no choice but to tap.

Demidov defeats McLeod via submission at 3:09.

Second Fight
Riven vs Hannah Galen

Cautious distance from both to start with Galen in the center. She lands a nice left hand for the first shot and then shoots in. Riven briefly turns his back but remains upright. Shots are traded in the clinch, and they break. Galen's finding a home for her straight punches early. Riven's pawing a jab but not really committing. Galen shoots again, but Riven easily defends. Riven slips on a missed punch, but Galen can't really pounce quick enough to capitalize. Riven lands a wild hook, and the two trade more shots, with Riven coming out on top with a deadly series of lefts. Riven kicks the body as Galen attempts a counter against the cage. Riven throws to the body but hits the deck when he eats a counter right. Galen jumps on him and locks in a triangle choke from the back. Riven somehow survives and the two break apart.

Galen leaps back to her feet and continues to land lefts as well as the counter right. Riven picks up the pace and starts firing bombs. He catches Galen, who looks hurt briefly but shoots in and gets a takedown. Riven's back up quickly, had he starts blasting away again though there seems to be a sense of urgency with his big punches and knees. Riven's teeing off and Galen looks hurt. She's still pushing forward on heart, but that onslaught has been a huge momentum shift. They move into the clinch and Galen turtles on the floor in a scramble. Riven's really teeing off with right hands. Galen's covering fairly well, but she's not answering back. The fight is over and the referee waves off the fight. It's a comeback win for Riven, and crowd loves it.

Riven defeats Galen via technical knockout at 8:03.

Headline Fight
Natalie Burrows vs Deirdre Calero

Both fighters paw jabs, and Calero unloads two nice punches. But Burrows wobbles her with a shot of her own. Calero, though, quickly counters and puts Burrows on the floor and works from full guard. Calero drops a few unbelievably hard punches from the top, but Burrows pulls her in close. Burrows gets through more punches, including a series of hammerfists. The referee calls for actions when the pace slows. Calero creates some distance with elbows, but he calls for a standup. Calero waits to counter with another left and then dips and wraps the hips. Burrows stays upright and looks for a guillotine as she falls to the floor. Calero works from half guard, but her head is still trapped. She's out of danger with the choke, and Burrows finally ditches it in favor of working from the top and posturing up for some punches. Burrows looks for a high guard, but Calero gets through another punch. Calero mixes in a few more punches before the two break apart.

Burrows immediately takes the center and lands a stiff counter right hand. She works a few low kicks as well and looks a little more comfortable but it doesn't last long as Calero explodes. She drives Burrows back against the cage and despite the best efforts of Burrows to fire back the defense doesn't last long. Calero lands a vicious right to the chin, and Burrows crumples to the floor. Calero follows with another punch before the referee can pull her off, but the fight is over as Burrows is out cold.

Calero defeats Burrows via knockout at 7:11.


Fight of the Night
Markus Reinhardt vs Jackson

Reinhardt starts off the main event with a low kick to the cup, but Jackson shakes it off. Reinhardt lands a jab as Jackson backs away. Reinhardt's bouncing and feeling things out, clearly comfortable in being the aggressor. Jackson slips in and lands a nice right hand; he seems to be holding the center well, attacking systematically. He lands another lead right and has certainly caught Reinhardt's attention. Reinhardt scores with a left, opening up a cut above Jackson's eye. Jackson keeps dropping bombs but Reinhardt seems to be a bit less damaged. Giving up on the assault, Reinhardt drops for a takedown that won't come. Jackson scores with a stiff left and follows with a right. A high kick scores for Jackson. Straight rights are traded and then another high kick lands flush for Jackson although his eye is getting worse as he eats another straight. Reinhardt does land with a decent right, but Jackson answers immediately. Despite the damage, Jackson looks very calm and comfortable.

Jackson returns to the center again to start, and he goes to work with the jab. Reinhardt is leaping a bit, looking to mix things up, but Jackson's picking him apart. They clinch, and Jackson wraps his body against the cage. Jackson earns a trip, but Reinhardt snags the neck as he falls. Jackson looks comfortable in the hold, and he eventually pulls free, taking top position. It's a high half-mount for Jackson and he's trying to advance to side control. Reinhardt's head is against the cage, and he's holding tight. Jackson isolates the left arm and tries to secure a kimura. He also steps over into mount. There's no room for the submission, so Jackson unleashes a barrage of punches. Reinhardt bucks and rolls away, breaking off.

Reinhardt moves forward and does land a straight. A knee strike just misses, but more punches follow. Jackson is wounded and in trouble. Reinhardt's swarming, and he lands a pair of massive uppercuts. Jackson hits the deck, and Reinhardt pounces with more punches. The referee gives Jackson an opportunity to recover, and somehow he does, managing to stumble back to his feet on the break. He comes in with a low kick that nails Reinhardt in the groin, forcing him back. Another low kick connects and then Jackson nails Reinhardt in the face with a forearm smash, breaking his nose. Reinhardt rushes forward into a clinch, bleeding all over Jackson who fires in more jabs. Jackson is holding his own in the center, trying like hell to get a finish before his own strength gives out. Reinhardt walks into a lucky left hand and staggers to the floor. Jackson doesn't follow, giving him the space to get back up. A right hand wobbles Reinhardt again and this time Jackson is on the attack, diving in with more punches until Reinhardt hits the deck, and the fight is waved off.

Jackson defeats Reinhardt via technical knockout at 15:01.
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« Last post by Jackson on March 14, 2012, 02:34:16 AM »
Saint Petersburg, Russia


Opening Fight
Natalie Burrows vs Kaitlyn Moore

Moore holds the center to open as Burrows circles left. Burrows is utilizing her reach early, but Moore seems more than willing to trade shots. Burrows jabs into a clinch and pushes Moore against the cage. Elbows traded inside. Moore pulls free and slips most of Burrows' punches before circling off. Burrows reverses again and finally scores a takedown after pressing the action across the cage. Moore spins and stands, and she allows Burrows to return to her feet as well. Moore goes on the attack, but she ducks right into a deadly left hand. Burrows pushes in and controls against the cage again. Moore grabs the neck and tries to spin off. Burrows lands a few knees inside but Moore manages to avoid the worst of the damage. Burrows continues to press in for a takedown that won't come. Burrows lands a stiff right hand and tries to secure the neck as the action stalls out.  They restart and Burrows grabs a guillotine choke, dropping to her back. Burrows figure-fours around the body and squeezes tight. Moore is stuck. She's fighting like hell to get free, but Burrows' grip looks very tight. She continues to squeeze, and Moore has no choice but to tap.

Burrows defeats Moore via submission at 6:12.

Second Fight Fight of the Night
Colleen Harmon vs Alex Collins

Collins looks angry as he moves forward and kicks low. Harmon is keeping her distance, and Collins is firing the jab. A high kick just misses for Harmon. Collins counters on top of a low kick. Harmon misses a big overhand right and Collins lands a straight. Collins blocks a left and lands a big right. Harmon staying controlled as Collins pushes forward. Collins trips Harmon with a low kick. Right hand lands for Collins. Collins has his right hand tight to his chin. Harmon leaps forward with a few knees and tries for a takedown against the cage. Harmon nails the crotch of her opponent as she tries to trip Collins to the floor. Collins tries to wrap the neck against the cage, but it's not there. Collins lands a few punches to the body and tries to lock a kimura. He lies out to extend, but Harmon defends well. They break away, and Collins flurries. Stiff right lands and the break apart.

Collins regroups and comes back with a body kick that's blocked. Harmon misses with a big overhand. Collins snaps a front kick up the middle. Harmon still trying to navigate the reach. Collins just misses a power high kick but lands a stiff jab. Harmon times an attack, ducks for the takedown and moves the fight to the floor. Collins is on his back but throws rapid elbows to the head to defend. Collins switches to a butterfly guard and is now punching from the floor as Harmon steps into half-mount and then side control. Collins spins and works back to his feet. Harmon defends against the cage in the clinch. Collins starts driving knees into the gut but Harmon grabs his neck and tries to land a choke. Collins pulls free and delivers more knees. Harmon grabs a Thai clinch, but Collins just punches to the body until she gives up.

Harmon pushes in from distance and staggers  Collins back with some hard punches. She kicks the legs and follows to the body, looking very comfortable. Collins is moving side to side, firing counters but most of them are missing the mark. Harmon clinches up, but Collins easily turns her around and into the cage. Harmon manages to reverse and drives some punches and knees to the body. A shoulder strike connects for Harmon but Collins finally pulls free. Harmon jabs and flashes a front kick while Collins misses with a huge uppercut. He's looking for a one-punch finish but Harmon just won't quit. Collins grabs her for a clinch and Harmon lands a stiff knee to the chin. Collins falls back and Harmon pulls free from his grasp while the crowd asks for a big finish. Obliging, Harmon punts Collins in the face, making sure that he won't get back up.

Harmon defeats Collins via knockout at 12:12.

Headline Fight
Riven vs Natalya Demidov

Riven grabs the center. Demidov circles left as the two measure each other up. Demidov fires a few kicks to varying levels, and they each fire off a few punches. Both look explosive early. Riven holds the center, but Demidov won't give him a stationary target. Riven shoots in and brings it to the floor. Demidov tries to elevate him and sweep, but Riven stays on top. Demidov scrambles to her feet and away. Riven punches, shoots and punches again, clipping Demidov briefly. Demidov recovers and moves into another takedown attempt. Demidov defends and lands a right hand. Punching pace picking up from both fighters. Demidov keeps moving side to side, and she ducks a punch and drives in on a takedown. Demidov pulls away after missing the takedown only land a left over the top and move into the clinch. Riven just spins off the cage and presses in from the outside. Riven's looking for the takedown, but Demidov pushes free with the underhook. Riven lands flush and wobbles Demidov. Demidov retreats against the cage, but Riven is blasting away on the outside. Blood is coming from the right ear, and she's standing on extremely shaky legs. Demidov doesn't look like she's in good shape, but she's still moving forward.

Riven is firm in the center and stalking. Demidov leaps in with a knee to the body. Riven comes up short on a takedown, and Demidov still looks to press. Demidov kicks the leg. Riven misses another takedown and is short on a punch over the top. Demidov lands, but Riven's right there to answer. Demidov comes in winging big punches, but Riven answers right back, doing more damage. Riven ducks under and drives in, and that could be key in a close fight. Demidov has guard underneath as Riven walks her to the cage. Demidov scrambles and stands. Demidov swings to the outside and tries for a single leg takedown. Riven circles off and controls from the outside. Demidov now circles off and drives in, right into a knee to the temple that puts her out like a light.

Riven defeats Demidov via knockout at 9:07.


Circuit Championship
Cormack O'Cahan vs Markus Reinhardt

O'Cahan comes out with the side kick, looking to take advantage early but Reinhardt keeps his distance. O'Cahan moves in with a few punches inside before Reinhardt backs away. Reinhardt lands a right hand, and O'Cahan stumbles a bit. O'Cahan's patient in the center of the cage, picking his spots. He backs Reinhardt to the cage and misses on a spinning strike. Reinhardt's keeping his distance and looking to load up on right hands. Reinhardt ducks into a spinning backfist, eating the strike. He falls to a knee and as O'Cahan comes in for another strike, punches him in the groin. O'Cahan staggers back as Reinhardt lands a few hard strikes, driving him back towards the cage. A spinning heel kick connects for the champion but Reinhardt shakes it off as he backs away. O'Cahan's moving forward with confidence and kicks the body. Another side kick to the body. Reinhardt lands a punch inside, but he's still keeping his hands to himself, seeming content to let O'Cahan remain in control. O'Cahan kicks the chest. Reinhardt almost seems to be trying to bait O'Cahan in and land the big shot, but O'Cahan is loading up on kicks from a distance. Reinhardt does sneak in a few punches, but O'Cahan controls the center and kicks the body again. Reinhardt kicks the body, making it clear that he's not going away without a fight. O'Cahan's bleeding from a knee strike to the face and Reinhardt is finally pushing in. Big flurry from Reinhardt brings the crowd to its feet.

O'Cahan slips to the floor, a little off-balance only to pop right back up and set up in the pocket. O'Cahan moves forward with a kick to the body and an axe kick. Reinhardt kicks the legs, but O'Cahan answers. They're patiently looking to strike. Reinhardt in the center, firmly in control while O'Cahan attempts to wear him down with more strikes. More punches traded. Stiff right from Reinhardt. O'Cahan kicks the body twice. O'Cahan's slowing as he moves forward, and Reinhardt keeps kicking the legs, halting his forward progress. A flurry from Reinhardt catches O'Cahan's attention, and a left lands flush on the chin. More rushing strikes from Reinhardt do damage before O'Cahan kicks the chest, looking for a break. He bounces around to shake the legs out and pushes Reinhardt back with another kick to the chest. Reinhardt rushes forward with three punches and then drops O'Cahan with an elbow strike to the face. Big knees as O'Cahan scrambles up. Reinhardt's systematically hunting for the finish. He backs away and resets. Big knee from Reinhardt, and he pounces with more deadly punches. O'Cahan crumbles in the corner as Reinhardt leaps onto the cage. The crowd goes nuts.

Reinhardt defeats O'Cahan via knockout at 9:01 to become the NEW Circuit Champion.
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« Last post by Jackson on February 29, 2012, 01:04:39 AM »
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Opening Fight
Kaitlyn Moore vs Deirdre Calero

Both paw jabs before Moore unloads two nice punches to open up the fight. Calero answers right back with a shot of her own, wobbling Moore who quickly counters and puts Calero on the mat. She works in from full guard, drops a few punches from the top, but Calero pulls her close. Calero gets through more punches, including a surprising series of hammerfists. Moore creates some distance with elbows, but the referee calls for a standup. Moore waits to counter with another left and then dips and wraps the hips. Calero stays upright and looks for a guillotine as she falls to the mat. Moore works from half guard, but her head is still trapped. She's out of danger with the choke, and Calero finally gives up on it. Calero works from the top and postures up for some punches. Calero looks for a high guard, but Moore gets through another punch. Moore mixes in a few more punches before Calero lands a stiff counter right hand. She works a few low kicks as well and looks a little more comfortable. Moore fires back but Calero lands a vicious right to the chin, and Moore crumples to the floor, out cold.

Calero defeats Moore via knockout at 5:02.

Second Fight
Riven vs Bruce McLeod

McLeod connects with the first shot in the center, landing a nice left hand. He shoots in, and Riven briefly turns his back but remains upright. Shots traded in the clinch, and they break. McLeod's finding a home for his straight punches. Riven returns fire but doesn't really seem to be committing. McLeod shoots again, but Riven easily defends. Riven slips on a missed punch, but McLeod can't pounce quick enough to capitalize. Riven lands a wild hook and then nails some kicks the body as he counters McLeod's strikes against the cage. Riven throws to the body but hits the deck when he eats a counter right. McLeod jumps on him and locks in a triangle choke from the back. Riven breaks away and starts firing bombs. He catches McLeod, who looks hurt briefly but shoots in and gets a takedown. Riven's up quickly, had he starts blasting away again. There seems to be a sense of urgency as Riven continues teeing off with big punches and knees. McLeod is hurt and pushing forward on heart, but he can't combat that huge momentum shift. They move into the clinch, and McLeod turtles on the floor in a scramble. Riven's dropping deadly right hands. McLeod's covering fairly well, but he's not answering back to the referee's calls. That's it— a comeback win for Riven, and crowd loves it.

Riven defeats McLeod via technical knockout at 5:55.

Headline Fight Fight Of The Night
Natalie Burrows vs Natalya Demidov

Demidov starts off with a low kick to the knee, but Burrows shakes it off and carries on. Demidov lands a jab as Burrows backs away. Demidov's bouncing, looking ready to unleash. Burrows slips in and lands a nice right hand, keeping a level head as she circles in for an attack. She lands another lead right and has certainly caught Demidov's attention. Demidov scores with a left. Burrows answers right back with a stiff left and then follows with a right. A high kick connects for Burrows and the two women are back to trading straight punches. Another high kick lands true for Burrows. Demidov's eye looks a little swollen and she eats another straight shot. Demidov answers back with a decent right, but Burrows looks very calm and comfortable as she circles away.

Burrows resets and goes right to work with the jab. Demidov is leaping a bit, looking to mix things up, but Burrows is picking her apart. They clinch, and Burrows wraps the body against the cage. Burrows earns a trip, but Demidov snags the neck as she falls. Burrows looks uncomfortable in the hold. Demidov's trying to advance to side control but Burrows is right up against the cage and she's holding tight. Demidov isolates the left arm and tries to secure a kimura, stepping over into a mount. There's no room for the submission, so Demidov unleashes a barrage of punches. Burrows bucks, rolls and survives as the two break apart.

Demidov moves forward and lands a hard straight punch. Her follow-up high kick just misses, but more punches follow as she gets Burrows cornered against the cage, using her reach to her advantage. Burrows looks like she's in trouble despite her early dominance. Demidov swarms and lands a pair of massive uppercuts. Burrows hits the deck, and Demidov pounces with more punches. The referee gives Burrows an opportunity to recover, but it's not happening. Incredible comeback win for Demidov.

Demidov defeats Burrows via knockout at 11:03.


Alex Collins vs Luis Castillo

Castillo comes put punching, as does Collins, who tries to latch onto an arm and bring the fight to the floor. Castillo backs away and resets. Collins dives in for a leg, and Castillo bounces back to the cage, defending wall before he circles off and pushes away. Collins looks somewhat frustrated as he dives for a takedown only to have Castillo fling him aside. Collins answers with a stiff right, but Castillo fires right back. Collins continues to dive for takedowns that won't come. He finally manages to trip Castillo by the ankle, but he pops right back up. Collins presses in and works to the back. Castillo grabs the cage briefly to defend but Collins jerks him back so hard that the cage bends with them as they fall. The referee forces them to break and restart standing.

The two collide in the middle of the circle, exchanging a flurry of blows that seems to slightly favor Castillo. Collins continues to press for a takedown that just won't come as Castillo keeps stuffing his attempts. Both content to strike it out and both are landing in spurts. Collins is giving up on the wrestling, resorting to mixing in some kicks to the body, but neither has really hurt the other just yet. Castillo comes in with a stiff outside leg kick. He tries to grab a leg and score with a trip, but Collins pulls away. Traded right hands and Collins takes the worst of the damage right in the face, ending up with a bleeding nose. Collins moves in and is tripped to the floor, but Castillo still can't keep him there. Collins scrambles up, and they clinch against the cage. Collins slips around to the back, but can't get anything from it as he eats a back elbow to the face when he tries for a takedown.

Collins goes to the body after the reset. A crisp jab scores flush for Collins. He's got range now with punches and kicks. He tries a Thai clinch, but Castillo slips away. Castillo is slowing a bit, but he does seem to still have enough wits to defend against the next takedown attempt. Collins kicks more to the legs and body. He dives again for a takedown that won't come, but he ties the legs and drags Castillo off the cage. It doesn't last, and Castillo rises against the cage. Collins maintains the bodylock. Castillo spins off the cage and Collins finally gets his takedown on the restart. He gets the back and works hard for the choke, finally getting his hooks in and getting the submission when Castillo fails to respond.

Collins defeats Castillo via submission at 13:01.
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Sydney, Australia


Opening Fight
Buffy Summers vs Cameron Thomas

Thomas opens with a kick to the body. He's got a wide kickboxing stance as Summers backs up into the cage. Thomas fires in with a kick to the leg. Summers tried to bullrush in for a takedown, but Thomas backs away with ease. A spinning kick lands flush for Thomas. Summers is doing nothing to answer back to each targeted blow that Thomas is throwing. Thomas switches stances. Punches land followed by a slapping high kick to the chin. Summers hits the floor, and that's it. She's out cold.

Thomas defeats Summers via knockout at 3:01.

Second Fight
Riven vs Kaitlyn Moore

Moore starts off her debut fight in good form, holding the center as Riven works from outside. Both score early, though Moore clinches up after dodging a deadly Riven combo. Riven circles off and pushes in with knees and an overhook. Moore transitions to a clinch and lands a knee before Riven pulls away. Back-and-forth early, and Moore scores a takedown. Riven pulls right back up, but Moore stays right against the cage, not giving him the space he needs to make an impact. Riven again circles off and drives in an elbow. Moore score a slick trip and a knee as Riven rises, putting him down with a few punching combos. Moore scores up top with a few good rights before they break apart. Moore continues dominating Riven with stunning kicks to the body. Riven returns fire, barely able to counter Moore as he spins her around. Moore catches a low kick and punishes Riven up top. Riven's finally finding a home for his jab but it's too little, too late. Moore nails a right hook to the ear that staggers Riven. Moore sees it and lights him up with another, this one from the left. Riven hits the deck. Moore pounces to finish, and it doesn't take much. Fight's over, and Riven is busted wide open above the eye.

Moore defeats Riven via knockout at 8:02.

Headline Fight
Alex Collins vs Natalie Burrows

Collins takes the center and presses in for a takedown right from the start. Burrows remains upright against the cage, and they trade punches inside. Collins keeps pressing in and throws a few knees to the leg. Burrows tries to pull free. She can't, and Collins continues to grind way. Crowd doesn't like the clinch, and they do break. Collins lands a jab, ties it up again but still can't get the takedwn. They trade in the center, and both land. Collins nails a stiff jab. Burrows goes for a high kick that's blocked. Burrows flashes some quick hands but comes up short. Collins slips a punch and eats a kick to the face courtesy of Burrows. Collins can't complete the takedown so he gives up.

Burrows pulls away and she's looking to trade shots but Collins lands the jab first. Collins is already busted open over an eye and Burrows is still stalking. She lands a knee, but it's not flush. Both fighters seem well-matched. Collins is pushing and still trying to grind away in his favored style, resorting to the takedown only when the strikes fail. This time it's Burrows who shoots in on the restart and gets the takedown.Collins wiggles and tries to pull free. Burrows simply ties up the legs, preventing his escape. Collins finally manages to escape to his feet and they immediately moved into a clinch. Burrows lands an elbow inside. They break, and Burrows continues to control the center while firing off punches. They clinch up again. Both fighters are having their moments. Jab for Collins. Lead left for Collins, but his right eye is closing. Burrows shoots in, but it's another stalemate and they restart. Collins comes in with a jab. Big punches traded and then Burrows nails Collins in the bridge of the nose with a palm strike, shattering the bone. Collins wavers and then goes down hard as the referee intervenes to stop the fight.

Burrows defeats Collins via technical knockout at 8:11.


Cormack O'Cahan vs Colleen Harmon

Harmon opens with low kicks as O'Cahan stalks. He just misses a knee and continues to kick. O'Cahan slips and staggers to the ground, and Harmon immediately takes the back, latching on and refusing to let go. O'Cahan manages to control an arm and gets to his feet. Harmon holds a clinch against the cage and starts driving in knees. O'Cahan circles off and presses in, and there's already blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. More big knees from Harmon. O'Cahan's absorbing them, but they must be taking a toll. O'Cahan works to the outside and is pressing in. When O'Cahan pulls away, you can see the blood all over his face. The low kicks from Harmon keep coming. O'Cahan is walking her down, and he catches a kick and finally drops Harmon. Harmon looks happy to invite him on top as O'Cahan goes to the floor and avoids a submission. He stands, and Harmon tries to attack the legs. The crowd cheers the brief comeback for The Circuit Champion before he backs away and lets Harmon up. She misses a spinning heel kick and O'Cahan circles away for another reset.

Another leg kick lands for Harmon before another knee topples O'Cahan. He pops right back up and stalks again. A low kick from O'Cahan catches her in the knee, staggering her but Harmon presses forward only to get caught with a left. Harmon goes on the attack but doesn't land anything clean. Harmon comes in with more knees; O'Cahan's face is a bloody mess, and he's breathing deep. Still, he's moving forward. Harmon's chopping away with the low kicks. O'Cahan is still landing the occasional punch, but Harmon is responding well. O'Cahan's still looking to land a big right, but Harmon is still working low kicks and knees as she moves away and picks her spots. O'Cahan's showing heart and courage, but he's not doing much to turn the tide of the fight. Harmon kicks the body. O'Cahan wobbles Harmon but can't catch her to follow up.

Harmon shoots into a standing guillotine, but O'Cahan can't get the angle. He lets go, and Harmon again attacks with knees and kicks. O'Cahan presses in from the outside as they clinch against the cage. Harmon transitions to a clinch and knees. O'Cahan is running on fumes. Harmon is still lighting him up. Kicks are coming now to the head and body and Harmon is relentless in the assault. O'Cahan's loading up on his right hand, but he can't land it. High kick from Harmon glances over the top. Harmon is putting on a clinching clinic, keeping her opponent right where she wants him. O'Cahan wants the big right, but Harmon slips it every time. Harmon fires straight punches, and O'Cahan somehow remains upright but he's like a zombie shambling towards Harmon. She nails him with an elbow strike to the temple and he spins into the cage and crumples to the floor, out like a light.

Harmon defeats O'Cahan via knockout at 12:13.
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