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Unleashed 57
« on: July 21, 2011, 01:20:15 AM »
Tokyo, Japan


Opening Fight
Isaiah Calvillo vs Alex Collins

Calvillo misses a front kick and is swept to the floor as Collins grabs his leg and pulls him down. Collins dives in with a right hand, grabs a leg, torques and secures a heel hook to force a quick tapout. Calvillo remains on the floor screaming in agony.

Collins defeats Calvillo via submission at 0:44.

Second Fight
Sasha Brenshov vs Branden Harvey

Brenshov works the jab as Harvey looks for big punches. After a scramble, the fighters restart. Brenshov's clearly the aggressor as she avoids a high kick from Harvey and lands a low kick of her own. Harvey tries to regroup, but Brenshov ducks under a head kick and shoots. Harvey sprawls, and we reset. Brenshov lands a nice left hand and follow up kick, avoids Harvey's advances, and lands another nice right. Brenshov's light on her feet, easily finding her range and landing combos, and Harvey hits the mat to cover up from the kneeling position. Brenshov takes his back and delivers heel strikes before securing her hooks. She postures up to deliver punches and then goes to work again for the rear-naked chokes. Harvey must defend more punches as a cut starts to redden his face. Brenshov postures up again and delivers a series of big punches to force the TKO stoppage.

Brenshov defeats Harvey via technical knockout at 2:11.

Third Fight
Rachel Jackson vs Emma MacNamara

Feeling out early with MacNamara in the center. MacNamara charges in first with a 1-2 that misses, but Jackson shoots under. Jackson pushes MacNamara to the cage and works the clinch. MacNamara steps over and looks for a toss, but Jackson stuffs the attempt and shoves her away. Jackson fires a few knees to the thigh before landing a few short right hands that MacNamara fails to avoid. Jackson drives forward, but MacNamara finally lands a counter as Jackson moves in. Jackson shakes it off and immediately lands another combo before she moves into the clinch, but MacNamara immediately circles off. Jackson lands a left hand uppercut, and MacNamara is wobbled. Jackson senses it, and the shots come rapid-fire. MacNamara is eating punches. She tries to survive, and the referee gives her way too much time to recover. At least 10 shots connect before MacNamara falls to the canvas, prone while Jackson keeps delivering shots. The stoppage looks late, but it's certain.

Jackson defeats MacNamara via knockout at 3:03.

Fourth Fight
Drina Dumas vs Clayton Hughes

Hughes opens with a traditional boxing stance and immediately paws his jab as Dumas circles away. Dumas does the same and then takes a few rabbit punches to the back of the neck as she dives in for a clinch. Dumas is briefly dazed by the blows, but quickly regroups.  She moves in and misses with an uppercut and must retreat when Hughes throws another punch combination. Hughes clinches and tries to drag his opponent to the mat, but Dumas hops up easily. Hughes puts her into the cage but is reversed as Dumas delivers knees to the body that are largely defended. Dumas continues with the Muay Thai clinch and lands a couple big knees and staggers her opponent before following with a couple big punches. Hughes appears he may escape power out of her grip, but Dumas continues with knees and presses Hughes against the floor. Hughes tries to defend and stalls to regain his composure. Smart move. Hughes doing a nice job of avoiding the shots, but Dumas dips and scores the takedown. Working from inside full guard, Dumas can do little before Hughes powers out.

Hughes throws rights that miss. Dumas defends, clinches and again presses her opponent into the fence. Dumas looks for knees to the legs, but Hughes again defends nicely. Dumas, though, twirls him and takes him to the mat in a compact move. Dumas works from full guard. Hughes goes high with the guard but has to give it up after eating a shot. Back into full guard, Dumas delivers short punches to the head and body and then delivers a wallop of a right forearm to the head. Hughes shakes it off, but his eye is already bruising. Hughes throws some elbows from his back but must quickly pull his opponent back into guard when Dumas tries to pass. The crowd grows restless despite an interesting ground battle for position. Dumas postures up as she presses Hughes into the cage and delivers some strikes. She then frees a leg, but Hughes gets back to his feet while using the cage. Dumas clings to his back, dips, and takes Hughes back to the mat after pulling a leg out from under him. Hughes again gets to his feet and lands a nice left-right combo. Dumas shoots and misses but delivers a knee to the temple before the fighters hit the mat, knocking her opponent out with the lucky shot.

 Dumas defeats Hughes via knockout at 9:12.

Luis Castillo vs Grimur Eirikson

It takes a couple tries, but Castillo gets an early takedown, falling back on his wrestling roots. Eirikson pushes him away with kicks and gets to his feet only to eat a punch that takes him right back down. Eirikson puts his back into the cage and works his way back to his feet. He tries to throws knees while Castillo pins him against the cage but eats some lunging rights and then some big combos as he tries to back away. Eirikson looks like he's going to go down but pops his opponent with a big knee before he's thrown back to the mat. Eirikson catches a breather as he ties up his opponent and then gets back to his feet. Castillo clings and looks for the takedown, but Eirikson defends and nails Castillo in the face with a palm thrust that nearly breaks Castillo's nose. The impact briefly puts Castillo on his back. The fighters restart, and Eirikson floors Castillo with a head kick. Castillo fights through it and sweeps Eirikson to the floor. The fighters get back to their feet, and Castillo unloads more punches. Eirikson, though, drops him with another vicious shot to the throat. Castillo stays down, gasping for air and is battered with some punches before he manages to turtle up and stall the action.

On the restart, Castillo connects on some punches and fakes a takedown that Eirikson easily sniffs out. He goes for a punch as Castillo backs off, but misses and has his arm hooked into a takedown. Eirikson gets to his feet quickly and then judo throws his opponent to the canvas. Castillo secures half guard as Eirikson looks to use punches to free his other leg. Castillo, though, backs out and takes the top position. Eirikson quickly gets to his feet, but Castillo pushes him into the cage and takes him back down. The pace slows, and Eirikson tries to get back to his feet. Castillo nearly catches him in a triangle choke but eats a big shot as Eirikson dives in from the top. Castillo clings to his opponent to avoid damage from the top as Eirikson frees a leg. Eirikson then stands and delivers leg kicks to his downed opponent. Eirikson dives back in with another shot and works from inside full guard. Eirikson posturs up with elbow strikes. He then follows with a couple punches from the kneeling position. Eirikson again stands and just misses with a couple big downward punches.

Castillo goes for his wrestling roots and shoots for the quick takedown but is quickly reversed. Eirikson delivers some big lefts from the top as Castillo is pushed into the cage. Eirikson mixes in punches to the body and just misses a big knee as Castillo gets to his feet. Castillo now on the offensive with a nice one-two combo before he eats a shot of his own. Castillo then scoops and slams Eirikson to the mat. Eirikson reverses and slows the action before the ref calls for a standup. Eirikson lands a right and then a low kick, but Castillo pops him with a head-snapping right-left combo. Eirikson, though, simply shoves him to the mat and follows to work from inside his guard. Castillo tries to defend but eats a few forearms. Castillo tries to get up, but Eirikson denies him and then pops him with punches as he finally does get up. Castillo hits the mat and tries a triangle choke and kimura before Eirikson rolls out and takes side mount and closes out the round with a flurry of punches that leave Castillo laid out, bleeding. The referee intervenes before the two fighters can kill each other, physically pulling Eirikson off Castillo

 Eirikson defeats Castillo via technical knockout at 20:59.

Sixth Fight
V vs Brody O'Connor

O'Connor swarms and fakes kicks and then delivers a low kick after resetting. V, though, shoots and puts him on his back. O'Connor quickly puts his back against the cage and gets to his feet, but V still clings to him and presses him against the cage. V gets the trip takedown and delivers a couple big rights as O'Connor sits against the cage. O'Connor quickly returns to his feet, reverses V and puts him against the cage, but V turns the tables again and puts O'Connor back against the cage, almost as if he's toying with him. The crowd is really starting to voice its disapproval with V's gameplan. After a ref restart, O'Connor lands a low kick but eats a punch and is taken to the mat. V takes his back, locks in his hooks and looks for the choke. O'Connor rolls out of it and nearly gives up the mount. O'Connor is now showing a deep gash near his left eye from the previous shot. As the fighters continue to jockey for position, V again gets his opponent's back and this time sinks in the rear-naked choke. O'Connor is forced to tapout a few seconds later.

V defeats O'Connor via submission at 4:02.

Headline Fight
Lilah Hurst vs Theodore Janes

After a brief feeling-out process, the two clinch, unsurprisingly. Janes pushes in with Hurst sprawling against the cage. Hurst's foot looks trapped against the cage, and Janes eventually gets the takedown. Little there, and Janes works back to his feet, stays tight and pushes his opponent to the cage as they trade knees. More clinchwork, and Hurst eventually backs away. Reset in the center. Janes lands a low kick. Hurst throws a few hands then wraps up and slams Janes to the floor. Janes immediately raises his left leg in rubber guard and looks for an omoplata, but Hurst pulls out on sheer instinct. Hurst in half-mount. Janes rolls to his side and threatens a kimura. Hurst defends well early, but Janes continues to crank. He uses the move to sweep to top position, but the lock is still tight. Hurst survives, but barely. Meanwhile, a cut has opened up on her forehead. Janes stands briefly and delivers a punch as he drops back into guard, only to have the action stall out as Hurst breaks free.

Hurst evades much damage and earns another takedown. Janes again looks for rubber guard, but Hurst advances into a similar position as the first round in half-mount on the left side. Hurst advances easily to side control. Janes quickly regains half-guard, then guard. Hurst stands and delivers a bit of damage as he moves back in. Hurst's head is dripping blood. Janes has some on his face, but it looks to be from his foe. Hurst again stands, but she falls back into guard. Janes rolls for a leg, but Hurst spins with him and easily escapes. Hurst scrambles and ties up Janes's arms while working to mount. Janes rolls, and Hurst works in both hooks on the back. Hurst's head still bleeding as she tries to lock in a body triangle. Janes' right arm is trapped as well, and he only has his left to defend the choke. Janes deftly uses his left arm to defend. Hurst tries to power into the choke, but Janes survives. Janes rolls and stands with Hurst on his back, slamming her head forward. The move knocks his arm free.

Janes lands a jab as he spins around and then kicks low. Traded hands, and Hurst is holding her own, somehow still on her feet. Janes holds the center and delivers a few straight punches and a low kick. Hurst shoots in, but Janes sprawls out and backs away. Both fighters throwing punches, searching for openings, but nothing landing with power. Hurst shoots in and pushes Janes to the cage. Janes stays on his feet with Hurst pushing in. Janes gets head control and lands a few knees, and Hurst is forced to stand up. Janes follows by working for his own takedown. Nothing there, and Hurst returns to the single-leg. Janes is balancing on just his right leg. He falls but quickly pops back up. Tight clinch work and there's one minute remaining with the fight in the balance. Crowd a little restless, but both fighters jockeying for position. Hurst earns a takedown, and Janes tries to spin out. He can't, but he does work back to his feet. Hurst keeps control, but as the fight seems ready to end, Janes scrambles out and leaps to the back. Janes grabs a choke and sneaks in a few punches simultaneously, ensuring that she won't break free.

Janes defeats Hurst via submission at 18:02.


Sinn vs Cormack O'Cahan

O'Cahan kicks low, but Sinn punches over the top. Both dive in with straights. O'Cahan gets the clinch and in come the knees. Sinn defends well and backs up to the cage. Sinn holds underhooks and tries to drag O'Cahan down, but the bigger fighter remains up. A second effort changes things. O'Cahan's on his back, and he works in a butterfly guard. Sinn tosses the legs off and passes briefly, but O'Cahan quickly regains his position. O'Cahan's head is against the cage, and Sinn stays tight as she delivers devastating ground-and-pound blows. Sinn pushes down, and she takes half-mount. Sinn in vintage mode, and she's grinding away from the top. O'Cahan regains guard, and he's firing punches off his back, but Sinn pushes in further. O'Cahan works his left leg high, and he rolls for an armbar. Sinn backs away from the danger and returns to the top. O'Cahan's still trapped on his back. Sinn postures and eats an upkick. It lands flush, but Sinn is fine as they break apart.

Sinn comes charging right back in, kicks low and then high. O'Cahan circles away. Sinn clinches, and O'Cahan fights to stay on his feet. Sinn wraps up the body, elevates, and slams O'Cahan to the floor. O'Cahan with an open guard and working his hips, but Sinn walks him to the cage while firing punches to the body. Sinn passes out to side control briefly, but she settles into half-mount. O'Cahan regains butterfly. Sinn pushes in and continues to deliver punches and elbows. The crowd is restless, but Sinn is dominating, showing why she is the current favored fighter. A right hand lands flush on the floor for Sinn. O'Cahan just trapped on the bottom, and his nose is bleeding. Sinn in half-mount, and there's little else to say. Sinn working, but the referee calls for a restart. O'Cahan charges in a bit wildly, but he doesn't land anything. Sinn immediately back into the clinch and working for a takedown. O'Cahan stays on his feet, but just barely

Sinn with a straight right to open. O'Cahan tries to answer, but he's in the clinch. O'Cahan pulls away. Sinn with a leg kick, then a punch and back into the clinch. O'Cahan trying to lock in a kimura on the feet from the clinch. Sinn wrestles free from the hold. Back in the clinch, and it's a little slow while the two jockey for position, so there's a restart. Sinn lands a few punches in a quick combo, and she shoots back into the clinch, knowing that keeping her opponent tied up is her best defense. O'Cahan thinks about the kimura, but it's not there. Sinn slides out to the back and O'Cahan looks to secure the other arm. Neither fighter has the angles, so they back away. Sinn lands with her hands. O'Cahan answers with a low kick, but Sinn drives through it and puts O'Cahan on his back. O'Cahan holds the guard while Sinn delivers more damage from the top. O'Cahan again with the butterfly guard, but he's absorbing blows from the top. Sinn passes out to half-mount. Left hands, right hands, elbows—all rain down with deadly accuracy from the top. O'Cahan's bleeding from the right eye. O'Cahan will see the final bell, but it's an obvious shutout as the fight is stopped.

Sinn defeats O'Cahan via technical knockout at 22:11.


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