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Unleashed 58
« on: August 02, 2011, 10:52:22 PM »
Monte-Carlo, Monaco


Opening Fight
Sasha Breshov vs Emma MacNamara

MacNamara switches in and out of stances as she circles the younger Brenshov who misses on a few early jabs. MacNamara is dodging well with Brenshov punching frequently, mixing up the levels. MacNamara's looking to counter but Brenshov is reading her mind with every strike. Both fighters are connecting, but Brenshov is landing what look to be devastating blows. MacNamara regroups and lands a stiff left. Another exchange favors MacNamara but Brenshov quickly returns fire. MacNamara's clipped above the eye as she moves in, and she drops to a knee. Brenshov runs in and nails her in the face with a knee strike, putting her on the floor. MacNamara looks for a leg, but Brenshov quickly pulls free and scampers away. MacNamara misses on an overhand, and Brenshov counters. Brenshov's finding a home for her quick overhand rights. MacNamara slips on a punch, and she continues to shake out her arms. Final minute, and Brenshov moving well on her feet. MacNamara's still trying valiantly, but Brenshov is on her like a leech, pressing her down and dropping bombs to pound her into the ground. MacNamara manages to get out from under the onslaught but slips again, and Brenshov pummels her with more punches before a knee strike to the temple does her in.

Brenshov defeats MacNamara via knockout at 5:01.

Second Fight
Tommy Knoxville vs Clayton Hughes

Knoxville lands a few shots, but Hughes presses in and immediately starts a firefight, working the body before he pushes into the clinch. Hughes knees inside, and Knoxville crumples to the floor from a dirty shot to the cup. Hughes apologizes on the restart, and Knoxville fires off a front kick. Knoxville looks energized on the restart, and he comes forward with a barrage of punches and kicks that drive Hughes back against the cage. Hughes breaks free with fire in his eyes, nailing a few big bombs to Knoxville's head. A lucky left hand lands for Knoxville, but it's not enough to stop the big man. Hughes telegraphs a takedown but settles for clinch. Traded right hands to the body connect for both, but Knoxville is definitely feeling them more. They break, and Hughes pushes forward. Knoxville hit by a knee. He covers up on the cage as Hughes punches away. Referee takes a look, but Knoxville gets back to his feet and stays in the fight. Hughes gets a quick takedown and starts pummeling from side control, and Knoxville looks done. He covers up, but there's no answer to the onslaught, and the fight is stopped.

Hughes defeats Knoxville via technical knockout at 4:21.

Lilah Hurst vs Brody O'Connor

O'Connor opens with a few low kicks as Hurst defends and tries to find range with her own strikes. O'Connor lands a few front kicks before stumbling. Hurst chases, and she does land one very nice right hand. O'Connor mixing up levels and landing more kicks, but Hurst is defending well. O'Connor ducks in and scores a takedown, advancing immediately to side control. He lands a few short elbows and transitions to north-south. Hurst looks to counter from the bottom, so O'Connor stands. Hurst follows shortly after. Hurst lands a knee, and a stiff punch sees O'Connor stagger to the floor. Hurst follows, but O'Connor recovers to his feet. He doesn't look completely clear, and Hurst charges in with a few knees. O'Connor returns with a slick combination. A sloppy Thai clinch is somewhat successful for Hurst, but O'Connor ducks under and scores another takedown. Half-mount, and he gets the left arm trapped momentarily before a transition sees O'Connor in side control with a nice crucifix locked in. He thinks north-south again, but Hurst starts to buck. O'Connor readjusts, but Hurst does eventually work free. Hurst against the cage, and O'Connor jabs and moves into another takedown. Hurst in full guard, and O'Connor lands two nice left hands from the top. A few more punches and forearms come in, and Hurst is cut. She turtles and covers, but she continues to roll and O'Connor moves into side control. O'Connor fires more elbows and forearms to the face, and the blood is pouring out. Hurst trying to roll free, but O'Connor pounds her body with right hands. Crucifix for O'Connor, and he lands a few more punches before they break apart; Hurst's face is a mess.

O'Connor strikes to open. Hurst looks to be waiting for a takedown attempt as he retreats. O'Connor finally does as he dips into a single, but Hurst can't defend it. Blood immediately starts to run from the bridge of Hurst's nose. It's definitely getting in her eyes. O'Connor postures up and punches. Hurst rolls to her knees, but she turns back again. O'Connor is all over her from the top. Forearms and punches coming in. It's just not quite enough to get the stoppage, but it sure is ugly. Side control again for O'Connor halfway into the frame. He's targeting the face with elbows and forearms. Mercifully, O'Connor works to the back and sinks in a rear-naked choke. He's a little off to the side, but Hurst is in no condition to defend, and she taps.

O'Connor defeats Hurst via submission at 19:11.

Due to V's failure to appear the match is listed as forfeiture, however so as not to disappoint the spectators, Isaiah Calvillo is substituted into the headline fight. Calvillo is escorted to the fight cage by two burly Russians and tossed inside, already bloodied as he lands at his opponent's feet.

Headline Fight
Grimur Eirikson vs Isaiah Calvillo

Eirikson opens with a high kick, but it's Calvillo who does the first damage of the night with strikes. However, Eirikson quickly regains his wits and nails a beautiful toss immediately into side control against the cage. He drives elbows and fists into Calvillo's face, busting him wide open. Calvillo crumbles and sprawls, but Eirikson postures and keeps raining down punches. Eirikson settles back into side control. Halfway in, and what started well for Calvillo has quickly turned sour. Eirikson locks up the arm and again continues grinding away from the top. Calvillo finally works back to his feet, but he eats a knee there. Eirikson locks in a standing guillotine and presses Calvillo back against the cage. Cold and calculated, Eirikson lands a crisp left hook on the chin, and smashes Calvillo in the face, splitting his lip. Scrabbling on his hands and knees, Calvillo dives away from the onslaught, and grabs hold of the cage for support. One of the Russians slips Calvillo a knife through the mesh.

Roaring like an animal, Calvillo lunges at Eirikson. The two clash into a clinch and Eirikson connects with a headbutt before wresting the knife away from Calvillo. Running at Calvillo, Eirikson connects with a knee to the midsection and drives him back against the cage, slicing the knife across his abdomen in the same motion. As Calvillo sags lifelessly to the floor, his guts spill out at Eirikson's feet.

Eirikson defeats Calvillo via death at 7:06.


Cormack O'Cahan vs Alex Collins

Collins takes the early advantage by clinching and driving a knee deep into O'Cahan's groin. Both fighters look to be searching for angles. They start winging bombs early, but Collins seems to get the best of it. He pushes on to take the action to the floor, but O'Cahan uses a kimura attempt to get to his feet. They trade a few punches in the clinch. When they break, Collins again lands a few punches to his opponent's head. O'Cahan fires a few high kicks from distance before Collins answers with some snapping low kicks. O'Cahan leaps in with a knee, but Collins returns fire, including a combination that ends with a left that staggers O'Cahan. High-paced action in spurts. O'Cahan slips on a kick, and when he gets up, Collins is there to answer. More low kicks from Collins drive the action back to the center of the cage again.

O'Cahan just misses on a nice switch kick. Both fighters have obvious power, and fireworks seem to be on the way as both throw every ounce of energy into their strikes. Collins lands a low kick to the groin but O'Cahan shakes it off and is back into action quickly. O'Cahan stalks as Collins retreats to rethink his strategy. O'Cahan takes to a low-kick assault, forcing Collins to defend with strikes. O'Cahan's left eye is already reddened from Collins's lead-hand shots, but O'Cahan remaining dangerous with several snapping low kicks. Collins lands a stiff right hand. O'Cahan answers back. They're both trading hands, and it remains competitive in the exchanges. O'Cahan lands a glancing low blow, but doesn't rock Collins. Leaping knee misses for O'Cahan, and blood is streaming down his face. Another great series of traded shots, and Collins locks up and takes the fight to the floor where both struggle to gain any sort of advantage. O'Cahan looks for a guillotine, but Collins stays safe and pushes into the cage. Bit of a stalemate, and the crowd erupts into frenzied cheering.

Collins finally gets a wrestling takedown thanks to a swept leg, but there's nothing there before O'Cahan breaks away and returns to his feet. Another takedown ensues, but he's up even quicker. Desperate, Collins goes for yet another takedown and keeps the sprawl, resorting to his submission techniques. Much slower pace this time, but he's controlling the positioning. O'Cahan fires a few elbows into the ribs, and he does finally work to his feet. Collins pulls him immediately back to the floor. O'Cahan's struggling to find any sort of room. Collins with a back suplex, and he moves to top position. O'Cahan works an open guard and fires punches and hammerfists from the bottom. He doesn't escape, though as Collins smothers him and sinks in a deep choke.

Collins defeats O'Cahan via submission at 13:13.


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