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Unleashed 59
« on: August 19, 2011, 07:01:45 PM »
Toronto, Canada


Opening Fight
Sasha Breshov vs Branden Harvey

Harvey opens with a jab as the two dance around. Brenshov lands a stiff right hand after missing a jab. A brief firefight ensues, and Harvey gets off a few wild shots that Brenshov manages to avoid. Harvey eats a left, folHurstd by a knee to the face. He tries to scramble up, but Brenshov powers through on a takedown and uses their combined weight to drive him to the floor where she switches quickly to the back. She looks for the rear-naked choke, but Harvey works free. They scramble back to their feet and Harvey swings a few wild shots before Brenshov turns the tables by grabbing a guillotine choke on the feet and falling to her back. Brenshov wraps up the guard, squeezes and forces the tap, almost breaking Harvey's neck in the process.

Brenshov defeats Harvey via submission at 2:02.

Second Fight
Clayton Hughes vs Emma MacNamara

Touch of gloves to open. MacNamara kicks low, but it's deflected. Hughes closes the distance and lands a straight left. MacNamara answers. A big left from MacNamara connects but Hughes shakes it off and steps through her guard to nail a vicious hook to her chin. MacNamara falls to the canvas, but nothing comes of it as she shakes it off, tries to grab a guillotine and fall back, but Hughes escapes and moves back to his feet. Great opening minute. MacNamara clinches and establishes a bodylock. Hughes resists the pulls and remains standing, firing off a few rabbit punches that nearly stagger MacNamara before nailing her in the face with a jab. Break, and MacNamara's nose is bleeding. Hughes looks sharp again and lands a straight left. MacNamara steps back and Hughes throws again with a right. MacNamara falls to the canvas, obviously rocked. Hughes throws one punch to his downed opponent, and MacNamara looks hurt. Two more punches come in, and MacNamara struggles to stay with it. The referee calls the fight. MacNamara doesn't like it, but it's over.

Hughes defeats MacNamara via technical knockout at 3:05.

Third Fight
Lilah Hurst vs Alex Collins

Collins is mobile, bouncing as he misses on a few quick jabs. Hurst seems a little more flat-footed as she shoots in, but Collins moves away and peppers her with a right hand for the effort. Collins shoots in and elevates Hurst with a single, looking to fall back on his wrestling skills, although Hurst stuffs the initial attempt. Collins stays with it and a second effort sees his opponent hit the floor. Collins pops right back up. Hurst continues to push in, although she eats a knee for her troubles. Another leaping knee scores. Hurst presses in against the cage, though Collins maintaining his balance. Two minutes in. Another knee scores a direct hit, and Hurst drops to the canvas. Hurst looking for takedown still, though she eats several hammerfists. Collins pulls away and resets. Inside kick from Collins. Collins darting in with punches and pulling away. Hurst shoots in, and Collins blasts her with a knee to the chin. Hurst crumples to the canvas, turtled. She's probably done, and Collins starts to walk away. The referee doesn't call it, so Collins dives in and smashes a few elbow strikes and punches to the head that force the end as Hurst is out like a light.

Collins defeats Hurst via knockout at 4:09.

Theodore Janes vs Luis Castillo

Janes moves forward quickly, but Castillo avoids a trap. Castillo lands a few shots up top, but Janes explodes and wobbles his foe. Janes doesn't overcommit and resets. Hooks and uppercuts fly between the two in abundance. Janes is clearly faring better, but he's smart enough to back away and avoid the counter. Castillo shoots, but Janes shrugs it off. A right hand and left straight land for Janes who seems to be patiently attacking, systematically picking away at his opponent. Right hand lands. Uppercut narrowly misses. Castillo showing a capable chin, but Janes seems moments away from landing the one shot he needs. Right hand again from Janes. Janes backs away and resets. Castillo jabs and misses. More jabs and straights from Janes, but he backs away and resets. Right uppercut lands from Janes. High kick blocked by Castillo. There's blood trickling down Castillo's torso as they break.

Janes resumes his stalking and nails a near low blow, but Castillo hasn't shown he can strike yet. Castillo shoots briefly, but Janes just moves away. Castillo backs up to the cage, but Janes returns to the center. Castillo lands a right that catches his opponent's attention. Janes lands a few of his own before shrugging off another takedown. Castillo comes in strong with a left. Janes wings an overhand right that misses but he's still patient, picking his spots. Janes switching stances and looking for openings. Castillo has yet to show that he's a threat, but Janes only wants to fight in the center of the cage. Janes is winning, for sure, but crowd wants more pressure. Janes lands a stiff counter on a Castillo punch, then resets. Stuffed shot from Janes. Castillo shoots in and Janes moves away. Right for Janes, then a left.

Janes jabs and backs away. Janes looks fresh and Castillo seems like he's plotting as he soaks up the damage, only firing back weak shots until a right lands flush for Castillo. Janes returns favor then scampers away when Castillo charges. Castillo shoots, but Janes is a brick wall. Castillo keeps landing straights, but he refuses to unleash completely. Janes returns fire as Castillo moves to the cage, but the shots largely miss as Castillo scampers away. The two fighters return to the center and a right hand from Castillo lands on the button; Janes is out before he hits the floor. Astonishing come-from-behind win for Castillo.

Castillo defeats Janes via knockout at 17:01.


Grimur Eirikson vs Brody O'Connor

The crowd are on their feet for the entrances, though they are unquestionably favoring the undefeated monster known as Grim. O'Connor moves forward quickly and is immediately wobbled with a hard right hand courtesy of Eirikson as he charges in. O'Connor shakes it off as they clinch against the cage. O'Connor's back against the cage and Eirikson works a few short punches and knees. O'Connor hanging on with an overhook on the left side. O'Connor throws a few short knees inside. Eirikson drops for a double, but it's not there. O'Connor drives back to the center, and throws two punches as a distraction before landing a takedown. Immediately Eirikson is in side control. O'Connor gains half guard then works to his feet. Eirikson presses O'Connor into the cage and smothers him so he can't escape off the cage while peppering his body with blows. Not enough, and there's another restart as the referee forces them apart. Eirikson leaps in with a right, but O'Connor counters well.

Eirikson moves in and avoids a few powerful O'Connor hooks while clinching and working the fight to the cage. Knees are traded inside. The crowd doesn't like the tactic, but Eirikson persists. He backs away and catches an O'Connor right but resets. Eirikson leaps in with a left and again works for a takedown. O'Connor backs up to the cage for another clinch. O'Connor misses with a big left on the restart. Eirikson changes levels and avoids another right. Jab for Eirikson. Combo for Eirikson and into the clinch. O'Connor nails a couple knees inside, but there's little zip as he moves backward. Eirikson drops for the takedown but it's not there. He moves to the back and looks for a choke but O'Connor spins out.

O'Connor leaps in with a right, but Eirikson avoids and looks for a takedown. O'Connor shucks it off and they reset. O'Connor lands a left and stuns Eirikson. He sets up on top and continues to rain down damage. The referee rushes over and the crowd goes insane. Eirikson rolls, scrambles and ties O'Connor up, halting the onslaught. Eirikson sits up and works back to his feet. Eirikson controls the head as O'Connor looks for a takedown, but Eirikson breaks away. O'Connor is stalking, but he's not exploding. Eirikson throws a combo and moves away. O'Connor misses a right hand, and Eirikson scores a takedown. O'Connor with the butterfly guard. O'Connor's trapped on the cage and Eirikson lands a few deadly punches from the top. O'Connor rolls, but Eirikson continues to apply pressure from the top. O'Connor turtles, and Eirikson begins hammering away at O'Connor's neck and face before he sinks in a choke and gets it with ease.

Grim defeats O'Connor via submission at 23:15.


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