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Unleashed 60
« on: September 08, 2011, 04:42:14 PM »
New York City, New York


Opening Fight
Sasha Breshov vs Bruce McLeod

Brenshov circles. McLeod moves in and eats some punches and then a knee before they reset. McLeod wings a left and nearly eats a counter combo. McLeod looks low and takes a knee, and Brenshov fends off the takedown. Brenshov lands a nice uppercut that forces McLeod to cover up. They reset, and Brenshov is growing more confident. Brenshov unloads a decent combo, but McLeod's headwork helps him avoid most the damage. Brenshov starts to pick apart McLeod during the exchanges, but the scrappy McLeod is still initiating the action. Brenshov wings more shots from distance that come up a little short due to her reach. McLeod grabs a single leg but can't get the takedown. Brenshov tags him with a barrage of blows, and McLeod staggers to the floor. Brenshov unloads a flurry of follow-up punches, mounts McLeod, and then unleashes a dizzying barrage of punches before the referee mercifully stops it.

Brenshov defeats McLeod via technical knockout at 3:11.

Second Fight
Clayton Hughes vs Natalie Burrows

Burrows opens with a head kick, chases, takes Hughes's back, and wrestles him to the mat. Burrows still has his back and secures her hooks to work for the choke. Burrows throws punches as she's got Hughes on top of her. Hughes fights off the choke attempt, but he can't shake Burrows from his back. Hughes finally breaks free and rolls to top position. Burrows looks for the guillotine from the seated position and won't let it go. Hughes punches her exposed thighs before he breaks free and delivers punches from the kneeling position. Hughes lands a nice elbow and then another big one that rocks Burrows. Hughes continues the assault, and the blows are vicious. Hughes continues with elbows, punches and hammerfists, but Burrows somehow survives.

The fighters collide with low kicks and reset. Burrows just misses with a head kick. Hughes paws the jab. Neither seems to want to commit to an attack. Burrows breaks the stalemate with a lunging left, and Hughes seems to lose his footing as he dodges. They reset. Hughes just misses with straight punch to the head, and Burrows tags Hughes with a kick to the midsection and then unloads a swarm of punches and knees to drive him back. Hughes is briefly back up but is immediately overwhelmed as Burrows swarms him with speedy strikes before sending him back down with a diving knee strike to the temple. Burrows unloads a dizzying barrage that brings about the stoppage as Hughes remains face first in the canvas.

Burrows defeats Hughes via technical knockout at 6:01.


Theodore Janes vs Cormack O'Cahan

Janes misses wide with a high kick but manages to connect with a back elbow strike as O'Cahan dodges. The fighters reset. Janes is the aggressor early, but nothing deadly is getting through. Janes lands a right, but O'Cahan seems unfazed. O'Cahan paws his jab. Janes charges forward, but O'Cahan circles away. O'Cahan lands an overhand right and then clinches. Janes lands some short punches on the break. The fighters circle some more. Janes shoots, grabs, the legs, and gets a takdown. O'Cahan immediately tries to work his way back up and is to his knees. O'Cahan clings to his ankles and tries to halt it. He grabs a single leg as O'Cahan delivers a few punches from above. O'Cahan's got his back against the cage and is trying desperately to get up. Out of sheer desperation O'Cahan locks in a guillotine but doesn't have the angle and gives it up. O'Cahan gets back up, and they break. The trade punches, and O'Cahan gets the better of it with Janes now trapped against the cage and eating punches. Many are heavy. Janes clinches and stalls the assault before moving away with fluid grace. O'Cahan lands a nice overhand elbow, but Janes manages to avoid the worst of it. They reset, but O'Cahan unloads more punches and then picks up and drops Janes. Before the former Circuit Champion can regroup, O'Cahan rains down punches, hammerfists and elbows. He transitions to half guard and then side control. Janes tries to cover, but O'Cahan has the dominant position. Janes tries to roll free, but O'Cahan continues battering until Janes gets a break with an elbow strike to the face that bloodies O'Cahan's nose.

They break and reset on their feet. Janes lands a quick jab and dances out of harm's way. The pace slows again. O'Cahan crouches and looks for an opening. Janes rushes forward with punches, but O'Cahan backpedals away. O'Cahan moves forward with punches, but Janes slaps on a guillotine choke and falls to his back. He torques with all his might, but O'Cahan pops his head free after what was near-disaster. O'Cahan works from half guard and pins an arm with his knee. Janes quickly gets his arm back, but he gives up side control. O'Cahan delivers punches from the side, and they're in quick succession. Janes tries to cover up. O'Cahan resets from side control and secures the crucifix position. Janes frees his arm, and O'Cahan tries to reclaim it. Janes tries to buck free. He rolls and grabs a leg, but O'Cahan quickly reclaims side control again. Janes rolls, and O'Cahan pops him with punches while he's kneeled. O'Cahan delivers a knee to the chest, and Janes crumples over. A few more punches seal the deal, and O'Cahan claims the hardest earned victory of his Circuit career.

O'Cahan defeats Janes via knockout at 13:25.


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