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Unleashed 61
« on: September 28, 2011, 12:01:51 AM »
Rome, Italy


Opening Fight
Sasha Brenshov vs Bruce McLeod

McLeod chases with lunging punches, but Brenshov pushes him away. McLeod charges again but comes up short as Brenshov catches him with a spinning back kick to the gut. McLeod clinches, but Brenshov shoves him away. Brenshov lands a nice side kick, but McLeod answers with some dirty boxing. Brenshov throws another kick, but McLeod catches it and dumps her to the mat. Brenshov pulls him close. McLeod postures for better position, but Brenshov ties him up then blasts McLeod with a right hook to the face, putting him out like a light.

Brenshov defeats McLeod via knockout at 1:32.

Second Fight
Brody O'Connor vs Markus Reinhardt

Reinhardt touches gloves, then backs well away before pushing in. He's met with an O'Connor flurry and backs up. Reinhardt shuffles his feet and just misses with a left hand as he seems to be feeling out his opponent. O'Connor dodges, anticipating another left. A big right hand follows, and O'Connor is floored. O'Connor somehow lifts his head, but six more shots leave O'Connor unconscious on the floor.

Reinhardt defeats O'Connor via knockout at 1:21.

Third Fight
Riven vs Clayton Hughes

Hughes seems like a man possessed to open, and he drives in with some heavy hands that staggers his opponent. Riven being manhandled as Hughes assaults him against the cage. Riven grabs a leg and tries to bring the action down, but Hughes steps over to the back and keeps pounding away. Riven with incredible heart, but Hughes is on top and pounding away. Riven's already bloodied and he tries to secure an arm. Hughes pulls free and continues to punch. He looks to be tiring from top. Adrenaline dump may have got the best of him. Riven surviving underneath, but Hughes in complete control.

Riven's face is bruised and battered. Still, he fires off a few testing punches. Hughes has lost a lot of steam, but he's still firing the occasional massive blow. Unfortunately, they're missing. Riven starting to find his distance and connecting with straight lefts and rights. Two minutes in. Neither fighter has much in the tank. Hughes is cruising a little, and it's allowing Riven to score points. Riven really finding a home for his hands, but he can't do it with enough frequency to make a difference, as he'll likely need a finish. Both fighters missing with bombs before Riven manages to tie Hughes up, going for an armbar, and then securing a deadly gogoplata.

Riven defeats Hughes via submission at 7:11.

Fourth Fight
Theodore Janes vs Rex Cassidy

Janes has a few strikes blocked to start, but he's immediately into a takedown, driving Cassidy to the floor. Cassidy tries to sit up, but Janes advances over both legs and begins punching away. Cassidy returns fire, but he's certainly not landing any serious blows. Janes is clearly looking to create room in tight quarters, and he sneaks his way onto the back. Cassidy tries to buck and roll, but he's tapped and eating punches. Cassidy tries to cover and defend, but Janes has a firm base and is in control as he keeps raining blows. The referee gives Cassidy every chance to get out, but it's not going to happen.

Janes defeats Cassidy via technical knockout at 2:00

Cormack O'Cahan vs Natalie Burrows

Burrows misses a big high kick early. O'Cahan in the center and both fighters very light on their feet. They trade punches in the pocket, and both have extremely bad intentions with the quick strikes. Burrows playing the counter game and mixing in a few low kicks. O'Cahan misses a Superman after Burrows misses a snapping front kick. Incredible pace early. O'Cahan lands a crisp left, but Burrows backs away and resets in the center. More big shots from both fighters. Burrows still mixing in kicks to all levels. O'Cahan stalking, and he moves in after a fake kick. Burrows answers back with one that lands. O'Cahan with a snapping leg kick. Burrows misses on a few short punches though she seems to be firing with more speed and power. O'Cahan's still landing his share of punches.

Quick exchanges again, and Burrows drops O'Cahan briefly with a counter. O'Cahan mixing in a few kicks with his gameplan. It's still O'Cahan stalking, but Burrows is landing some crisp counters. O'Cahan shoots in from distance, but Burrows sprawls out and away. It's crisp striking, and Burrows lands a few lefts. Burrows now starting to prove a little more elusive. She lands a crisp right and then slips to a knee and can't follow. Spinning kick to the ribs pushes O'Cahan back. Burrows gaining confidence and O'Cahan's punching a little less as he goes on the defensive. Burrows digs to the body. Now Burrows unleashing the kicks a bit, and they stun O'Cahan.

Still, he moves in looking to land and does with a leaping knee that allows him to score a few punches. Burrows answers right back, still sharp and nailing those nasty kicks to the body. O'Cahan tries a flying knee by comes up short. O'Cahan briefly snags the leg, but his opponent pulls away. The technical striking battle continues. O'Cahan tries to duck in for a takedown, but Burrows defends well. Halfway in, and O'Cahan seems to be netting a little confidence and momentum. Still, O'Cahan will not quit and just misses a leaping knee. Another takedown attempt stuffed. O'Cahan still pressing the action, but he can't land a truly vicious blow. Burrows opens up a cut on O'Cahan's cheek. O'Cahan lands a few stiff lefts, and he's making it interesting. Final seconds, and O'Cahan begs for an exchange. He leaps in with a knee that doesn't land, and Burrows connects with a stunning backfist that lands in just the right spot to end the fight.

Burrows defeats O'Cahan via knockout at 15:01.

Alex Collins vs Luis Castillo

Collins moves forward quickly, while Castillo looks a little more patient. Collins on the center and looking to engage, but Castillo backing away well. Castillo leaps forward with a combination, but Collins slips and rattles off one of his own. Collins working the leg kicks, but he does eat an uppercut. Collins flurries, but Castillo covers and counters. Collins staying bust, but Castillo clips him. Collins is staggering, and Castillo unleashes a flurry that sees his opponent fall awkwardly to the mat. Collins desperately tries to recover, but Castillo's advances are relentless. A few hammerfists see Collins looking as though he'd about to lose consciousness, and a few extra shots also find their mark.

They break, and Collins struggles back up. Castillo circles left and lands a low kick. Castillo paw the jab, over and over. Collins fires a combo but hits the fence as Castillo backs away. Collins moves in close, but gets only a failed Thai clinch as Castillo slips away. Collins follows him in and nails a knee strike to the body followed by an elbow to the face that drives Castillo back to the cage. Collins keeping tight, and Castillo starting to open up the attack. Castillo seems to be resting in the clinch, almost looking disinterested for a moment. Knees traded inside as Collins pushes in. The Italian crowd doesn't like the stalemate. Both fighters staying just active enough to keep from being reset. Collins drops a level, but Castillo defends and remains upright. Boos coming out, likely for Collins, and he backs away. Castillo lands a few crisp jabs. Collins gets a few of his own, looking desperate to stay alive in this thing. Castillo shucking and jiving and lands a few stiff punches.

Collins moves to be the aggressor again on the reset. He opens up with punches, but Castillo is the more accurate striker. Castillo misses a low kick and then starts wildly waving his hands. Still he can't capitalize. Castillo puts his hands down and slips a jab then floors his opponent. No one wants to stop the fight. Collins stalking, but he can't touch Castillo. Another shot floors him and he's busted wide open above both eyes. The blood is running over his face like a river and the referee gives Collins every chance to recover. But punches, elbows and knees to the body are coming in non-stop variety. Finally, the fight is mercifully waved off.

Castillo defeats Collins via technical knockout at 16:29.


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