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Unleashed 62
« on: October 11, 2011, 05:28:18 PM »
Berlin, Germany


Opening Fight
Rob Masters vs Psymon

Masters spins Psymon with a low kick and quickly pounces to the back. Both hooks are in, and Psymon looks like he might be in trouble already. Psymon controlling the wrists while defending on his knees. Masters loses the hooks but Psymon locks him into a clinch. Masters fires back with a few powerful knees to the body. Psymon falls back and takes guard but Masters immediately backs away. Psymon looks very comfortable now as he paws a jab. The leg of Masters is reddened, and Psymon is switching stance, trying to find the right angle of attack. Masters dives in and rushes Psymon into the cage. Psymon tries to use the cage to peel his opponent off, but Masters resets the hooks and takes his opponent down. Psymon controlling the arms as he lays on his belly. He works up to his knees, but Masters looks first for a choke then an arm. Neither score, and Psymon finally gets free and to his feet. Masters presses in and scores another takedown. Masters works from half-mount. Masters spins and rolls in a slick transition, but Psymon gets free. Masters chases in and has to avoid a wild flying knee. Very seamless transition as the two hit the deck again; Masters pulls his head free and attacks the arm. Psymon survives as he rolls to defend, but Masters resets with a triangle choke. It's there, and he squeezes for the tap.

Masters defeats Psymon via submission at 5:32.

Second Fight
Sasha Brenshov vs Brandy Danielle

Brenshov lands with a left up top, opening up the fight in style. As she presses in, Danielle briefly grabs the neck, but lets it go. Danielle misses a wild overhand strike. Brenshov's being very confident, pushing in and not allowing Danielle any room to breathe. Danielle misses a spinning strike that sees Brenshov pressing in again. She clips Danielle with a hard right hand, follows her to the floor and avoids Danielle's submission attempt while delivering punches from the top. Danielle rolls as Brenshov mounts an offense and looks to hold position. Brenshov gets his arm under the neck, squeezes with a rear-naked choke, and a trapped Danielle has no choice but to tap.

Brenshov defeats Danielle via submission at 2:04.

Alex Collins vs Markus Reinhardt

Collins eats an inside leg kick and then a stiff left hand that snaps his head back and sends him stumbling back into the cage. Reinhardt looks to follow, but Collins shakes it off and blindly defends. Reinhardt misses an axe kick, but he follows and pushes into the clinch. Reinhardt lands a knee to the groin, but it's a glancing blow as Collins spins away. Reinhardt connects with a few more kicks, and they hit the deck. Rubber guard underneath from Reinhardt. Collins posturing on top, and he works in a big elbow. Reinhardt's head is against the cage as Collins grinds from the top. Reinhardt looks for a kimura and uses it to set up a beautiful sweep to top. Collins holding tight underneath, but Reinhardt riding the position and punching when there's room. Collins tries to escape, but he's stuck on the floor. However, Reinhardt gets back up before any real damage is done. Reinhardt circles off the cage and scores another takedown. There's a bit of blood smearing around, and it's coming from the nose of Collins. He then blows the blood out and all over Reinhardt while he transitions to top for a brief second before Reinhardt has him on his back again. Collins tries to look for submission openings underneath, but Reinhardt slides out and pummels him in the face yet again. It's not high-action, but it's damage galore. The face of Collins is already bloodied, looking like hamburger. Reinhardt stands and Collins upkicks, catching him in the face. Reinhardt staggers back but doesn't go down. Collins grabs him around the knees and pulls him down. He tries for an armbar, but it's not there before they reset.

The pair comes out winging shots, and Collins looks absolutely charged despite the blood flowing down his face. He lands a flurry and then drags the fight to the floor, where he sets up in side control. Reinhardt recovers guard. Collins creates some room and drops an elbow, trying to keep close enough that Reinhardt can't drop his bombs. Collins isn't overwhelming from the top, but he's staying just busy enough to keep control. Reinhardt brings his legs high. Collins backs out briefly but pushes right back in and advances again to side control. He drops a few elbows, but none are doing as much damage to Reinhardt's face. Reinhardt regains guard. Collins continues the grind, looking to secure a submission. Reinhardt's still bringing his legs high. Collins postures for some final damage. Gutsy fight by both competitors. Collins sneaks in a crisp right hand, following with a knee that connects under the chin, and Reinhardt seems a little stunned. Collins starts to pour it on but Reinhardt is still surviving underneath. Reinhardt spins to half-guard, but Collins stands and advances past the legs with a punch. Collins starts to pound away and Reinhardt just eats the damage before reversing the momentum and unleashing a rapid-fire barrage of huge punches. The referee peels Reinhardt off Collins, but doesn't wave off the fight. On shaky legs, Collins tries to wrestle Reinhardt briefly before he finally regains his wits and manages to sweep the leg. Collins has the underhooks and gets the action to the floor. Reinhardt with his feet on the cage. Collins advances to half-mount and then wraps the body as Reinhardt gets to his feet, attempting to power out of the hold. Collins scores a trip and remains tight on the back. Both hooks are in, and Collins gets the right arm under the neck. The choke looks deep, but Reinhardt refuses to tap. Collins continues to squeeze as he rolls his opponent over. Reinhardt finally passes out, still refusing to submit.

Collins defeats Reinhardt via technical submission at 17:07.

Headline Fight
Riven vs Natalie Burrows

Riven starts off in the center, and Burrows circles left. Riven clips her with a hook and continues to blast away. Burrows hits the deck, but Riven declines to follow. Burrows rises, and her left cheek is reddened. Riven works the body and up top, and his hands look quick early. The bruise on the cheek of Burrows looks nasty and she's having trouble figuring out how to slow Riven, who pushes in against the cage. Burrows does spin off, but a right hand sees her stagger back. Riven looks extremely comfortable as he fires from all angles and dances on his feet. Riven pops the body again. Burrows clinches, but she eats a knee inside for her trouble. Firing back, she connects with a back elbow that bloodies Riven's lip. She fires in a few body shots, but Riven manages to avoid most of the damage. Burrows isn't afraid to move forward, but she hasn't done much damage thus far. Four-punch combination finally connects for the undefeated Burrows, who suddenly looks like a striker out there. Burrows lands another left, but her face is a mess and it's clear that she's feeling it. Riven light on his feet and peppers her with another flurry

Burrows breaks off and takes the center, blocking a huge overhand right. Riven's still firing heavy shots but Burrows is covering up well despite the swelling in her left cheek. Riven's firing at will, and his shots are landing heavy. Still, Burrows stands in the pocket, showing heart as she drives him back with a series of speedy strikes. Riven bounces off the cage and continues to land heavy leather with hooks and straights. Riven works the body, as well. Burrows trying to counter, moving forward. He does land a left. Pace seems to be slowing a bit as Riven is getting close to punching himself out and Burrows looks to be in pain. Burrows connects with a few short counters that catch her opponent's attention. Riven dances away from Burrows. Burrows staggers back after a Riven flurry. Tough to tell if she's baiting, but Riven is cautious. More deliberate pace from Riven, and it's allowing Burrows a little time to be comfortable as she picks her spots and nails a few blows to the face that keep Riven at bay. She doesn't seem to have the answer just yet, but she's trying. A deadly right hand from Riven changes that, and Burrows hits the deck. Riven dives in and gets the mount, dropping bombs that Burrows can't totally deflect. Finally the referee intervenes and calls for the stop.

Riven defeats Burrows via technical knockout (stoppage) at 12:05.

Theodore Janes vs Cormack O'Cahan

Janes shoots in immediately, looking for a single leg takedown but O'Cahan stays on his feet. O'Cahan working the body from the clinch. Janes presses in from the outside as O'Cahan defends against the cage. Janes pulls him off and gets the trip, settling immediately in side control. Janes drives a few knees to the ribs. O'Cahan tries to escape, but Janes pushes him back down and nearly gets mounts. O'Cahan spins to his knees, and Janes takes the back. They roll, and Janes is seated against the cage with the hooks in. Janes presses over and takes mount. O'Cahan stands, but Janes is on his back.O'Cahan controls the arm, but Janes works it free, wraps the body and slams him to the floor. Janes postures and punches, and he's in vintage form. O'Cahan's keeping in the fight, defending from his back, but Janes steps out to side control.

Janes goes to work again with low kicks and leaping punches. O'Cahan looks very comfortable, but Janes is keeping him from really attacking thus far. Janes shuffles his feet on the outside. O'Cahan throws a few punches, but he's really gun-shy thus far, seeming content to stay on defense. Low kicks traded. O'Cahan's more powerful, but the frequency is low thus far. Janes trying to clinch, but he's a little too slow. O'Cahan still controlling the center, and he lands a low kick, but Janes comes back with a few of his own. A few rabbit punches connect for O'Cahan before he pulls off a dirty eye rake. He tosses Janes to the floor and grazes a front kick to the face when he stands. Stiff right from O'Cahan. Low kick. Janes with a low kick that spins an off-balance O'Cahan.

Janes rushes forward and puts O'Cahan on his back with a shocking knee strike combo to the body. Janes drops a few vicious bombs, grinding away from top before moving into side control. It's tight quarters against the cage, but Janes scoots up to mount. He nails a few shoulder shots from the top, absolutely smothering his opponent. O'Cahan regains half-guard. Janes solid in positioning, but crowd wants a little more striking from the position. They get the standup. O'Cahan looks a little angry as he restarts, and he throws heavy shots. A few of them connect, opening up a cut above the left eye of Janes. O'Cahan sprawls on a takedown, but Janes locks the body, elevates and slams. He sets up a side choke and locks it in. Janes jumps deftly to the opposite side to finish, and it's in. O'Cahan waits as long as possible, but he has no choice but to tap.

Janes defeats O'Cahan via submission at 13:01.


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