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Unleashed 63
« on: October 27, 2011, 01:40:42 AM »
Belfast, Northern Ireland


Opening Fight
Jenna Starke vs Sasha Brenshov

Starke takes the center in the opening seconds of the first fight, looking to feel out her younger opponent. They trade in the center, but Brenshov lands the best shot with a left hook to the chin, and Starke hits the deck. Brenshov pounces immediately. Starke tries to defend with her legs, then rolls to her knees to avoid the heavy punches that are coming. She can't recover, though, and the referee calls a stop to the bout.

Brenshov defeats Starke via technical knockout at 0:59.

Second Fight
Kincaid vs Cormack O'Cahan

Kincaid shifts side to side on the outside. O'Cahan pushes forward early behind a big overhand, but Kincaid clinches up and starts firing knees to the body and arms as he shoves O'Cahan into the cage. O'Cahan pulls away, but Kincaid blasts him with a left straight. O'Cahan hits the deck with Kincaid on top of him, still pounding away. O'Cahan turtles, bleeding like a stuck pig from a big cut above his eye before the referee jumps in to stop the fight.

Kincaid defeats O'Cahan via technical knockout at 1:03.

Third Fight
Luis Castillo vs Robert Masters

Traded punches open the fight with Castillo making the first impact by nailing his opponent right on the chin. Masters shows no signs of being affected, but he's getting tagged. A low kick from Castillo finds its mark. Masters tries to shoot on the kick, but he comes up short. Castillo pushes into the clinch. Masters secures a bodylock, but he can't score any type of takedown. Masters drops for a single, but it's not there. Castillo spins free and moves to the back. Masters turns in, and more punches from Castillo find the mark before a left high kick cracks the chin. Masters hits the deck. Castillo rushes with a few more punches, and the fight ends in a highlight-reel finish, getting huge cheers from the crowd.

Castillo defeats Masters via knockout at 2:03.

Fourth Fight
Riven vs Psymon

Psymon throws a punch off the touch of gloves, but Riven ducks under and scores a swift takedown. Psymon tries to control the head, but Riven slips free and moves into mount. Psymon bucks free, and the two reset on their feet. Psymon misses a flying knee but follows with a crisp left hook. Riven lands a knee to the belly. Both fighters are punching early, with Riven mixing in a few low kicks. Psymon looking to stick and move to negate the speed advantage. Riven's stalking, coming in hard and fast with straight punches. Psymon lands a stiff right hand, but Riven answers right back with a few kicks to the body and legs. Riven ducks under another punch attempt and scores a second takedown. Riven in half-mount. Psymon tries to control with overhooks, but Riven drives in a few knees to the body. Riven finally works an arm free and delivers a few short elbows. Psymon has a nasty cut by his right eye, and it's flowing freely as they break.

In the pocket again, Psymon just misses a knee to the midsection but follows with the left hook that scores. Psymon's hands are proving dangerous at the right range. Kick to the body for Riven. Psymon answers to the legs. Psymon's still moving forward and landing up top but Riven is retreating and defending well by mixing in those low kicks. Jabs traded. Riven ducks into a guillotine choke, and Psymon drops back to try and finish. Riven quickly pulls his head free and again sets up in half-mount. Riven advances to mount. It's a high mount, and Psymon rolls. Riven takes the back and locks in a figure-four around the waist. Riven lands a few punches as he lies on his own back, and Psymon is bleeding by the right eye. Riven adjusts and locks in the rear-naked choke. It looks very deep, and Psymon tries to spin free, but he has no choice but to tap.

Riven defeats Psymon via submission at 10:13

Markus Reinhardt vs Natalie Burrows

Reinhardt's slung low with his left hand pawing out before he throws the first jab of the night. A follow-up kick and punch are blocked. Inside leg kick lands for Reinhardt, driving Burrows back as her knee almost gives out. She regroups with a nice left hook, but a follow-up combo misses. Body kick lands for Reinhardt. A few jabs do, too. Burrows looks a little tentative. Reinhardt works the jab. Burrows with a nice one-two. Reinhardt is getting off first, though. He's putting the damage on Burrows, keeping her from mounting her usual speedy offense. Reinhardt with a jab. Burrows catches a kick and deposits Reinhardt on the mat, but she thinks better of it and lets her foe up. Burrows comes forward, but she's not really throwing. Meanwhile, Reinhardt pops off a few jabs. More of a sparring session at the moment. Reinhardt fires off a right hand. His reach is really paying dividends. Jab pops off for Reinhardt. Burrows misses with a high kick and a bolo. Then a spinning back kick whiffs.

On the break, Burrows seems to find a second wind and starts picking away at Reinhardt, nailing a few vicious strikes to the face that don't seem to really faze her opponent. Reinhardt goes on the offensive and starts picking away before Burrows nails another right hand. It does nothing. Reinhardt jabs and goes low with a kick to the stomach that doubles Burrows up against the cage. Before Reinhardt can capitalize, the referee calls for a break. Not much of a break, and we're back to the fight. Burrows just can't reach Reinhardt, who fires off a switch kick that misses, and he goes back to jabs and straight rights. They're mostly landing, or at least the jabs. Burrows is floundering. Reinhardt gets a little too close and nearly pays by taking a big hook, but he's still standing. Another jab lands for Reinhardt. Burrows inches forward and hints at a flurry but backs off before dodging aside and wading in to fire off a few hooks. The nose of Burrows is bleeding from the jabs, but she seems oblivious, her eyes still on Reinhardt who's dancing away from her attacks, almost taunting. He fires off a body kick, and Burrows gets right inside, nailing him in the face with a flurry of hooks.

Burrows should go for broke. Reinhardt lands a few jabs and peels off. Burrows pursues and lands a half-blocked shot. A jab for Reinhardt lands flush, snapping her head back before Burrows lands a counter to the side of Reinhardt's head. Follow-up flurry gets air. The crowd is not pleased with this sparring session. Burrows is now circling away. Reinhardt fires off some jabs and straight rights, and Burrows covers up. Two jabs land for Reinhardt. Burrows flings some hooks at the body but lands nothing. She's getting lit up by the counters of Reinhardt. Another buffet of jabs for Reinhardt and then a straight right. Burrows is looking bad, half out on her feet but she charges in and nails a knee to the groin before an elbow strike to the face. Reinhardt crashes back into the cage, but Burrows misses with a haymaker. Reinhardt goes with an uppercut-hook combo while Burrows goes high with a kick. Burrows charges in the final seconds and goes for broke against the cage. She lands some glancing shots, and Reinhardt retorts with a knee in close. Grabbing Burrows by the back of the head, he smashes his forehead into hers, knocking her out cold before tossing her aside like a rag-doll.

Reinhardt defeats Burrows via knockout at 15:44.


Circuit Championship
Sinn vs Jackson

Sinn is moving a lot early, and she's first with a bolo that misses. Jackson's  patient, almost lethargic as he picks his spots. Sinn advances slowly. Jackson shoots in and gets an easy takedown. Sinn grabs his neck but can't stop Jackson from passing to side guard. Sinn tries to spin out, and Jackson goes to north-south. Jackson's looking for a choke but Sinn is defending well, firing punches with her free hand. Jackson uses his body weight to finish securing the choke. Sinn plays smart and grabs Jackson's head to get some breathing room before she slips out, leaving Jackson back in half-guard. Sinn spins to her knees, and the two return to their feet. Sinn comes in with a sloppy hook. Jackson is as cool as a cucumber, dodging before connecting with a stiff body shot. Jackson goes for a knee strike that's easily blocked. Sinn shoots for a takedown and gets stuffed. Jackson grabs her neck and transitions to half-mount on top. Sinn connects with a stiff elbow before she leaps over as the two get up, throwing a few more elbows after the two spill to the mat again. Once again, Jackson is on top, and he snakes his arm under for a D'Arce choke. Sinn intercepts his arm, so he throws an elbow to the body. A few shots of ground and pound end scuffle before they get separated.

A couple of hooks are blocked by Jackson. They clash again, and both get nothing. Jackson catches a kick, but Sinn follows with another, nailing Jackson in the face. She follows with a knee but doesn't get the takedown. Jackson punches in and gets a bodylock. He tries to take Sinn down to no avail, breathing heavy as he breaks off to regroup. Sinn's high kick is blocked. They both land in a subsequent exchange. Sinn with a nice body kick. Her next combination meets mostly air. Jackson meets a kick with a punch to Sinn's head, almost as if he knows Sinn's timing. Sinn ducks under a punch and gets an easy takedown but this time Jackson quickly drives forward and manages to reverse for his own takedown. In no time, Sinn reverses and deposits Jackson to the mat. Jackson powers up, and they're back on their feet. They lock up against the cage, and Sinn lands a hook on the way out. They go toe to toe before Sinn breaks off.

She immediately charges in with a limp low kick. Sinn's still shucking and jiving but it costs her when Jackson anticipates and connects with a stiff left hook. He follows with a slapping right hook. He leaps with a knee to the midsection, then follows with an elbow strike to the face. Jackson looks completely in control right now as Sinn comes in hard with a leg kick only to miss with the follow-up jab. Another bolo misses for Sinn. Jackson slowly advances. Superman and a low kick. The two collide, and Sinn fires off a knee before they break off. Jackson with inside leg kick. Another stiff leg kick connects but Sinn refuses to go down. She comes back with an overhand right that doesn't do much to rattle Jackson's cage. He catches another kick. Sinn's ensuing shot is easily stuffed. Jackson is looking for something big. He lands a brutal haymaker, and he gets top position when they spill to the mat. Again, Jackson is on top in half-guard. Jackson again goes for a D'Arce, but Sinn is fighting it with everything she has left in the tank. Jackson switches to a guillotine, and after a long squeeze, Sinn unexpectedly taps.

Jackson defeats Sinn via submission at 17:01 to become the NEW Circuit Champion.


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