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Unleashed 64
« on: November 09, 2011, 02:07:47 AM »
Athens, Greece


Opening Fight
Robert Masters vs Cormack O'Cahan

Masters opens with a body kick which O'Cahan immediately blocks before firing back with a low kick of his own that lands right in the groin of Masters. O'Cahan goes high with a knee, but it's checked. Both fighters are testing their range. Masters attempts a low-kick/punch combo, but O'Cahan snuffs it out. The fighters trade low kicks before Masters gets through with a nice short right. Masters comes back in with a low kick, but O'Cahan catches him on the chin, working the jab as he drives Masters back against the cage. O'Cahan then lands the fight's best body kick and then instantly drops his opponent with a quick right hand. Masters is knocked out cold before he hits the floor, and the ref jumps on O'Cahan before the follow-up punches come.

O'Cahan defeats Masters via technical knockout at 2:01.

Second Fight
Kincaid vs Kaitlynn McIntyre

McIntyre lands a nice combo. Kincaid moves in, but McIntyre ducks and scores a nice double-leg takedown. She gets to half guard and starts raining down strikes from the top. Kincaid pulls her close and tucks his head so McIntyre's shots don't hit anything but the back of his head. Frustrated, McIntyre resorts to forearm strikes to the face as Kincaid pulls her into full guard. McIntyre delivers some more short punches before Kincaid answers with some elbows. McIntyre postures up and drops more wild punches. Kincaid tries to roll free, but McIntyre is a blanket on top. McIntyre frees a leg as Kincaid puts his back against the cage. McIntyre delivers some steady elbow strikes, and Kincaid is stuck as McIntyre hops into mount and starts to wail on her opponent. Kincaid tries to pull her close, but the shots are getting through. Forearm strikes open a cut above Kincaid's eye and then the referee calls for the stoppage when he stops fighting back.

McIntyre defeats Kincaid via technical knockout at 2:13.

Third Fight
Clayton Hughes vs Sasha Brenshov

Hughes puts Brenshov on the defensive with lunging shots but doesn't connect. The fighters scramble from the clinch. Brenshov looks for high kicks and eats a hard punch, staggering back. Hughes keeps pressing, clearly the aggressor with a few more punches that drive Brenshov down. Going for a mount, Hughes rains down the damage but Brenshov manages to scramble from underneath. Hughes lands a nice knee to the head but eats an equally impressive counter punch. Brenshov clinches and delivers knees to the body but she can't get a break. Hughes lands a nice combo that knocks the fight out of Brenshov, returning to the ground and pound. He presses her into the cage, connecting with most of his shots due to his impressive reach. Brenshov finally breaks off and shoots out of desperation, looking for a takedown. Hughes stuffs it. Brenshov throws a weak leg kick and eats a right cross for her trouble. Hughes connects on a lunging knee and grabs Brenshov in a bear hug, smashing her against the cage before driving in a haymaker that knocks her out on her feet.

Hughes defeats Brenshov via knockout at 3:03.

Colleen Harmon vs Natalie Burrows

Both fighters come out swinging. Neither lands anything substantial before they circle away. Burrows works a low kick and then lands a quick left before she catches a flying knee and flings her opponent away. Harmon pops back up immediately and lands a lunging left to the body. Burrows goes low with a kick but eats a knee on the break. Harmon lands a flush kick to the head, but Burrows shakes it off. Harmon moves in and pulls guard. Burrows works from the top, landing some punches to the gut, but there's not a lot of action. They break and Harmon immediately lands a backfist strike that sends Burrows staggering back.

Burrows swings from distance, but her wild shots aren't landing much thanks to Harmon's evasion. Harmon paws her jab, and Burrows lands a nice right in return. The fighters trade low punches and reset. Burrows grabs a single leg and dumps Harmon, who tries to secure an awkward choke on the way down. She doesn't get it but pops back up. Burrows swings with crosses, but Harmon ducks and shoots, quickly takes her back, and secures a body lock. Harmon works punches to the face from behind and looks for the opening for the rear-naked choke. Harmon has enough time to patiently look for the opening. She tightens the body lock and gets her arm under her opponent's chin. Harmon tightens the choke, but she can't secure it due to poor positioning. Instead she throws punches and looks to soften Burrows up. Harmon tries the choke again, but Burrows keeps her chin tucked. Harmon keeps working for it, but Burrows defends nicely. Despite the extended time with the dominant position, Harmon can't get the tap-out and they finally break apart.

Burrows wings a right-left combo and then connects with a jumping knee strike to drive Harmon back. Harmon connects on a straight left and a few knees. The fighters trade from distance. Burrows looks for a single leg but it's not there so she tries for a toss. Harmon snuffs it out. Burrows moves in with punches, but her accuracy is lacking. She looks exhausted, but so does Harmon as she charges in with a few wild punches that barely connect. Burrows nails her with a palm strike and Harmon drops Burrows with a left uppercut flush to the chin and a knee to the head, and she then unloads a quick flurry for a stoppage to the fight.

Harmon defeats Burrows via technical knockout at 12:02.

Luis Castillo vs Riven

Castillo throws a flying knee, but Riven stuffs it and wisely clinches. They break, and both swing for the fences, missing the mark. Castillo gets the sweep takedown and quickly takes the fight to the mat. Riven pulls guard, but Castillo stacks him. Riven looks for a triangle, but Castillo moves to side control. Riven claims one leg for half guard, and the pace slows. Castillo, though, starts to work elbow strikes. Riven tucks under his opponent to avoid the punishment. Castillo flattens him out, and Riven pulls him back into full guard. Riven tries to kick his way free, but Castillo swarms and then tags Riven with a knee and a kick on the way up. Castillo throws a straight right and then retreats to the center as Riven looks wobbly. Castillo throws a nice knee up the middle and another with Riven against the cage. Castillo throws a right and then a shin kick. Riven lands a nice combo, Castillo whiffs on a punch, and Riven takes his back and tries to roll with a leg. Castillo easily avoids it and takes top position only to have the action stall out.

After the break, Castillo clinches after ducking under a punch and then tags Riven with a spinning back elbow. Castillo throws an inside leg kick and a high kick and then sidesteps his opponent's advancement. They clinch, and Castillo works knees to the body. Riven throws overhand punches on the break but misses wide. Castillo lands a straight right and then a body punch. Riven tries to answer but doesn't have the reach. Castillo lands a straight left on Riven's low-kick attempt. Castillo chops away with low kicks. Riven tries one, and Castillo checks it, sends him to the mat, and rains down a couple quick punches. Castillo works from inside full guard. He drops a nice elbow and follows with a few more. Castillo frees a leg and drops more elbow strikes. Castillo attempts a leg-lock, but it's blocked as the action stalls out against the cage. They break yet again.   

Riven comes out swinging as Castillo goes with a head kick that Riven ducks under. Riven grabs a leg and drops to the mat, but Castillo easily escapes and then overpowers him to take top position. Castillo lands in side control. Castillo unloads some punches, and the shots are taking a toll. Castillo drops a solid right and then a left forearm. A series of elbows have Riven dazed, and he rolls to his knees and covers up. Castillo delivers a knee to the body. Riven gets up, but Castillo drops him with another knee, and the fight is over.

Castillo defeats Riven via technical knockout at 11:01.


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