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Unleashed 65
« on: November 23, 2011, 12:08:31 AM »
Madrid, Spain


Opening Fight
Sasha Brenshov vs Buffy Summers

Brenshov lands a jab from southpaw that bloodies the lips of the debuting Summers. She leaps in with a knee. Summers seems to be having trouble settling in the early going as Brenshov pushes in. Brenshov kicks low and Summers finally snaps into action, landing several blows to the body. Summers tags Brenshov with a crisp strike as she comes in with a low kick and drops her. Summers dives in with mounted punches. Brenshov somehow makes it through the initial rush, but an uppercut lands on the button, almost taking her head off. A flurry of shots follow before the referee can break up the fight.

Summers defeats Brenshov via technical knockout at 1:11.

Second Fight
Natalie Burrows vs Brody O'Connor

Burrows comes out strong, looking for the early takedown. O'Connor lands a few weak punches, but Burrows gets her takedown with ease. O'Connor starts trying to work his legs up, but Burrows does a great job of controlling them to push through and advance. She moves into mount with a slick transition up. O'Connor turns and rolls, nearly giving up his back. Instead, he rolls back and faces his mounted foe. Scramble after a few short punches, but Burrows is offering a firm base. O'Connor rolls again, and this time he's flattened out. Two minutes left, and Burrows is punching before they're separated. Burrows immediately takes the center and jabs. O'Connor kicks low a few times. O'Connor pushes forward, but his opponent lands a crisp two-punch combination and a knee. The referee wants to come in, but O'Connor buys himself a little time by scrambling. Unfortunately, he's not fully recovered, and another knee puts him out like a light.

Burrows defeats O'Connor via knockout at 3:02.

Third Fight
Sebastian Jungers vs Kincaid

Kincaid crawls forward and engages quickly but seems rather unintimidated as Jungers fires back in the pocket. Jungers kicks the thigh, but Kincaid snaps a front kick to the chin. He pushes in to offer more, but Jungers has already shaken off the impact and defends well. Jungers kicks to the body. Kincaid pushes forward, but Jungers is countering well. A knee to the body connects for Kincaid but Jungers sets up the arm-triangle choke from mount. He dismounts to finish, but it's not in properly, so he goes back to mount. Kincaid rolls and gets flattened out. Two minutes left, and Jungers is punching holes in Kincaid's head. He pulls the rear-naked choke under the neck and squeezes. Kincaid is stuck and must tap.

Jungers defeats Kincaid via submission at 2:04.

Riven vs Calypso

Calypso measures from a distance. Riven fires some hooks early and slips the counter. Takedown comes 30 seconds in. Calypso tries for a guillotine from her back. Riven pulls his head free and sets up in top position. Riven tries to control the neck as Calypso rises against the cage. Riven drives in from the outside. They scramble, and it's Calypso that surprises with the takedown. Riven doesn't stay there long. Clinch against the cage. Calypso pressing in, but Riven circles off and away. They reset and Calypso punches before she pushes in. Riven tries a knee, but Calypso feels it and dumps him to the floor. He pops right back up. Calypso tries to control the neck, but Riven dumps her on the floor and takes half-mount. A couple of hard punches come from the top. Calypso scrambles up, but Riven blasts her with a knee. Deadly bombs are traded when Calypso stands. Both score. Calypso drives in and throws a few punches as Riven shoots before the action stalls out.

Once again, Calypso moves in with punches right into a clinch that Riven takes to the floor. Calypso's down with an open guard. She closes it, but Riven does find room to posture and fire heavy shots. Big right hands connect, but Calypso gets to her feet. Riven tries to duck in for a takedown, but Calypso survives the first effort. Not so on the second move, and Riven is in half-mount. Halfway in, and Calypso turns to her knees, looking to stand. Calypso looks very, very tired, and she's bleeding. Riven drags her back and fires more punches to the head. Calypso scrambles for a choke and squeezes hard, but it's not there. The pair scrambles up, and there's a bleeding cut over the eye of Calypso. The crowd loves it as a backfist snaps her head back. Kicks traded, and Calypso punches right back. Riven shoots again, but Calypso defends. Still, Riven scrambles out and reverses the position. He's in mount, and he pummels the body and head. Calypso stands, Riven puts her on a knee and keeps right on pressing until Calypso is seated against the cage. She fires in a weak groin shot and eats a knee to the temple for her trouble. The fight is waved off before further damage can be done.

Riven defeats Calypso via technical knockout at 15:11.


Circuit Championship
Jackson vs Cormack O'Cahan

It takes little time for O'Cahan to land a kick to the cup, and the fight is off to a hell of a start. Jackson fires right back with an uppercut that bloodies the challenger's lip. O'Cahan lands an overhand right, sending Jackson to the floor. He follows with a series of quick punches, but Jackson rolls and recovers. O'Cahan switches to a choke and Jackson actually sweeps to top position, brining the crowd to life. O'Cahan stands, and Jackson presses in from the outside. Not a lot happening in the clinch, but Jackson does earn a trip. O'Cahan's up quickly and the crowd begs for knees. Jackson tries to drag the action down and nearly latches onto a choke. Instead, O'Cahan again scrambles back up to his feet. Another takedown does nothing for Jackson as O'Cahan holds onto an arm-in guillotine from the bottom briefly. He lets it go, and Jackson stands and kicks him in the body, forcing a break.

O'Cahan lands a few kidney punches before Jackson dances away, seeming a bit more cautious this time as he avoids the worst of the damage. They trade a few shots, but it's O'Cahan with the heavier shots. O'Cahan stalking, but he takes a Jackson low kick before moving into the clinch. O'Cahan turns for a drop, but Jackson feels and defends. He grabs from the back and works the action to the mat halfway into the round. Jackson on the back, and there's a figure-four around the waist. Jackson's working for the choke, trying to fall back on his wrestling skills, but O'Cahan is defending well. Jackson tries to squeeze the chin but there's nothing there. Jackson with a beautiful transition to an armbar, but he can't break the grip.

O'Cahan stalks again to open. He lands a few crisp punches early, and he's definitely looking to score with a power shot. Jackson ducks in for an arm drag and takes the fight to the floor, but O'Cahan immediately attacks the leg. Jackson returns fire with a kneebar, but neither secure their hold. Jackson lands a series of knees to the head in a clinch, and O'Cahan puts a hand down to stop the punishment. O'Cahan tries to drop to a guillotine. It's not there, so Jackson is able to pop his head out and set up on the top. Side control for Jackson and then he slams his elbow across the nose of O'Cahan, shattering the bone. O'Cahan tries to grab his arm, but Jackson steps over into mount. Despite the pain, O'Cahan is forced to roll again, and Jackson locks in the figure-four around the body and starts punching. He looks again for the choke. O'Cahan doesn't look like he'll escape. One minute remains, and O'Cahan does roll, but Jackson is firm on the back. O'Cahan alertly peels off the feet and spins out of the hold. But as soon as he moves down to attack, Jackson is there to reverse. One final scramble sees O'Cahan on top, and he connects with a stunning Superman punch that knocks Jackson out on his feet.

O'Cahan defeats Jackson via knockout at 18:08 to become the NEW Circuit Champion.
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