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Unleashed 66
« on: December 08, 2011, 04:15:39 PM »
Vienna, Austria


Opening Fight
Clayton Hughes vs Buffy Summers

Summers opens with kicks, but Hughes is right there to answer. Hughes rattles off three punches that almost obliterate his opponent. Battling back, Summers fires in three kicks but the offense is halted by a Superman punch. Hughes is super confident, and he lands a crisp left. Hughes continues to flurry and move. Summers tries to mix in some more kicks, but Hughes is faster and has the reach to stay out of range. Clearly suicidal, Summers dives in, eats a punch but still manages to clinch and trip the giant pugilist. Hughes lands on top, dropping in a few punches before breaking away. More combinations from Hughes on the restart. The left cheek of Summers is swelling. Summers gets in tight and tries to jump the back, but Hughes pulls away. Summers looks frustrated as she moves forward. Hughes moves away and forces Summers to come to him. She does and Hughes answers with more right-hand jabs. Summers goes down hard with a left hook and it's all over in an instant. 

Hughes defeats Summers via knockout at 6:02.

Second Fight
Natalie Burrows vs Luis Castillo

Early low kick for Burrows nails Castillo right in the groin. She seems shocked at the impact but Castillo shakes it off and returns fire, nailing Burrows in the back of the thigh with a kick. Burrows clinches up and pushes the action to the cage. Knees inside from Burrows. Nice battle for position inside, and Burrows tries to elevate. Castillo stays upright, and they break. Burrows continues to work the low kick. Castillo does the same but is floored by a big straight over the top. Burrows rushes to finish, but Castillo's on his feet and shaking the cobwebs. Burrows grabs a low kick and wrestles Castillo to the floor. Castillo defends well with his legs. Burrows doesn't find much room to strike after the sprawl. Burrows trying to pass the legs, but Castillo with very active hips and legs while keeping his foe away. Big right from Burrows in the closing seconds, but Castillo escapes to his feet.

Castillo pounces, but Burrows crawls back to her feet and looks to recover in the clinch. They break, but Burrows a little slower on attack. Another low kick for Burrows drives Castillo back. Burrows dives in, but Castillo is all over her with a slick combo. Castillo much better as we carry on. Burrows is still the one moving forward, but it's Castillo with the better timing. Big right hand just misses from Castillo. Burrows clinches up and moves against the cage, knowing that her best defense is to keep Castillo from striking. Nothing there, and they reset. Burrows kicks hard ot the body. The pace slows a bit, but both fighters are really throwing. Castillo seems to be getting the best of it but Burrows is still active with the body kicks.

Burrows continues those inside kicks, and Castillo ignores how close they are to the cup. Both fighters finding a home for kicks. The aggression of the opening moments of the fight seems to have stagnated as both fighters are getting tired. There's a brief punching exchange, and Burrows drops when one wild strike hits her right on the chin. The referee gives her every chance to recover, but it's not going to happen. Burrows fighting on instinct and trying to stand back up, grab a leg or anything, but she's clearly out, and Castillo is still punching when the referee intervenes.

Castillo defeats Burrows via technical knockout at 12:08.


Riven vs Colleen Harmon

Both fighters bouncing early. Riven misses a high kick but lands to the body and legs shortly after. A quick scramble sees both hit the deck but pop back up right away. Riven keeping the low kicks coming. Riven nails a knee strike to the midsection, and Harmon takes a quick break to get her breath back. Harmon ducks in for a takedown on the restart. Second effort sees the fight hit the deck. Riven tries to spin up, but Harmon presses him back down. Riven tries to snag a guillotine on his left side, but it's not there. He patiently adjusts, and it looks like it may be getting tight. Harmon tries to slam out. She can't, but she powers up to her feet, and Riven lets go. Riven's head is already bleeding a bit. Harmon fires a capoeira kick and smiles. This fight just got fun. Riven lands two big right hands. Harmon pushes in and tries to scoot to the back. Instead, it's Riven he scrambles into side control. Riven scissors the neck briefly but there's nothing there, so they scramble up.

On the reset, a right hand lands flush for Riven, giving him hope of turning the tide. Harmon swats him back, bloodying his mouth. He slips on a high kick and Harmon charges. Riven quickly answers as well, and the crowd is feeling this scrap. Just as they start to explode, Harmon ducks in and brings the fight to the floor. Riven works his left leg up and looks for an omo plata. Not there, and Harmon punches away when he's free. Riven scrambles to a knee, and Harmon looks for the back. Riven feels it and spins in. Harmon sets up a sloppy side choke in the transition but Riven wiggles free.

Riven comes out swinging but slips to the floor on a spinning strike that misses. He dives on for a leg, but Harmon falls directly on top of him. Crowd going crazy right now as the strikes start coming, smashing up Riven's nose with a lucky elbow strike. The blood starts to flow and Colleen rolls off Riven, kicking him in the ribs before allowing him a break. Riven slips on a few retaliation punches, and Harmon works a tight jab to back him off. Both fighters active, but Harmon's strikes tight and accurate. Riven kicks to the leg. Harmon fakes the jab and blasts Riven with an uppercut. He's down. Harmon wants to score it a walk-off, but she follows with a couple of punches to secure the result before the referee can stop the action.

Harmon defeats Riven via knockout at 18:05.


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