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Unleashed 67
« on: December 23, 2011, 01:10:04 AM »
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Opening Fight
Lisa Lyon vs Deirdre Calero

Calero gets the center early and ducks a few Lyon strikes. Calero kicks high but shoots immediately after and drives Lyon to the floor. Lyon turns to a knee and tries to scramble up, but Calero pulls the legs back out and stays on top. Lyon nearly made it up, but she's now in danger with Calero on top. Calero looks to be setting up a choke as Lyon scrambles. The D'arce looks firm, but Lyon's not going down that easily. Calero adjusts and continues to squeeze until Lyon has passed right out. 

Calero defeats Lyon via technical submission at 2:02.

Second Fight
Bruce McLeod vs Clayton Hughes

Hughes is already bloody before the fight begins as he is escorted to the ring by two Russians. They drop him inside the cage and McLeod immediately leaps in with a knee, mounting the body against the cage and pounding away. Already dead on his feet, Hughes doesn't fight back or attempt any sort of offense before McLeod knocks him to the floor with an uppercut.

McLeod defeats the corpse of Hughes via knockout at 0:56

Third Fight
Natalie Burrows vs Buffy Summers

Summers holds the center to open as Burrows circles left. Burrows utilizing her technical prowess early, but Summers seems more than willing to trade. Burrows jabs into a clinch and pushes Summers against the cage. Elbows traded inside. Summers pulls free and eats most of Burrows' punches before circling off. Burrows reverses again and finally scores a takedown after pressing the action across the cage. Summers spins and stands, allowing Burrows to return to her feet, as well. Summers goes on the attack, but she ducks right into a left hand. Burrows pushes in and controls against the cage again. Summers grabs the neck and tries to spin off. Burrows lands a few knees inside then continues to press in for a takedown that won't come. Burrows lands a stiff right hand and tries to secure the neck. Not there, but Burrows leaps in with a knee. Summers is having trouble settling into defensive posture as Burrows pushes in. Summers kicks low and lands a few lucky shots to the body. Burrows tags her with a crisp strike as she comes in with a low kick and is dropped.

Burrows is all over Summers with punches. Summers somehow makes it through the initial rush, but an uppercut lands on the button, making her stagger back. Burrows grabs a guillotine choke and drops to her back, leaving Summers no choice but to tap.

Burrows defeats Summers via submission at 9:08.

Headline Fight Fight Of The Night
Markus Reinhardt vs Jackson

Reinhardt comes out with the side kick. Jackson keeping distance early. Reinhardt moves in with a few punches inside before Jackson backs away, already looking battered. Jackson lands a right hand, and Reinhardt stumbles a bit but shakes it off and regroups in the center of the cage. Firing in deadly bombs he backs Jackson to the cage and misses on a devastating spinning strike. Jackson's wisely keeping his distance while he fires in his own combos. Jackson is definitely taking the worse of the damage in the exchange. Jackson ducks a telegraphed straight punch and gets in the worst possible position to eat a spinning backfist. He falls to a knee but gets back up. Reinhardt lands a spinning heel kick. Reinhardt's picking Jackson apart from distance. Jackson's eyes look fairly clear as he backs away, but he's already bleeding from a cut above his eye. Reinhardt is moving forward with confidence and kicks the body, driving Jackson back against the cage where he nails another side kick to the body. Jackson lands a punch inside, but he's having trouble with the distance as Reinhardt keeps slipping away. Reinhardt kicks Jackson in the sternum, driving the wind out of his sails and then punishing him with some hard strikes to the body. Jackson looks like he's trying to bait Reinhardt in and land the big shot, but Reinhardt backs off, loading up on kicks from distance. Jackson does sneak in a few punches, but Reinhardt controls the center and kicks the body again. Jackson returns fire, nailing a few inside knees and a sucker punch. He's not going away without a fight. Reinhardt looks fine but Jackson is a bloody mess, still pushing in. Big flurry from Jackson turns the tide for about ten seconds until Reinhardt smashes him in the temple with an elbow strike.

Jackson slips to the floor, a little off-balance. He eventually pops back up and sets up in the pocket. Reinhardt moves forward with a kick to the body and an axe kick. Jackson kicks the legs, but Reinhardt answers. The crowd is growing frenzied as both fighters trade vicious blows. Jackson in the center. Reinhardt backs him away. More punches traded. Stiff right from Jackson. Reinhardt kicks the body twice, leaving Jackson doubled over. Reinhardt doesn't look bad, but he seems to be slowing ever so slightly as he moves forward, aided in part by Jackson kicking the legs. A flurry from Jackson catches Reinhardt's attention, and a left lands flush. More rushing strikes from Jackson. Reinhardt kicks the chest, and his mouth is wide open. He bounces around to shake the legs out and pushes Jackson back with a kick to the chest. Jackson rushes forward with three punches and then drops Reinhardt with a big haymaker. Big knees connect as Reinhardt scrambles up. Jackson's clearly hunting for the finish. He backs away and resets. Big knee from Jackson, and he pounces with punches, hammering on Reinhardt's throat and chest as though he's trying to crush the man's windpipe. Reinhardt crumbles in the corner as Jackson leaps onto the cage and drives a knee into Reinhardt's face, finally drawing blood. Crowd goes nuts as the referee intervenes.

Jackson defeats Reinhardt via technical knockout at 19:45.


Riven vs Cormack O'Cahan

The main event kicks off in style with the two fighters starting off toe-to-toe. Riven fires first with a low kick but O'Cahan is full of energy as he avoids it. Riven kicks again and pushes into the clinch, connecting with some knees inside. O'Cahan reaches down for a leg, but Riven pulls away. Big shots are traded, and Riven looks a bit wobbled. O'Cahan lands a kick to the groin for a brief stoppage of action as Riven crumples to the floor. On the restart, Riven lands a few punches. More punches are traded, and Riven is bleeding early as he pushes in from the clinch again, still firing deadly blows. Knees and punches connect for both men on the inside. O'Cahan looks for the trip, but Riven defends well and looks to capitalize. He does, but O'Cahan is right there to return fire. This is more a street fight brawl than a sanctioned fight, but neither man seems to mind. More clinch work, but O'Cahan lands a combination of punches when they break. O'Cahan pushes Riven to the floor and moves into side control. Riven flat on his back. O'Cahan hooks the leg, cradling Riven and holding him down. He passes to mount, and O'Cahan goes to work with punches. Riven rolls and defends. Still right there on top, O'Cahan smashes an elbow into Riven's face as he tries to scramble.

The break but O'Cahan comes out firing on all cylinders and again Riven is right there to answer. O'Cahan switches stances over and over and slides around to the back when Riven looks to move in. O'Cahan drops for a single leg and gets it. He's in half-mount and starts looking for a kimura. O'Cahan pulls the left leg free and gets to side control. O'Cahan looking to secure a crucifix from the top, and he's also looking to attack the right arm. He gets into a north-south position briefly and then transitions back to side control. Halfway in, and O'Cahan is in complete control. O'Cahan has the neck briefly, but he lets it go in favor of more punches to the head. O'Cahan finally steps over and pins the arm in a crucifix, but he pulls it right back. O'Cahan just smothering from the top. O'Cahan tries to lock in a guillotine and pass to mount. Riven feels it and defends well, but he's still stuck on the bottom. O'Cahan switches over to half-mount and then looks to set up an arm-triangle choke. Not there.

Riven desperately needs a finish. He looks to kick, and O'Cahan easily steps around to the back and scores a trip. It works, but Riven pops up. O'Cahan stays tied to the body and puts him back down again. Riven settles onto his back. O'Cahan's in half-mount. Side control now, then north-south. A couple of boos start raining down from the crowd, but O'Cahan continues to cradle from side control as he looks for a potential choke attempt. O'Cahan with a few short elbows before looking to step into a crucifix while he continues to grind away on the top. Punches, short elbows and complete domination in position leave Riven without an exit strategy. O'Cahan is basically smothering him and raining down blows, elbowing the body. Riven tries to buck and roll, but O'Cahan is heavy on top. He fires a one-two, and the right hand is flush behind the ear of Riven. The lights dim as Riven slumps to the floor and the referee steps in and calls it before more damage can be done. 

O'Cahan defeats Riven via technical knockout at 23:01.


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