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Unleashed 68
« on: January 15, 2012, 05:33:53 AM »
Nassau, The Bahamas


Opening Fight
Sebastian Jungers vs Rachel Jackson

Jungers seems quite cocky as he circles, but refuses to take the first shot. Jackson comes in hard with a nice front kick, and Jungers clinches up but can't hold. Jungers eats a stiff jab as he tries to move in, and he's immediately staggered. Jackson rushes in to finish with a flurry of punches and then slips around behind Jungers, catching his head and dropping down to the floor. The impact of his neck against the back of Jackson's head shatters his spine on contact. Jungers is dead but Jackson rolls aside and starts smashing his head repeatedly off the concrete floor until there's nothing left but a bloody pile of meat that vaguely resembles a human.

Jackson defeats Jungers via death at 1:34.

Second Fight
Buffy Summers vs Bruce McLeod

Summers starts off the fight with a vengeance, nailing McLeod with a stunning flash kick. McLeod manages the reach well and lands a few deadly lefts. A startlingly fast takedown connects for McLeod. Summers scrambles to her feet, but she's bleeding, and McLeod just takes her down yet again. Summers won't stay there. She gets some distance, and nails McLeod with an upkick to the sternum. McLeod staggers back, sucking wind. Summers lands a heavy shot to the body, but McLeod just pulls her to the floor yet again. Summers was showing life for a moment, but she's in trouble from this position. McLeod on the side, and he locks in an arm-triangle choke. Summers defends it well, and McLeod jumps back into mount. Elbows from McLeod, and it looks like the armbar is there. Summers shifts, but McLeod starts pouring on the damage. Thunderous shots coming from the top. Summers crumples to the canvas, and the punches echo through the building as McLeod unleashes a flurry of shots that leave her out cold.

McLeod defeats the Summers via knockout at 3:17.

Third Fight
Luis Castillo vs Colleen Harmon

Castillo opens with a high kick that's blocked. He shoots in and scores a sweep to the floor. Harmon scrambles up to her feet, but Castillo remains attached to the body. He drags Harmon to the floor again. Harmon uses the cage to rise, but Castillo is relentless. Castillo snags a guillotine choke and drops to the floor, rolling over to top position. It's not there, but he's on top and wailing away with punches. Harmon rolls to avoid damage and fires in a wild elbow that busts Castillo open over the eye. Castillo takes the back and keeps punching away. Harmon rolls to her back, and Castillo lands stiff right hand, bleeding all over her face. Somehow Harmon scrambles back up to her feet, clinches up and scores with a hip toss before moving immediately to mount. She drops a few bombs before she swings out for the armbar. She's in position, but Castillo keeps his hands clinched. Harmon's scoring with punches while she remains in the armbar position but finally lets go and punches away at a bloody Castillo before the referee forces a break.

Castillo comes in hard and tries to drag Harmon to the floor. She resists and trips Castillo, pulling the fight to the floor and immediately taking half-mount. She postures, and Castillo tries to threaten the leg, but it's not there. Harmon pulls free and pushes back into top position. She gets mount and then jumps off for a choke. It's a little ill-advised, and Castillo is ready for it, eventually scrambling to top position. It doesn't help, and Harmon scrambles up and goes back on the attack. Harmon's breathing heavily as she moves forward, but she lands another outside trip. Castillo's immediately to the cage and stands, but he's clearly feeling the fatigue now as the blood continues to pour down his face.  Two stiff punches from Harmon, and Castillo is showing incredible heart, but he's falling behind. Another toss from Harmon, and she's firmly in side control. Castillo misses a few punches. Harmon uncorks a huge left hand and Castillo crumples to the canvas. Harmon lands one more for good measure but it's all over.

Harmon defeats Castillo via knockout at 11:18.

Headline Fight Fight Of The Night
Riven vs Jackson

Jackson flips Riven off as the fight starts and then rushes forward, looking to brawl. Riven evades the initial rush and tries to tie up Jackson against the cage. They break apart and both land solid punches. Jackson throws a kick to the leg. Riven's standing his ground and firing shots in the pocket. Jackson settling down, but Riven is getting the best of the early exchanges. Riven's working the body inside and using a crisp jab on the outside. Jackson retreats and kicks the leg, but he's having trouble early on. Riven continues to land with a lead right. Jackson works in a knee and kicks the leg, but Riven is controlling the pace of this fight. Jackson thinks takedown, but he telegraphs it and it's not there. Jackson just misses a high kick and slips to the floor. He's back up quickl, but he's already bleeding— a testament to Riven's excellent work on his feet. Jackson moves into the clinch but he can't get anything to come of it.

They break apart and this time Riven goes on the attack. Jackson has some spring in his step. Riven slips to the floor, but Jackson doesn't follow. Riven into the clinch, and he slides quickly around to the back. Jackson pulls free. Jackso's still showing signs of life, but Riven's firmly in control. Jackson sweeps the legs and Riven hits the deck. He pops back up and punches again. Riven staggers Jackson, but he retreats and answers. Back and forth brawling ensues with Riven's boxing continuing to be the most effective tool. An elbow from Riven lands. Jackson sweeps Riven to the floor again. Riven pops up and staggers Jackson with a shot. Blood's covering Jackson's face now and Riven is still pushing in.

Jackson returns to the kicks and hits the body and the legs. Riven working combinations to the head and body. Jackson with another sweep, but he refuses to follow to the floor. Jackson connects with a wicked uppercut followed by a knee to the body. Riven is firing right back and while Jackson is answering in the pocket, Riven is simply overwhelming him with volume. Another sweep to the floor for Jackson, but he doesn't seem to want to resort to his usual ground and pound. Jackson just misses a high kick. Jackson's looking for a way to put his opponent away, but it's Riven walking forward. Leaping knee misses for Jackson. Riven lands four clean punches that put Jackson down, busted wide open.

Riven defeats Jackson via technical knockout at 12:45.


Markus Reinhardt vs Cormack O'Cahan

O'Cahan seems a bit more cagey than usual, trying to keep distance. O'Cahan fakes a few kicks to feel out Reinhardt's movement before he shoots in and works the fight to the floor. Reinhardt immediately fires back and spears O'Cahan into the cage. Reinhardt slams a few punches into O'Cahan's face before he can break free. O'Cahan kicks high, but it's blocked as Reinhardt catches his leg and uses it to toss him to the floor. A sick flurry of mounted punches follows before O'Cahan rolls away. Back to their feet, they clinch up, and there's some scrambling for position. O'Cahan baits Reinhardt, with his hands wide and low and then misses a takedown. Reinhardt is pushing forward, landing more blows but O'Cahan is answering back just as quickly. O'Cahan stumbles after eating a shot to the temple. He's elusive, but he's not landing much.

Despite stumbling, O'Cahan scores a takedown, but Reinhardt easily shucks it off and gets back to his feet. Reinhardt lands a nice leg kick. He continues to be the aggressor, but O'Cahan's managing to avoid the worst of his deadly blows. They clinch against the cage with O'Cahan pushing in from the outside. Nothing there, so he pulls away. O'Cahan looks again for a takedown, but Reinhardt sweeps to top and decides against working on the floor, allowing his opponent to get back up. O'Cahan again looks for a takedown, knowing the only way he's going to stay in the fight is to keep Reinhardt smothered on the floor. Not there, and Reinhardt rushes forward to attack when they break. Stiff jab sees O'Cahan hit the deck. Reinhardt stays on him with knees and punches. O'Cahan is able to tie things up and avoid any further damage. O'Cahan pulls away, and his face shows the wear of Reinhardt's work. O'Cahan looks hard for a takedown that won't come while Reinhardt is remaining strong in the clinch.

He sweeps O'Cahan to the deck but elects not to follow. O'Cahan jumps up and Reinhardt nails him with a kick to the body. He moves in again, and O'Cahan ducks under for the takedown. He scrambles to the cage, but O'Cahan is able to get a hook in. O'Cahan looks immediately for the choke, but he's too far to the side to hit it. Reinhardt spins and works to the feet after a tense moment. He spins off the cage and works inside, nailing a few back elbows that give him room. O'Cahan scores an elbow, but he looks again for a takedown and is able to work to the back. Reinhardt spins away from danger, but O'Cahan is right on top of him. Reinhardt has absolutely no room to breathe. They finally do separate. O'Cahan shoots in, but he looks exhausted, and he eats a knee on the way in. Reinhardt pummels the body inside. They separate, and Reinhardt lands a high kick and another knee inside. O'Cahan is exhausted, and Reinhardt is pushing in the closing seconds. The two fighters charge and O'Cahan ducks under what would have been a killshot punch, nailing a one-two combo that snaps Reinhardt's head back. He falls back so hard the cage behind him gives way, spilling him to the floor in a tangle of chickenwire.

O'Cahan defeats Reinhardt via technical knockout at 20:16.


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