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Unleashed 69
« on: January 31, 2012, 02:34:08 AM »
Tijuana, Mexico


Opening Fight
Buffy Summers vs Rex Cassidy

Summers presses forward as Cassidy defends the opening punches. Cassidy slips on a punch and Summers capitalizes, working into the clinch. The two trade knees before pulling away. Summers looks very relaxed as the two trade in the pocket. Summers lands a clean right hand up the middle. Knee scores on the chin, and Cassidy is hurt. The second one lands, and Cassidy hits the deck. Summers pounces with punches, and that's the fight.

Summers defeats Cassidy via knockout at 0:34.

Second Fight Fight of the Night
Riven vs Rachel Jackson

Riven's in the center to open, and he immediately looks for a takedown. Jackson scrambles well and pulls away. Riven's high kick glances over Jackson's head. The fired up Riven is jabbing well to open, but Jackson is answering with sharp kicks to the legs. Diving takedown for Riven, but Jackson quickly sweeps and escapes. Jackson chopping the legs. Riven still working the jab. Crisp punches are traded up top. Riven telegraphs a takedown but pulls away. He tries again and is kneed in the gut. Crisp combination from Jackson. Riven goes to the low kicks but a crisp kick from Jackson keeps him at bay.

Both fighters look ready to unload as they circle. Jackson's starting to mix in straight punches with her chopping kicks. Riven pushes into the clinch but can't get the fight to the floor. Jackson punches the body and again kicks the legs. Riven's checking his shots to some degree and his mobility still looks fine. Jackson's moving backward, looking to counter. The pace seems to be slowing, but both fighters are finding success in spurts. Two minutes remain. Riven attempts a few flashy kicks that are blocked. Takedown for Riven, but Jackson refuses to stay on the floor. She pops up instantly and pulls away. Jackson's output seems to be lessening, but she does land a crisp right hand over the top.

The two again meet in the center and trade punches and kicks. Riven has been unable to get the fight to the floor and is being picked apart by his opponent's powerful and speedy strikes. Riven tries again for a takedown that won't come, and even when the fight has hit the floor, Riven has been unable to hold her down. A spinning heel kick from Jackson shocks Riven, and he is out before he hits the floor.

Jackson defeats the Riven via knockout at 10:17.

Headline Fight
Deirdre Calero vs Markus Reinhardt

Reinhardt's already stalking and fakes a few punches but doesn't pull the trigger. The opening moments of the fight pass with no action. Calero has a right hand blocked and flicks in a jab. Reinhardt shoots for a takedown. Big slam to side control, but Calero works quickly to her knees and then feet. Reinhardt retakes the center as Calero measures him from distance, slips an early punch and lands a knee to a ducking Reinhardt. He unloads a barrage of right hands and hammerfists in reply. Calero does briefly try and scramble up, but she is done. Reinhardt keeps the body locked and is able to bring it back to the floor. Reinhardt is in half-mount. Calero again gets to a knee, but Reinhardt leaps over to her back and works in a rear-naked coke. It looks deep, but Reinhardt needs to adjust his position. Calero tries to use the cage to prevent the move, but no dice. Choke is in, and Calero taps.

Reinhardt defeats Calero via submission at 6:02.


Luis Castillo vs Jackson

Castillo opens with a high kick that's blocked. He shoots in and scores a sweep to the floor. Jackson scrambles up to his feet, but Castillo remains attached to the body. He drags Jackson to the floor again. Jackson uses the cage to rise, but Castillo is relentless. Castillo snags a guillotine choke and drops to the floor, rolling over to top position. It's not there, but he's on top and wailing away with punches. Jackson rolls to avoid damage and nails a back elbow to the face. Castillo takes the back and keeps punching away. Jackson seems to have been overwhelmed from the start. Jackson rolls to his back, and Castillo lands a stiff right hand. Somehow, Jackson scrambles back up to his feet. Castillo clinches up and scores with a hip toss before moving immediately to mount. Castillo swings out for the armbar. He's in position, but Jackson keeps his hands clinched. Castillo's raining down punches scoring damage while he remains in the armbar position. Castillo lets go and punches away at a bloody Jackson.

He postures, and Jackson tries to threaten the leg, but it's not there. Castillo pulls free and pushes back into top position. He gets mount and then jumps off for a choke. It's a little ill-advised, and Jackson eventually scrambles to top position. It doesn't help, and Castillo scrambles up and goes back on the attack. Halfway mark. Castillo breathing heavily as he moves forward, but he lands another outside trip. Jackson gets immediately to the cage and stands, but he has been on defense throughout this fight. Two stiff punches from Castillo, and Jackson is showing incredible stamina in refusing to quit, but he's falling behind. Another toss from Castillo, and he's in side control. Castillo looks for options, but Jackson is staying tough. Jackson finds his way back to the feet and they break apart.

Jackson's in need of a finish, and he's pawing the jabs, doing little damage. He's moving forward, but Castillo managing the reach well and lands a few counter lefts. Another takedown for Castillo. Jackson again scrambles to his feet, but he's bleeding profusely, and Castillo just takes him down yet again. Jackson won't stay there. He gets some distance, and Castillo's sucking wind from the effort of smothering and pummeling his opponent. Jackson lands a heavy shot to the body, but Castillo just pulls him to the floor yet again. Jackson's in trouble from this position. Castillo on the side, and he locks in an arm-triangle choke. Jackson defends it well, and Castillo jumps back into mount. Elbows from Castillo, and it looks like the armbar is there. Jackson shifts, but Castillo starts pouring on the damage. Thunderous shots coming from the top. Jackson's head is on the canvas, and the punches echo through the building as the blood spatters. There's no fight left in Jackson as the referee intervenes and stops the bloodbath.

Castillo defeats Jackson via technical knockout at 21:01.


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