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Unleashed 70
« on: February 13, 2012, 11:45:10 PM »
Sydney, Australia


Opening Fight
Buffy Summers vs Cameron Thomas

Thomas opens with a kick to the body. He's got a wide kickboxing stance as Summers backs up into the cage. Thomas fires in with a kick to the leg. Summers tried to bullrush in for a takedown, but Thomas backs away with ease. A spinning kick lands flush for Thomas. Summers is doing nothing to answer back to each targeted blow that Thomas is throwing. Thomas switches stances. Punches land followed by a slapping high kick to the chin. Summers hits the floor, and that's it. She's out cold.

Thomas defeats Summers via knockout at 3:01.

Second Fight
Riven vs Kaitlyn Moore

Moore starts off her debut fight in good form, holding the center as Riven works from outside. Both score early, though Moore clinches up after dodging a deadly Riven combo. Riven circles off and pushes in with knees and an overhook. Moore transitions to a clinch and lands a knee before Riven pulls away. Back-and-forth early, and Moore scores a takedown. Riven pulls right back up, but Moore stays right against the cage, not giving him the space he needs to make an impact. Riven again circles off and drives in an elbow. Moore score a slick trip and a knee as Riven rises, putting him down with a few punching combos. Moore scores up top with a few good rights before they break apart. Moore continues dominating Riven with stunning kicks to the body. Riven returns fire, barely able to counter Moore as he spins her around. Moore catches a low kick and punishes Riven up top. Riven's finally finding a home for his jab but it's too little, too late. Moore nails a right hook to the ear that staggers Riven. Moore sees it and lights him up with another, this one from the left. Riven hits the deck. Moore pounces to finish, and it doesn't take much. Fight's over, and Riven is busted wide open above the eye.

Moore defeats Riven via knockout at 8:02.

Headline Fight
Alex Collins vs Natalie Burrows

Collins takes the center and presses in for a takedown right from the start. Burrows remains upright against the cage, and they trade punches inside. Collins keeps pressing in and throws a few knees to the leg. Burrows tries to pull free. She can't, and Collins continues to grind way. Crowd doesn't like the clinch, and they do break. Collins lands a jab, ties it up again but still can't get the takedwn. They trade in the center, and both land. Collins nails a stiff jab. Burrows goes for a high kick that's blocked. Burrows flashes some quick hands but comes up short. Collins slips a punch and eats a kick to the face courtesy of Burrows. Collins can't complete the takedown so he gives up.

Burrows pulls away and she's looking to trade shots but Collins lands the jab first. Collins is already busted open over an eye and Burrows is still stalking. She lands a knee, but it's not flush. Both fighters seem well-matched. Collins is pushing and still trying to grind away in his favored style, resorting to the takedown only when the strikes fail. This time it's Burrows who shoots in on the restart and gets the takedown.Collins wiggles and tries to pull free. Burrows simply ties up the legs, preventing his escape. Collins finally manages to escape to his feet and they immediately moved into a clinch. Burrows lands an elbow inside. They break, and Burrows continues to control the center while firing off punches. They clinch up again. Both fighters are having their moments. Jab for Collins. Lead left for Collins, but his right eye is closing. Burrows shoots in, but it's another stalemate and they restart. Collins comes in with a jab. Big punches traded and then Burrows nails Collins in the bridge of the nose with a palm strike, shattering the bone. Collins wavers and then goes down hard as the referee intervenes to stop the fight.

Burrows defeats Collins via technical knockout at 8:11.


Cormack O'Cahan vs Colleen Harmon

Harmon opens with low kicks as O'Cahan stalks. He just misses a knee and continues to kick. O'Cahan slips and staggers to the ground, and Harmon immediately takes the back, latching on and refusing to let go. O'Cahan manages to control an arm and gets to his feet. Harmon holds a clinch against the cage and starts driving in knees. O'Cahan circles off and presses in, and there's already blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. More big knees from Harmon. O'Cahan's absorbing them, but they must be taking a toll. O'Cahan works to the outside and is pressing in. When O'Cahan pulls away, you can see the blood all over his face. The low kicks from Harmon keep coming. O'Cahan is walking her down, and he catches a kick and finally drops Harmon. Harmon looks happy to invite him on top as O'Cahan goes to the floor and avoids a submission. He stands, and Harmon tries to attack the legs. The crowd cheers the brief comeback for The Circuit Champion before he backs away and lets Harmon up. She misses a spinning heel kick and O'Cahan circles away for another reset.

Another leg kick lands for Harmon before another knee topples O'Cahan. He pops right back up and stalks again. A low kick from O'Cahan catches her in the knee, staggering her but Harmon presses forward only to get caught with a left. Harmon goes on the attack but doesn't land anything clean. Harmon comes in with more knees; O'Cahan's face is a bloody mess, and he's breathing deep. Still, he's moving forward. Harmon's chopping away with the low kicks. O'Cahan is still landing the occasional punch, but Harmon is responding well. O'Cahan's still looking to land a big right, but Harmon is still working low kicks and knees as she moves away and picks her spots. O'Cahan's showing heart and courage, but he's not doing much to turn the tide of the fight. Harmon kicks the body. O'Cahan wobbles Harmon but can't catch her to follow up.

Harmon shoots into a standing guillotine, but O'Cahan can't get the angle. He lets go, and Harmon again attacks with knees and kicks. O'Cahan presses in from the outside as they clinch against the cage. Harmon transitions to a clinch and knees. O'Cahan is running on fumes. Harmon is still lighting him up. Kicks are coming now to the head and body and Harmon is relentless in the assault. O'Cahan's loading up on his right hand, but he can't land it. High kick from Harmon glances over the top. Harmon is putting on a clinching clinic, keeping her opponent right where she wants him. O'Cahan wants the big right, but Harmon slips it every time. Harmon fires straight punches, and O'Cahan somehow remains upright but he's like a zombie shambling towards Harmon. She nails him with an elbow strike to the temple and he spins into the cage and crumples to the floor, out like a light.

Harmon defeats O'Cahan via knockout at 12:13.


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