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Unleashed 71
« on: February 29, 2012, 01:04:39 AM »
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Opening Fight
Kaitlyn Moore vs Deirdre Calero

Both paw jabs before Moore unloads two nice punches to open up the fight. Calero answers right back with a shot of her own, wobbling Moore who quickly counters and puts Calero on the mat. She works in from full guard, drops a few punches from the top, but Calero pulls her close. Calero gets through more punches, including a surprising series of hammerfists. Moore creates some distance with elbows, but the referee calls for a standup. Moore waits to counter with another left and then dips and wraps the hips. Calero stays upright and looks for a guillotine as she falls to the mat. Moore works from half guard, but her head is still trapped. She's out of danger with the choke, and Calero finally gives up on it. Calero works from the top and postures up for some punches. Calero looks for a high guard, but Moore gets through another punch. Moore mixes in a few more punches before Calero lands a stiff counter right hand. She works a few low kicks as well and looks a little more comfortable. Moore fires back but Calero lands a vicious right to the chin, and Moore crumples to the floor, out cold.

Calero defeats Moore via knockout at 5:02.

Second Fight
Riven vs Bruce McLeod

McLeod connects with the first shot in the center, landing a nice left hand. He shoots in, and Riven briefly turns his back but remains upright. Shots traded in the clinch, and they break. McLeod's finding a home for his straight punches. Riven returns fire but doesn't really seem to be committing. McLeod shoots again, but Riven easily defends. Riven slips on a missed punch, but McLeod can't pounce quick enough to capitalize. Riven lands a wild hook and then nails some kicks the body as he counters McLeod's strikes against the cage. Riven throws to the body but hits the deck when he eats a counter right. McLeod jumps on him and locks in a triangle choke from the back. Riven breaks away and starts firing bombs. He catches McLeod, who looks hurt briefly but shoots in and gets a takedown. Riven's up quickly, had he starts blasting away again. There seems to be a sense of urgency as Riven continues teeing off with big punches and knees. McLeod is hurt and pushing forward on heart, but he can't combat that huge momentum shift. They move into the clinch, and McLeod turtles on the floor in a scramble. Riven's dropping deadly right hands. McLeod's covering fairly well, but he's not answering back to the referee's calls. That's it— a comeback win for Riven, and crowd loves it.

Riven defeats McLeod via technical knockout at 5:55.

Headline Fight Fight Of The Night
Natalie Burrows vs Natalya Demidov

Demidov starts off with a low kick to the knee, but Burrows shakes it off and carries on. Demidov lands a jab as Burrows backs away. Demidov's bouncing, looking ready to unleash. Burrows slips in and lands a nice right hand, keeping a level head as she circles in for an attack. She lands another lead right and has certainly caught Demidov's attention. Demidov scores with a left. Burrows answers right back with a stiff left and then follows with a right. A high kick connects for Burrows and the two women are back to trading straight punches. Another high kick lands true for Burrows. Demidov's eye looks a little swollen and she eats another straight shot. Demidov answers back with a decent right, but Burrows looks very calm and comfortable as she circles away.

Burrows resets and goes right to work with the jab. Demidov is leaping a bit, looking to mix things up, but Burrows is picking her apart. They clinch, and Burrows wraps the body against the cage. Burrows earns a trip, but Demidov snags the neck as she falls. Burrows looks uncomfortable in the hold. Demidov's trying to advance to side control but Burrows is right up against the cage and she's holding tight. Demidov isolates the left arm and tries to secure a kimura, stepping over into a mount. There's no room for the submission, so Demidov unleashes a barrage of punches. Burrows bucks, rolls and survives as the two break apart.

Demidov moves forward and lands a hard straight punch. Her follow-up high kick just misses, but more punches follow as she gets Burrows cornered against the cage, using her reach to her advantage. Burrows looks like she's in trouble despite her early dominance. Demidov swarms and lands a pair of massive uppercuts. Burrows hits the deck, and Demidov pounces with more punches. The referee gives Burrows an opportunity to recover, but it's not happening. Incredible comeback win for Demidov.

Demidov defeats Burrows via knockout at 11:03.


Alex Collins vs Luis Castillo

Castillo comes put punching, as does Collins, who tries to latch onto an arm and bring the fight to the floor. Castillo backs away and resets. Collins dives in for a leg, and Castillo bounces back to the cage, defending wall before he circles off and pushes away. Collins looks somewhat frustrated as he dives for a takedown only to have Castillo fling him aside. Collins answers with a stiff right, but Castillo fires right back. Collins continues to dive for takedowns that won't come. He finally manages to trip Castillo by the ankle, but he pops right back up. Collins presses in and works to the back. Castillo grabs the cage briefly to defend but Collins jerks him back so hard that the cage bends with them as they fall. The referee forces them to break and restart standing.

The two collide in the middle of the circle, exchanging a flurry of blows that seems to slightly favor Castillo. Collins continues to press for a takedown that just won't come as Castillo keeps stuffing his attempts. Both content to strike it out and both are landing in spurts. Collins is giving up on the wrestling, resorting to mixing in some kicks to the body, but neither has really hurt the other just yet. Castillo comes in with a stiff outside leg kick. He tries to grab a leg and score with a trip, but Collins pulls away. Traded right hands and Collins takes the worst of the damage right in the face, ending up with a bleeding nose. Collins moves in and is tripped to the floor, but Castillo still can't keep him there. Collins scrambles up, and they clinch against the cage. Collins slips around to the back, but can't get anything from it as he eats a back elbow to the face when he tries for a takedown.

Collins goes to the body after the reset. A crisp jab scores flush for Collins. He's got range now with punches and kicks. He tries a Thai clinch, but Castillo slips away. Castillo is slowing a bit, but he does seem to still have enough wits to defend against the next takedown attempt. Collins kicks more to the legs and body. He dives again for a takedown that won't come, but he ties the legs and drags Castillo off the cage. It doesn't last, and Castillo rises against the cage. Collins maintains the bodylock. Castillo spins off the cage and Collins finally gets his takedown on the restart. He gets the back and works hard for the choke, finally getting his hooks in and getting the submission when Castillo fails to respond.

Collins defeats Castillo via submission at 13:01.


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