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Unleashed 72
« on: March 14, 2012, 02:34:16 AM »
Saint Petersburg, Russia


Opening Fight
Natalie Burrows vs Kaitlyn Moore

Moore holds the center to open as Burrows circles left. Burrows is utilizing her reach early, but Moore seems more than willing to trade shots. Burrows jabs into a clinch and pushes Moore against the cage. Elbows traded inside. Moore pulls free and slips most of Burrows' punches before circling off. Burrows reverses again and finally scores a takedown after pressing the action across the cage. Moore spins and stands, and she allows Burrows to return to her feet as well. Moore goes on the attack, but she ducks right into a deadly left hand. Burrows pushes in and controls against the cage again. Moore grabs the neck and tries to spin off. Burrows lands a few knees inside but Moore manages to avoid the worst of the damage. Burrows continues to press in for a takedown that won't come. Burrows lands a stiff right hand and tries to secure the neck as the action stalls out.  They restart and Burrows grabs a guillotine choke, dropping to her back. Burrows figure-fours around the body and squeezes tight. Moore is stuck. She's fighting like hell to get free, but Burrows' grip looks very tight. She continues to squeeze, and Moore has no choice but to tap.

Burrows defeats Moore via submission at 6:12.

Second Fight Fight of the Night
Colleen Harmon vs Alex Collins

Collins looks angry as he moves forward and kicks low. Harmon is keeping her distance, and Collins is firing the jab. A high kick just misses for Harmon. Collins counters on top of a low kick. Harmon misses a big overhand right and Collins lands a straight. Collins blocks a left and lands a big right. Harmon staying controlled as Collins pushes forward. Collins trips Harmon with a low kick. Right hand lands for Collins. Collins has his right hand tight to his chin. Harmon leaps forward with a few knees and tries for a takedown against the cage. Harmon nails the crotch of her opponent as she tries to trip Collins to the floor. Collins tries to wrap the neck against the cage, but it's not there. Collins lands a few punches to the body and tries to lock a kimura. He lies out to extend, but Harmon defends well. They break away, and Collins flurries. Stiff right lands and the break apart.

Collins regroups and comes back with a body kick that's blocked. Harmon misses with a big overhand. Collins snaps a front kick up the middle. Harmon still trying to navigate the reach. Collins just misses a power high kick but lands a stiff jab. Harmon times an attack, ducks for the takedown and moves the fight to the floor. Collins is on his back but throws rapid elbows to the head to defend. Collins switches to a butterfly guard and is now punching from the floor as Harmon steps into half-mount and then side control. Collins spins and works back to his feet. Harmon defends against the cage in the clinch. Collins starts driving knees into the gut but Harmon grabs his neck and tries to land a choke. Collins pulls free and delivers more knees. Harmon grabs a Thai clinch, but Collins just punches to the body until she gives up.

Harmon pushes in from distance and staggers  Collins back with some hard punches. She kicks the legs and follows to the body, looking very comfortable. Collins is moving side to side, firing counters but most of them are missing the mark. Harmon clinches up, but Collins easily turns her around and into the cage. Harmon manages to reverse and drives some punches and knees to the body. A shoulder strike connects for Harmon but Collins finally pulls free. Harmon jabs and flashes a front kick while Collins misses with a huge uppercut. He's looking for a one-punch finish but Harmon just won't quit. Collins grabs her for a clinch and Harmon lands a stiff knee to the chin. Collins falls back and Harmon pulls free from his grasp while the crowd asks for a big finish. Obliging, Harmon punts Collins in the face, making sure that he won't get back up.

Harmon defeats Collins via knockout at 12:12.

Headline Fight
Riven vs Natalya Demidov

Riven grabs the center. Demidov circles left as the two measure each other up. Demidov fires a few kicks to varying levels, and they each fire off a few punches. Both look explosive early. Riven holds the center, but Demidov won't give him a stationary target. Riven shoots in and brings it to the floor. Demidov tries to elevate him and sweep, but Riven stays on top. Demidov scrambles to her feet and away. Riven punches, shoots and punches again, clipping Demidov briefly. Demidov recovers and moves into another takedown attempt. Demidov defends and lands a right hand. Punching pace picking up from both fighters. Demidov keeps moving side to side, and she ducks a punch and drives in on a takedown. Demidov pulls away after missing the takedown only land a left over the top and move into the clinch. Riven just spins off the cage and presses in from the outside. Riven's looking for the takedown, but Demidov pushes free with the underhook. Riven lands flush and wobbles Demidov. Demidov retreats against the cage, but Riven is blasting away on the outside. Blood is coming from the right ear, and she's standing on extremely shaky legs. Demidov doesn't look like she's in good shape, but she's still moving forward.

Riven is firm in the center and stalking. Demidov leaps in with a knee to the body. Riven comes up short on a takedown, and Demidov still looks to press. Demidov kicks the leg. Riven misses another takedown and is short on a punch over the top. Demidov lands, but Riven's right there to answer. Demidov comes in winging big punches, but Riven answers right back, doing more damage. Riven ducks under and drives in, and that could be key in a close fight. Demidov has guard underneath as Riven walks her to the cage. Demidov scrambles and stands. Demidov swings to the outside and tries for a single leg takedown. Riven circles off and controls from the outside. Demidov now circles off and drives in, right into a knee to the temple that puts her out like a light.

Riven defeats Demidov via knockout at 9:07.


Circuit Championship
Cormack O'Cahan vs Markus Reinhardt

O'Cahan comes out with the side kick, looking to take advantage early but Reinhardt keeps his distance. O'Cahan moves in with a few punches inside before Reinhardt backs away. Reinhardt lands a right hand, and O'Cahan stumbles a bit. O'Cahan's patient in the center of the cage, picking his spots. He backs Reinhardt to the cage and misses on a spinning strike. Reinhardt's keeping his distance and looking to load up on right hands. Reinhardt ducks into a spinning backfist, eating the strike. He falls to a knee and as O'Cahan comes in for another strike, punches him in the groin. O'Cahan staggers back as Reinhardt lands a few hard strikes, driving him back towards the cage. A spinning heel kick connects for the champion but Reinhardt shakes it off as he backs away. O'Cahan's moving forward with confidence and kicks the body. Another side kick to the body. Reinhardt lands a punch inside, but he's still keeping his hands to himself, seeming content to let O'Cahan remain in control. O'Cahan kicks the chest. Reinhardt almost seems to be trying to bait O'Cahan in and land the big shot, but O'Cahan is loading up on kicks from a distance. Reinhardt does sneak in a few punches, but O'Cahan controls the center and kicks the body again. Reinhardt kicks the body, making it clear that he's not going away without a fight. O'Cahan's bleeding from a knee strike to the face and Reinhardt is finally pushing in. Big flurry from Reinhardt brings the crowd to its feet.

O'Cahan slips to the floor, a little off-balance only to pop right back up and set up in the pocket. O'Cahan moves forward with a kick to the body and an axe kick. Reinhardt kicks the legs, but O'Cahan answers. They're patiently looking to strike. Reinhardt in the center, firmly in control while O'Cahan attempts to wear him down with more strikes. More punches traded. Stiff right from Reinhardt. O'Cahan kicks the body twice. O'Cahan's slowing as he moves forward, and Reinhardt keeps kicking the legs, halting his forward progress. A flurry from Reinhardt catches O'Cahan's attention, and a left lands flush on the chin. More rushing strikes from Reinhardt do damage before O'Cahan kicks the chest, looking for a break. He bounces around to shake the legs out and pushes Reinhardt back with another kick to the chest. Reinhardt rushes forward with three punches and then drops O'Cahan with an elbow strike to the face. Big knees as O'Cahan scrambles up. Reinhardt's systematically hunting for the finish. He backs away and resets. Big knee from Reinhardt, and he pounces with more deadly punches. O'Cahan crumbles in the corner as Reinhardt leaps onto the cage. The crowd goes nuts.

Reinhardt defeats O'Cahan via knockout at 9:01 to become the NEW Circuit Champion.


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