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Unleashed 74
« on: April 12, 2012, 03:43:39 AM »
Mexico City, Mexico


Opening Fight
Colleen Harmon vs Bruce McLeod

It's surprising to see Harmon substituted into the opening fight in place of Deirdre Calero and she looks angry as the two circle in the opening seconds. McLeod looks focused, as does Harmon. McLeod shoots, but Harmon stuffs it out. The fighters trade punches, and McLeod moves in with more while looking for the takedown. He pins Harmon against the cage, gets a body lock, but can't get the takedown. Harmon looks for a guillotine, but McLeod simply stands taller to break free and he continues to pin his opponent against the fence. With no improvement, the referee wants a restart. McLeod moves in again with punches and lands a hook, but Harmon clips and drops him with a right hand that connects to the side of the head. She quickly pounces and rains down a few hammerfists, and the bout is quickly waved off.

Harmon defeats McLeod via technical knockout at 4:11.

Second Fight
Natalya Demidov vs Hannah Galen

Both fighters swing, though nothing substantial lands. Demidov moves in, corrals Galen, and looks for the takedown with a front head lock, but she doesn't have the position and gives it up. Galen shoots and puts Demidov against the cage, and Demidov rains downward elbows as punishment. Galen still clinches with her against the cage, and the fighters battle for position before breaking and resetting. Demidov grabs a Muay Thai clinch but lets it go. The fighters swing from distance, but neither can connect. Galen shoots, but Demidov collapses on top of her, stalling the action and forcing a reset.

The fighters let the hands fly on the reset but nothing significant lands. Galen shoots, but Demidov initially stuffs it and tries to maintain her balance against the fence. The fighters remain tied up, and Demidov hops on one leg and avoids the takedown before they separate and reset. Galen lands a combo and finishes it with a nice shot to the body. Galen grabs a clinch and lands some nice elbows to the body. The fighters scramble and hit the mat, and Galen lands in top position after Demidov's failed armbar. Galen works for position and tries to grab an armbar of her own, but Demidov aptly defends. Galen remains in top position and return to north-south position, snatches an arm, and torques the kimura to force the tap-out from Demidov.

Galen defeats Demidov via submission at 8:17.

Headline Fight
Natalie Burrows vs Alex Collins

Burrows swings and misses with a right and Collins checks his high kick. The fighters trade low kicks and then collide on body kicks. Burrows comes in hard with a punch-punch-kick combo that Collins snuffs out. Burrows fakes a kick and goes high with a punch. Collins catches the next kick but fails to kick Burrows' leg out from under her. Both fighters are patient. Collins shoots but can't secure the legs, but he tags Burrows with a right to the side of the head. Collins tries to catch a kick again, but Burrows fires off a couple quick punches. Burrows then ducks under a punch, secures a body lock and forces the first takedown. Burrows frees up a leg and delivers a couple punches to the body. She follows with a half dozen more, and each connects hard. Collins rolls into Burrows in hopes of avoiding the blows, but Burrows drops elbows to the face and then punches to the ears. Collins maintains position and delivers more punches. Collins is defending well, but more than a few shots are getting through. Burrows wants to improve position and ultimately gives up the ground fight, and we return to standing.

Burrows misses with a high kick and Collins whiffs with an overhand right. The fighters clinch, and Burrows puts her opponent against the cage. She looks to pick and slam him, but Collins fends it off. Burrows, though, sticks tightly to him and presses him back into the fence. Burrows delivers a knee to the body, but Collins is avoiding anything substantial. Collins grab a guillotine as he finally gets the takedown, but Burrows lands in half guard and frees her head. Burrows straightens out an arm and locks for the keylock and then tries a kimura. Burrows keeps the arm secured and tries to roll Collins' body to create tension. Collins taps and the ref doesn't see it. Collins taps again, and after some initial confusion, the ref finally halts the bout to award Burrows the win.

Burrows defeats Collins via submission at 9:02.


Jackson vs Riven

Riven fakes a couple shots and then misses with a wild left. Riven lunges with a right that misses. Onlookers aren't pleased with the slow start as the fighters slowly circle some more. Riven continues faking a shot, and Jackson easily avoids it. Two minutes in, we've had little action. Riven keeps acting as though he's reaching for Jackson's lead leg and then misses with a lunging left. Riven comes up short with a lunging right. The ref warns the fighters to get busy. Riven again with telegraphed lunging shots. Three minutes in, and we still have little action. Riven partially connects on a lunging left. Jackson moves in with a flurry and slams an elbow into Riven's nose, shattering it but Riven scores the takedown. Jackson reverses the position and delivers some punches from the top. With a leg free, Jackson looks to pin one of Riven' arms. But when Riven rolls to his knees, Jackson looks for the rear-naked choke. Riven shakes it off and gets back to his feet, but Jackson clings to it. Riven drops straight back, but Jackson tightens a choke only to release it instead of going for the submission.

The two break apart standing and Jackson immediately lands a nice right-left combo and tries to wrestle Riven to the mat. Jackson takes top position and with Riven possibly a bit wobbly, takes his back and looks for the rear-naked choke. Jackson gets in his legs as hooks and tries to flatten out the kneeling Riven. Jackson can't get his forearm across the throat, and Riven tries to buck him off despite the blood flowing freely from his broken nose. He finally does and returns standing, actually rushing and pinning Jackson against the cage. Jackson reverses and delivers knees to the body, but Riven shoves him away. Jackson throws a right and Riven ducks under it, shooting out of desperation. He grabs a single leg, but Jackson's sprawl is strong. Riven pushes him against the fence, but Jackson is too strong for Riven to get him down. The action stalemates against the fence before Riven finally gets the strength to take the fight to the mat. Jackson's back up quickly, landing a body kick. Jackson goes high with a head kick and unloads a couple quick punches as Riven tries to grab the single leg again. He's stuck kneeling, and Jackson delivers punches from above while trying to improve his position, mashing a few right into Riven's face that sends the blood flying. Riven collapses and the fight's waved off as he stops defending or fighting back.

Jackson defeats Riven via technical knockout at 11:11.


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