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Unleashed 75
« on: April 25, 2012, 06:07:04 PM »
Bangkok, Thailand


Opening Fight
Natalya Demidov vs Alex Collins

Collins lands a massive overhand left and shoots as soon as the fight begins. Demidov alertly rolls and sweeps to top position. Collins turns for an armbar, but Demidov pulls free. Collins kicks her away, and they reset on their feet. High kick for Demidov. She goes low twice, and Collins shakes off the shots to the groin, charging in again. As Demidov sidesteps a telegraphed punch, Collins whirls and hits her with a stunning backfist to the head. Demidov staggers and starts to fall back as Collins hits her with a knee to the face and rides her to the floor with a takedown, setting up on top in less than two minutes. Demidov rolls for a kimura from half-guard, but Collins keeps her arm tight before rolling out and spinning for an armbar of his own. It's tight, and Demidov must tap. Slick technical finish from Collins.

Collins defeats Demidov via submission at 2:46.

Headline Fight
Colleen Harmon vs Hannah Galen

The two clash quickly, and Harmon sends Galen to her back. Harmon attacks, but she's forced to pull back when Galen goes for the arm. On the feet, they flurry again, and Galen hits the deck courtesy of Harmon's right handed shot. She recovers and jumps right back into the fray as they continue to scrap at a high pace. Galen drives in for a takedown, but Harmon simply scrambles up and returns the favor. Great start just two minutes in. Harmon's in half-mount, looking to posture. Galen turns to her right for a desperate kimura, but Harmon pulls free and lands a few big punches from the top.Galen's trying to toe things up, but Harmon is landing a few nasty shots. Galen ends up stuck on her back, but Harmon back away, picking her spots. Galen fires shots once they're back on their feet and looks for a flying knee, but Harmon avoids and scores another takedown. Too close to the cage to do anything, the two break apart and get back to standing positions.

This time Galen switches it up and opens with a big left followed by a kick. Harmon backs away, and Galen shoots. She misses, and it's actually Harmon who comes back and nets a big slam. She doesn't maintain control, and they roll back to their feet. A big left hand sees Galen staggering back before she goes down hard. Harmon pounces, but Galen holds tight as she regains her wits. Harmon finds room to punch and drops a few deadly bombs that Galen has trouble defending. Galen turns to her knees. Harmon continues to punch and then fires in some knees to the body. She's controlling the neck, and she drops back for a guillotine. It misses, and Galen is now on top. Harmon scrambles back to her feet and then drives in but she can't find anything so she backs away. More big shots come from Harmon, who snaps Galen's head back. Galen shoots again, but Harmon stuffs it and jumps on the back. Hooks are in, the rear naked choke is tight, and Galen is forced to tap.

Harmon defeats Galen via submission at 7:11.


Jackson vs Natalie Burrows

Burrows come forward immediately and throws a few gutsy strikes, completely unfazed by Jackson as he sets up on the outside. The crowd is chanting for blood in the first few seconds. Jackson clips Burrows, and she hits the deck. Jackson pounces to finish, but Burrows survives by scrambling. Jackson punishes her again against the cage. Burrows hasn't fully recovered as she tries to counter only to miss by a fraction as Jackson's elbow smashes into her forehead, busting her open above the eye. Jackson seems at ease as he circles. He's not over committing, but he still needs to keep his hands up as Burrows answers back with a flurry of strikes. Jackson eats a few hard shots before he pulls away and counters. The frenzied crowd continues to chant, and it's one of the loudest ones in recent memory. Burrows looks better now, but she's having trouble with Jackson's reach. Blood's running down the nose of Burrows but she still finds success with a few low kicks as she keeps Jackson at bay with the distance footwork.

Burrows looks refreshed as she finally takes the risk and moves forward. Jackson grabs her and tosses her to the floor with an outside trip. Jackson stands over him for a few seconds before he shakes his head and backs away, letting her up. A wicked right hook staggers Burrows. Jackson works the body but backs away when Burrows counters with an elbow strike that catches him in the jaw. Jackson lands a few kicks, but they're sloppy at best. Jackson still seems to be relaxed and in control. Stalking through her defense, Jackson walks forward with uppercuts that score some damage. Burrows has lost a little zip, but she's still throwing speedy strikes that are doing plenty of damage when they connect; she just can't win the range fight. She does snap Jackson's head back with a stiff shot when he gets inside, bloodying his nose. She baits Jackson against the fence and he replies before pulling away. Burrows backs to the fence, trying to bring Jackson in, but he doesn't take the bait this time and stays just at range. A backfist connects for Jackson as Burrows goes for a kick and he sidesteps. She tries to answer but misses and Jackson pumps in a few jabs before the break.

Burrows walks forward again, but she'll need a knockout if she wants to put the big man down. Jackson is still very active, dancing at distance as he looks for openings. Jackson works inside. Burrows defends well, so he moves away. A big overhand right for Burrows lands partially, but Jackson shakes it off and charges in, eating a few more that gets the blood flowing down his upper lip. Jackson grabs a clinch and scores with a knee to the face as he grabs the back of Burrows' head. Her eye looks bad now and Jackson is circling like a vulture. Burrows trying to stalk, but Jackson keeps popping her from the outside. Burrows seems to be looking for a big strike to turn the tide as both fighters seem to be winding down. Jackson remains composed as he clinches and lands another knee inside before tossing Burrows to the floor. He dives in and smothers Burrows, spitting his own blood in her face and then dropping the bombs before she can turtle. Jackson lands two big lefts, and Burrows appears to pass out briefly before she grabs her face in pain and the referee calls the fight. Jackson backs off punching before the call comes, knowing the fight's already over. Good stoppage, impressive win.

Jackson defeats Burrows via technical knockout at 17:03.


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