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Unleashed 1
« on: April 20, 2009, 01:38:21 AM »
London, England

Before the fights began, it was announced that the opening fight between Kaz Sato and Silas Warner would now decide who would compete in the first round tournament match to replace Devin Patrick. Patrick was unable to compete due to an unrelated injury sustained before leaving the United States.

Under Card Fight:

Kaz Sato vs Silas Warner

Warner defeats Sato via knockout at 15:29 and earns the open spot in the quarterfinal match against Ryann Hardy.

No Limit Tournament Quarterfinal Matches:

Ryuji Ishikawa vs Sinn

Sinn defeats Ishikawa via submission after brutally dislocating his knee. (match time 23:45)

Ryann Hardy vs Silas Warner

Hardy defeats Warner via submission. Hardy sustains mild injury after being poked in the eye.  (match time 17:59)

Jeremiah vs Osbourne Kilminster

Kilminster defeats Jeremiah via technical knock out, due to extreme blood loss. Kilminster nearly tears Jeremiah's ear from his head at the 15:01 mark in the fight. (match time 25:41)

Ethan Madsen vs Jackson

Jackson defeats Madsen via technical knock out. At 3:33 in the match, Jackson crushes Madsen's larynx with a palm thrust. (match time 4:15)

No Limit Tournament Semifinal Matches:

Sinn vs Ryann Hardy

Sinn defeats Hardy via knockout in one of the closest matches of the evening.  Sinn picks up a broken hand that will heavily hamper her in the final round. (match time 20:37)

Osbourne Kilminster vs Jackson

Kilminster defeats Jackson via knock out. Jackson sustains injuries to the face including a broken nose, dislocated jaw, and cracked orbital bone. (match time 25:13)

MAIN EVENT: No Limit Tournament Final:

Sinn vs Osbourne Kilminster

Sinn and Kilminster circle each other, looking for leverage before resorting to a standard wrestling move with a basic collar and elbow tie up that ends when Sinn lifts a knee into Kilminster's groin. He stumbles back from the point of impact, and drops to his knees, avoiding Sinn's dropkick attempt only to hook her leg and roll her down to the canvas. He follows up with a straight punch, but Sinn rolls aside and pops back to her feet, kicking him in the back of the neck before he can get up. Kilminster grabs her legs, and rolls her over with a waistlock clinch, pinning her down before twisting her arm behind her back. Sinn kicks free, twisting out of Kilminster's grip with ease.

Both are back on their feet, and Kilminster leads off with a straight right kick, which Sinn sidesteps, moving in for a punch with her good hand. Moving out of range, Kilminster dodges, rocks forward on his feet, and snaps her head back with an uppercut. Sinn ducked, her hands a blur as she deflects a knee shot, and then another kick, followed by a series of jabs. A throat thrust staggers Kilminster as she steps right up to him, staring into his eyes. Sinn leans in and kisses him on the lips, before rearing back and shattering Kilminster's nose with a sickening upward palm thrust. Kilminster staggers back, giving Sinn space to mount an offense. She rears back for another blow, but Kilminster blocks it, and punches her back in the chest.

He rolls his shoulders, and then grabs Sinn with a bear hug, squeezing her tight before plastering her to the floor with a flapjack. Sinn is quick to her feet, and she lunged at Kilminster, fists flashing in a blur. Despite the blood, and the pain, Kilminster dodges the uppercut, but Sinn's elbow smashes into his face, snapping his head back as blood sprays from his nose. This is followed by two knees to the midsection that sends Kilminster dangerously close to the edge of The Circle.

Kilminster is desperate now, and regains himself quickly, only to stumble forwards into the path of a thunderous right hook from Sinn. Sinn moves in close, backing the staggering Kilminster towards the outer edge of The Circle once again. She swings his fist for a straight-armed punch. A mistake that Kilminster sees coming a mile away as he pivots and dodges, catching the wrist. He shifts his weight, using Sinn's forward momentum to pull her off balance, locking both hands around the wrist and flipping her through the air with a judo throw that he doesn't release. Sinn goes down hard, and Kilminster still has her arm in a death grip. As gravity pulls Sinn towards the canvas, Kilminster twists her arm, dislocating her shoulder. Sinn rolls away out of instinct, but Kilminster is right there, driving his knees into her chest as he drops down on top of her. He pulls a fist back, and smashes it into Sinn's face, but she swings wildly at the same time with her already injured fist, fingers hooking over the mangled bridge of Kilminster's nose. Nails like talons dig into the flesh, and she twists savagely, stopping the attack as she brings her knee up into Kilminster's groin. He falls to the side, and Sinn mounts him, locking her legs around his middle as she swings her fist, raining down blow after blow into Kilminster's face, beating him into a bloody pulp one handed as her other arm dangles useless.

Kilminster makes no move to get up, and after a ten  count, the match is called.

Sinn defeats Osbourne Kilminster to win $50,000 and a guaranteed title shot. (match time 28:51)


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