The Mechanical Animal
Fighting out of
Queens, NY
Date of Birth
6' 3" (190 cm)
244 (110 kg)
Wrestling, Isshin-ryu Karate-do
Entrance Theme
Evanescence "Lies"
No flash, no nonsense. Jackson is a rock solid powerhouse. His body is decorated in a myriad of tattoos, most of which do precious little to camouflage the scars that cover his back and arms from a vicious attack in his recent past. Never seen without a cigarette clamped between his lips, or a scowl on his face, Jackson is the poster boy for the thug who doesn't care about the rules. He fights shirtless, in a pair of black workout shorts. His feet, hands and wrists are taped with black flex tape.
Jackson has been wrestling professionally since 1997, however he got his start a bit earlier than that, back in 1993 on the local independent circuit in Florida.

Years later, Jackson found himself on the fast lane to the top of the heap in HIWF (High Impact Wrestling Federation) in which he maintained a stranglehold on the coveted World Heavyweight Championship from November 2007 to April 2008. That happiness was short-lived when longtime associate/nemesis Spiral attacked Jackson prior to their scheduled match, and put him through a glass table- a move that forced Jackson to vacate the title, and very nearly lose his life. Jackson promptly vanished from the wrestling scene, vowing revenge on Spiral, wherever he may be.
Jackson is an excellent technical wrestler, and will often rely on his strong submission and takedown skills to shift the tide in a match. He is also a brawler and a striker, and with his martial arts background, prefers powerful/speedy strikes with the elbows, fists and knees to wear down his opponents.