The Volatile Vixen
Fighting out of
Vancouver, BC
Date of Birth
5' 5" (165 cm)
135 (61 kg)
wrestling, Muay Thai
Entrance Theme
Porcelain & The Tramps "Gasoline"
She's a knockout, the problem is she knows this. Kaitlynn has always been a vixen, a sultry sex goddess who knew that a flip of her long dark hair, and a flicker of her eyelashes could leave men enthralled. She has chestnut brown hair, and hazel eyes that sometimes appear golden brown, and sometimes appear jade green. Her smile is usually a sarcastic smirk. She has two tattoos. One is a butterfly on her midriff, and the other is a freestyle/tribal design of pink and blue waves on her lower back. 

Her fighting attire consists of a hot pink sports bra, and a pair of black bicycle shorts with pink stripes down the legs and the word VIXEN written on the back. She goes barefoot, with nothing more than tape around her feet. Her hands and wrists are also taped up, usually with a combination of black and hot pink tape. 

Kitty is trim, and toned, still fit and flexible from her years as a high flying wrestler on the independent circuit.    
Kitty began her MMA career training in Calgary, Canada. Her first break came in a Canadian wrestling promotion at the age of seventeen. Two years later, she made her mark on the industry upon signing with a promotion called SAWF. She lasted there for nearly two years, until their doors closed, eventually moving on to WCWF, and then EWC before disappearing from the wrestling world altogether. 

Since the late 90's, she has traveled the world under the guise of professional wrestling while actually working as a covert operative for the CIA.

Due to an attack at the hands of Spiral, Kitty spent several months with hideous scars on either side of her mouth. This disfigurement caused her to have a complete mental breakdown, which threatened her job security. With the proverbial gun to her head, she sought help and went through with the cosmetic surgery to correct the damage done to her face. During her recovery at what would later turn out to be a SVR facility, she met and fell in love with a Russian operative named Alexei Roschenko. Upon recovering from the assault, she returned to the fight circuit, determined to complete her mission objective and take down Tibor Petrov at all costs, only to find that an Interpol agent named Christian Cain had those very same designs. With the help of her new beau, Kaitlynn was able to thwart Cain's plans, and bring Petrov into SVR custody, losing her own job in the process as she was branded a traitor by the American government. She blamed this on Alexei, and after a bitter split has grown more angry and unhinged, bent on creating chaos wherever she goes. 

Kitty is a wrestler, first and foremost. Her strengths are takedowns and speedy reversals. She has boundless reserves of energy, and never wastes an opportunity. She knows her way out of any hold, and can counter most moves. She will bide her time looking for an opening, and then shift to offensive attacks, with strikes and kicks.