Fighting out of
New York, NY
Date of Birth
5' 9" (175 cm)
172 (78 kg)
professional wrestling, olympic-style wrestling
Entrance Theme
Akira Yamaoka "Room of Angel"
'Luis' is slim, well-muscled, with small, narrow hands and narrowed blue eyes. He will never be clean-shaven, always with what looks like a two or three-day growth over his face, and wears heavy eyeliner, although no other makeup. He wears longer-length (just above the knee) shorts in faded black and once-black ring boots of appa rently unknown vintage. He will ditch a cheap black hoodie just before entering the ring. 
'Luis' is a petty criminal and pickpocket, with a juvenile record for a few minor crimes. He lives in New York, and gives no information other than that. He has given no reason why he is joining the circuit.

The (very) close observer will recognise the wrestler once known as Tabula Rasa. If they're really fucking astute, and just happen to have watched /that/ fed in /that/ period of time. TR was always clean-shaven, and had a lot better posture than Castillo. Most people will just think they look a little similar, if they notice anything at all. 

As for the truth? He's a New Yorker of much finer heritage than his demeanor suggests. And less can be discovered about Freddie Robinson than Luis Castillo, no matter how hard you look.
Initially a fairly standard technical aerial wrestler, he began training in Wing Tsun and it's been gradually growing in his arsenal to take a more dominant role.