Fighting out of
Mobile, AL
Date of Birth
6' 1" (185 cm)
195 (88 kg)
BJJ, boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling
Entrance Theme
Within Temptation "Angels"
Robert is a white male, but has a very dark complexion. He keeps his hair cut short, generally. He has a brown goatee that he keeps well trimmed. He has piercing blue eyes. His physique is fit, but not necessarily ripped.
Masters was a police officer at age 19, and married at age 20. He began to work undercover in 2009, and in 2010 he began to work in Birmingham because he was unknown in the area. As he looked to crack a drug ring, he discovered an underground fight scene in the city. As he got closer and closer to the underground world of brutality, drugs, gambling, and prostitution, his cover was blown. After he lost his wife in an incident in December of 2010, he left his badge on his desk one day, but did not turn in the gun. He disappeared until September 2011...
Trained exclusively in BJJ for five years. he then began to take boxing lessons, and then began to study Greco-Roman wrestling. The progression shows, as his wrestling is his weakness. BJJ is his bread and butter, but his love for stand-up will get him into slugfest more often than not.

Masters will stand and trade all day if his opponent is willing to do the same, but he is not by any chance a sluggling brawler. Though he has studied stand-up for only a few years, he has a crispness on his punches that should not be ignored. His favorite punch is a tight, short left hook.

Masters will go for takedowns in times of desperation. Usually, if the fight goes down, he has either punced on a fallen opponent, or has been the victim of a TD himself.

Regardless of rather the fight goes to the ground on his terms or his opponents, BJJ is Masters bread and butter. His favorite submission is a Triangle Choke from the guard, though he prefers to get to mount and either pound his opponent out or spin for an armbar. Of course, if the opposition is stupid enough to give up his back, a fight-ending rear-naked choke is always just a tap-out away.