Fighting out of
Baldoyle, Dublin
Date of Birth
6' 3" (190 cm)
200 (90 kg)
bar brawling
Entrance Theme
Enter the Haggis "Gasoline"
Cormack is tall and rangy, with broad shoulders and a physique that's until now, been worked on purely for cosmetic purposes. For his 'real job'. Short curly hair, blue eyes, a grin that will charm the knickers off a good percentage of those he decides to turn it on. This is not the body of a trained athlete, which might just be a problem.

Attire will be basic green shorts. You know, for the Irish charm and all.
Born in Baldoyle, Dublin, the middle child and only son of restauranteurs and devout Catholics Finlay and Evelyn, Cormack was your typical troublemaking rebellious son. When his parents kicked him out he was seventeen, and moved in with older sister Siobhan, where he finished his final year of schooling. She also put hi m through university - passing grades being a condition of her assistance, and he spent about three months post-graduation substitute teaching in early childhood classrooms before he realised that he wasn't cut out for it. On impulse, he moved to the US on a working visa, and worked as a driving instructor before marrying an older woman for a green card. Which opened up an entirely new line of work, more profitable, but with a touch more risk.

He's travelled the country and charmed more than a few dollars out of the naive, but on his latest job, he's overreached himself. A lesson to look closer into the older brothers of the woman in your sights. Now they want her money back, which would be great, if he hadn't already spent it.

A chance encounter with a new friend has given him the means to pay them back, but once in, can he get himself out again?
A bar brawler, out of his depth and running on nothing but the instinctual desire to not get his arse handed to him too badly.