Fighting out of
Cochranton, Pennsylvania
Date of Birth
5' 6" (167 cm)
151 (69 kg)
wrestling, judo
Entrance Theme
Miranda Lambert "Gunpowder and Lead"
Lithe thanks to her farm-kid sort of muscles, Rachel's curves are present without being overblown - they're proportional, if a little on the smaller end of things. Pale skin that burns before it tans is paired with copper-colored and curly hair that reaches the middle of her back. Rachel's eyes are bluish-gray in color. Whether it leans more toward one way or the other depends on the light and what color shirt she's wearing.  Her nose is a bit on the smaller side when compared to her full lips, although she manages to be relatively pretty despite that. Two piercings in each ear and a small scar along her leg from a tussle with a rogue curling iron (or so she says) are the other distinguishing features to be found, although chances are good that she's got a couple healing bumps and bruises here and there from her fights.

Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to her favored attire both in and out of the fights, what with how she's got better ways to spend her time and all. This usually means some sort of close-fitting  t-shirt with either a smart-assed saying or some sort of vague artistic design - picked up at a Salvation Army somewhere, no doubt! - paired with well-worn jeans, function always favored over flair. The only two constants are her watch (a thick black diving number that's survived far more than it ought to have) and her well-worn Nike sneakers. Not that she doesn't get new ones, mind - she just breaks them in quick and brutal fashion.

Of course, she removes her shoes and watch like a good girl before things get underway... considering her style, they'd just get in the way. She also pulls her hair back into a tight bun, lessening the chances of her opponent getting ahold of her that way to break out of any of her holds.
There's nothin' really all that remarkable about Rachel's past... well, beyond how she's one of the survivors of Ol' Man Ellsworth's 'tender' mercies. Just what exactly happened in the ramshackle old house out on Sunol Road is anybody's guess despite Cochranton's population being a few thousand at best, what with how gossip about the uglier side of things usually wound up getting swept beneath the rug and all, but the end result is a small-town girl with a city-slicker chip on her shoulder and a mouth to match. It's a good thing that she's got the sense to shut up when she can learn somethin' - otherwise, she'd probably be dead in a ditch somewhere.
Rachel is definitely a submissionist, the preference born of almost unnatural flexibility and a few remnants of sadism that apparently run in the Ellsworth bloodline. While she does a decent job of keeping up with faster and larger opponents, she definitely prefers grounding her opponents - and she's got no problem whatsoever with doing whatever it takes to get them down to her level.

Signatures: Kurenai (Leg Sweep Cobra Clutch).
Seeing Red (Crossface halo).
Red Alert (Snap suplex).

Primary Finisher: Red Scare (Cattle Mutilation).

Secondary Finisher: Code Red (She takes her standing opponent, who is facing away from her and wraps her hands around his/her head, and drops to her knees, taking him/her with him and the back of their neck connects with the top of her skull. In most cases, the impact of the trauma either knocks them out or causes serious match-ending damage to the neck).