Real Name
Riley Wolf
Fighting out of
New York, NY
Date of Birth
6' 0" (182 cm)
180 (82 kg)
Muay Thai, judo submissions
Entrance Theme
Riven is about six feet tall with rather shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes. Leanly muscled, most of his skin from the neck down is horrifically scarred. 
A non-descript childhood until the age of ten, Riley grew up with his brother Jesse in New York City with their parents. His mother was a semi-famous artist, quickly growing popularity until her and her husband were the unfortunate victims of a drive-by shooting. Jesse was given custody of his younger brother and much like their mother, was an artist. Only Jesse preferred to use human skin as his canvas, using his younger brother for a finishing study for his extreme scarification fetish. 

Jesse's talents eventually led to his death and Riley was taken in by a wealthy older man who'd just lost his own son. He was taught to fight, along with receiving the best education money could buy. Somehow, he found his way to the Circuit...the rest you'll find out about soon enough.
Very much a ground and pounder at heart, Riven prefers to take his opponents down with calculated strikes...then finishing them off with a gogoplata.